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Call for help! – Working on the new website

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I am currently working flat-out this week on a new website for Now that I have a whole new range of products (and fairy accessories coming soon!) I thought the website needed a bit of a re-jig and some new photos of my tutus.

I would very much like some input from my fans, followers and friends on the design of the site so please comment or send me a tweet/msg & I’ll be sooo grateful – sometimes when you’re working on something its difficult to spot whats missing/needed! So – any ideas on things should I include? What pages do I need or not need? Am I missing any important information? What would you like to see on the website? Any suggestions for design or colour?

Here’s the screenshots of my current website – you can visit it hereΒ Please have a look and get in touch if you can offer any suggestions! I could really do with your help!

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