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My favourite photos – A tiny bird’s nest


I was fortunate enough to accidentally come across this birds nest that had been built inside a paper bag in the garden, with these tiny eggs nestling in it. Luckily we hadn’t disturbed the birds and we’ve since seen the mother flying in and sitting on the eggs. Don’t these eggs look like chocolate mini-eggs?! I’ve never seen anything like it in real life before, so I’m very excited to see the babies when they hatch and start to leave the nest.

Any idea what kind of bird’s eggs these are? The mother is very tiny and brown – so we thought it might be a wren, but a robin has also been suggested – please leave me a comment if you have any idea!

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5 thoughts on “My favourite photos – A tiny bird’s nest

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  5. Looks like wren eggs to me – especially if they are really tiny (the same size as cadburys mini-eggs)

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