Update – our little chicks have hatched… and grown up!

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After recently posting about two of the family chickens hatching out their first clutch of chicks, I was asked to keep my lovely readers updated with photos of them as they grew into adult chickens.  The first to hatch were these little black and yellow chicks – look how much they’ve grown already:

Fair enough these little chicks won’t ever grow massive huge because they are the offspring of a Light Sussex bantam dad and two bantam mums – a Polish Bantam (the one with the afro-style feathery head!) and a Wyandotte bantam. So they’ll always be miniature sized chickens!


The grey Orpington bantam chicken above is called ‘Friendly’ and she was broody but didn’t have eggs to sit on, so she became a surrogate mother to a full-size chicken egg and has now hatched out a chick that it growing at such a rapid rate that it will soon overtake her in size – which is unsurprising when you see the parents of the egg – a massive Blue Splash cockrel and hen! But you can see from the photo that Friendly has taken the chick under her wing as if she was her own, good old Friendly!

And not wanting to be left out, my lovely cat Cookie has taken to sitting on her own clutch of eggs, although she’s not had quite as much success as the hens!

Author: Cassiefairy

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