My project over the Christmas holidays – I’m making a book!

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As avid readers of my blog will know, I’m very keen on thrifty craft projects and on sharing tasty recipes on Pieday Friday. As such, I now have quite a number of articles written on these subjects and I’ve been thinking about summarising my favourite recipes and craft projects from the past couple of years.

xmas stocking sewing project

My hubby suggested writing a book, and although I scoffed at first at the idea of ME writing a book, I realised that this would be the perfect way of sharing my projects and giving something back to my readers. My hubby and I have previously used to publish an art book and found the free software really easy to use – it really is a case of dragging and dropping the images and text into a book layout – you really can’t go wrong! And once you’ve installed the book-making programme on your computer, you can use it again and again to make photobooks – just drop your fave photos in each time you take them for a couple of months and eventually you’ll have all your pics in one place, ready to print – this saves me a lot of time rummaging through albums to find the best ones when I want to do a print out!

steaming shepherds cottage pie recipe pieday friday cooking method

So I’ve decided that my personal ‘project’ over the Christmas holidays will be to dedicate a bit of time to creating my own Blurb cookbook or craft book – or both! At the moment there’s a special offer on making Blurb books – 20% off until end of Dec with discount code “NOEL20” so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this! I’ll share the finished result with you when it’s done in January and it’ll be available to download as a free e-book! If you fancy having a go at making your own book or even just a photo book of your festive snaps check it out!

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