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Much like fashion, beauty trends change from season to season. This spring, expect to see a variety of makeup options. At the Spring 2013 Fashion Week, makeup artists used bright hues in blues and greens while lip colours in tones of brilliant reds and crimson dominated the runways. Beauty experts also emphasized the “barely there” makeup look with neutral-coloured lips and glowing skin. Plus dramatic extreme lashes and heavy eyebrows coupled with softly smudged eyeliner were a major fixture on some catwalks.

Although there seems to be a clash between the bold trends in eye and lip wear (hint: don’t wear all the trends at once!), the combination of eye-catching colours and subtle, simple shades allow you to emphasize the features you want to draw attention to. By adding a bit of colour or sparkle while keeping the rest of your look basic, you’re sure to look both fresh and on-trend this spring and summer.

beauty fashion trend beyonce taylor swift red lips spring summer 2013

Seeing Red

Although pale or glossy lips are still everywhere, this season expect to see more girls in red. During the spring fashion week, models donned shades of scarlet, magenta, and maroon. Red lips look good on just about anyone, including Beyoncé and Taylor Swift above,  however, those with small, thin lips get a boost with brighter lip hues. You can even make your teeth look whiter, just by choosing the right shade of red lipstick for your skintone (hint: choose a blue-based red). Lips appear larger and fuller in brazen colours, and outlining the lips in red pencil accentuates the shape of the mouth and makes sure that your lippy stays put. The rouge lip colours of the season run from brighter pinks to powerful, deep reds and dark cherry. Proving that red rules this spring.

Focus on the Eyes

Since the cat-eye trend became a beauty hit, dark, smoldering eye makeup has been dominating the scene, as seen on Adele at the Oscars, with dark eyeliner being a fixture in most women’s makeup bags. Some of the trends include the retro flicked-up effect, a look called the modern rim that features a tight, outline with light smudging, and dark liner with a dash of platinum or pale gold across the lids, making it easy to transform a day look into a sexier look for the evening. Some girls prefer not to wear eyeliner because it often causes bits to clump up in the inner corners of their eyes, or, for those who wear contact lenses from Acuvue (like me!), it gets into their eyes and scratches or irritates their lenses. However, many makeup companies manufacture eyeliner and mascara that is waterproof and smudge resistant, so every eyeliner lover can get her fix without worrying about any eye makeup dilemmas. Its taken me ages to find the right waterproof mascara, but now that I have, there’s no stopping me! If you still aren’t a fan of eyeliner, thick prominent eyebrows are also making waves in the beauty world – just like model Cara Delevingne wears below – and beefing up your brows will draw attention to your eyes regardless of whether or not you’re wearing eye makeup.

beauty fashion trend adele cara delevingne dark eyes and brows spring summer 2013

Keep It Clean

There’s nothing more beautiful than a clear, clean face, and this spring and summer you’ll be seeing a lot of women sporting the barely-there look. Neutral colours and pale lips were oddly popular at fashion week earlier this year. Runways were full of models with plain faces and shining skin – if only my skin looked that good! Play up this minimalist look with a light brush of blush and intense, striking eyelashes. Finish it off with natural, neutral-coloured lips and you’re ready for the spring and summer. This is the look I’ll be following this year, and letting my paleness shine through!

Let me know what you think of these trends for Spring/Summer 2013 and tell me which you’ll be wearing or have you already been sporting these looks? Leave me a comment below and tweet me @cassiefairytutu 🙂

Author: Cassiefairy

Cassie is a freelance writer with a Masters degree in lifestyle promotion studies. She loves to 'get the look for less' so regularly shares thrifty fashion posts, DIY interior design ideas and low-cost recipes on her blog.


  1. I just adore red lipstick, i wear it almost all the time xD my absolute favorite red lippie is Mac-Russian Red^^

  2. Beauty // Looks for 2013 | Cassiefairy

  3. I Love these types of posts! I’m interested in the lipstick version. Will surely try this myself.

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