Fruity spring punch recipe


With Easter coming this weekend you may, like me, be planning a gathering of festive proportions. Yes, Easter is often the first opportunity that the family has of all getting together post-Christmas so I like to make a big deal out of the 4-day holiday and make something special to eat and drink. As you can probably guess from the title of the blog post, today’s I’ve mixed up a fruity (non-alcoholic, good for all the family) cocktail that’s just right for a enjoying with a Springtime gathering. Plus, I’m hosting a massive giveaway to win over £100 worth of crystal from Dartington Crystal (the lovely people that I got my jug and tumblers from) so that you can recreate this recipe at home. Read on to enter..!summer fruit punch recipe cranberry raspberry fizz for easter-8But first up, is my spring punch recipe. At this time of year I want something fresh, fruity, sparkling and a little bit chilled. Yes, I’m hoping for sunny days and hot weather over Easter weekend (however unlikely that may be) so I’ve stocked up with ice and frozen fruit for my fizzy fruity spring cocktail. Here’s what you’ll need to mix up the same recipe at home:summer fruit punch recipe cranberry raspberry fizz for easter-5

Ingredients: 1 carton of low sugar raspberry and cranberry juice, 1 litre of sugar free lemonade, a punnet of frozen mixed berries (the type you’d use in a smoothie or crumble filling), a squeeze of fresh lemon and lots of ice.

Get out your biggest jug – mine is from Dartington Crystal – and pack it full of ice and frozen fruit. Pour over the fruit juice and top up with as much lemonade as needed. Add a squeeze of lemon and stir the ingredients together. As the fruit defrosts into the drink it will release even more fruity flavours. Pour over ice in tumblers and add a cute paper straw, and perhaps some more fresh fruit.

My jug has one of those pinched lips so that the ice in the jug can’t plop into the glasses so it keeps splashes to a minimum. This is a bit of a godsend because I always spill. Whether I’m dealing with ice or tea, you can guarantee it’s going to end up all over the table. But not anymore with my new jug! By the way, if you’ve ended up with too much leftover punch, you can decant it into a bottle and drink another day.

Now here’s your chance to win a set of 4 Shine On Tumbler Glasses (worth £15) and a fantastic Large Cooler Ice Lip Jug (worth £89) from Dartington Crystal so that you too can enjoy a rather posh glass of punch this Spring. There are plenty of ways to enter the competition via the Rafflecopter widget below – simply share on social media and leave me some comments to earn as entries as you like. The winner will be picked at random once the giveaway closes and you’ll be sent your very set of crystal tumblers and stunning serving jug straight from the Dartington Crystal glass blowing works.dartington crystal jug and tumblers
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Competition open to UK residents only.

Author: Cassiefairy

Cassie is a freelance writer with a Masters degree in lifestyle promotion studies. She loves to 'get the look for less' so regularly shares thrifty fashion posts, DIY interior design ideas and low-cost recipes on her blog.


  1. A Vodka and coke is my favourite tipple x

  2. real ale

  3. My favourite drink is pineapple juice

  4. Pink Lemonade

  5. Has to be an ice cold gin and tonic 🙂

  6. pineapple juice x

  7. I love mango juice!!

  8. My favourite drink is an espresso coffee with frothy milk.

  9. Pimms & a lot of lemonade!

  10. malibu and coke

  11. Pink Lemonade

  12. I love a good Chardonnay spritzer

  13. Elderflower cordial

  14. Tea is my favourite drink

  15. Earl grey tea

  16. Gin with Elderflower tonic with lots of ice, lime and cucumber

  17. fruit punch

  18. banana smoothie

  19. It depends on the occasion,if it’s friends round for a summer BBQ then it would be a Mojhito,which I can never spell !,or if it’s family fun then lemonade is very refreshing x

  20. White wine or vodka and coke 🙂

  21. Iced water is my favourite drink

  22. Mainly coffee but at the weekends with the kids in bed I like to relax with a Rum and coke or 2 or 3 or ….. 🙂

  23. coke zero or pineapple juice

  24. Can’t beat a good cup of builders’ tea

  25. Fresh lemonade with lots of mint and ice, so refreshing.

  26. I love Sangria in summer, or a G&T 🙂

  27. Mine is Bombay Gin and Ginger Ale lots of ice 🙂

  28. Strawberry & Lime Cider and red wine (although not together lol) 🙂

  29. Homemade elderberry cordial..really messy to make but a labour of love and can be used is so many ways

  30. pimms yum 🙂

  31. Lemonade with bits and plenty of ice.

  32. Strawberry daiquiri

  33. love a glass of white wine spritzer on a lovely summers day 🙂

  34. Homemade lemonade

  35. I love Elderflower Cordial with chunks of real fruit 🙂

  36. G & T or Pimms either has to be with cucumber

  37. homemade lime and strawberries lemonade

  38. I love orange juice & lemonade 🙂

  39. I love iced blueberry tea! 🙂

  40. I love making alcohol free punch.x

  41. Gin and Tonic with ice and a slice lovely and refreshing x

  42. Ice cold Coca Cola!

  43. If I am drinking alcohol my favourite is a chilled Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand but if I am not drinking alcohol I enjoy the French cordials from Teisseire.

  44. Homemade lemonade is my favourite

  45. Ice cold cranberry juice with lime.

  46. Love a very cold coke zero lots of ice. But my other favourite is a fresh orange with lemonade.

  47. I love a gin & tonic.

  48. A henry orange juice and lemonade.

  49. Soda water & lime 🙂

  50. I love a coke , but pop a dollop of vanilla ice cream in there on a hot summers day 🙂

  51. My most recent, favourite drink is cointreau, soda water & lime juice.

  52. My favourite drinks are cold water, tea and wine according to the occasion

  53. i love still flavoured waters x

  54. Mine is whole milk

  55. I love anything with elderflower in it!

  56. My favourite drink is rose wine

  57. Pink lemonade

  58. Rose lemonade , unfortunately I can no longer drink.

  59. Mango Juice and Lemonade

  60. Mine is pineapple juice. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  61. I do love my wine – white and Rose, red gives me a headache xx

  62. Good old malt on its own

  63. Vodka & coke

  64. vodka and coke

  65. Real lemonade!

  66. Homemade elderflower & lavender cordial is delicious and would be perfect in this jug.
    I put lavender flowers and elderflowers in the ice cubes (sometimes adding a small mint
    leaf) looks pretty and tastes gorgeous.
    Pink gin for little ones :~) take enough juice from Marrachino cocktail cherries to make
    lemonade turn pink add a cherry and straw to glass.
    Slightly bigger littles large mint leaf. Put cocktail stick through one end. Thread cherry on
    next to leaf. Thread stick through leaf other end so it covers cherry. balance on glass rim
    or pop in drink.
    Makes youngsters feel very grown up :~)
    BTW It doesn’t encourage drinking, I’ve raised 8 children doing this. 2 teetotal and the others
    are socially responsible drinkers.

  67. Bailys Irish creme

  68. i love lemonade

  69. Lemonade is my favourite

  70. You reminded me of when my mum used to make us soda floats during the summer – my fave drink is apple juice

  71. white wine

  72. Elderflower cordial x

  73. Lemonade x

  74. I love cloudy lemonade 🙂 very refreshing

  75. Iced Caramel Macchiato! 🙂

  76. a refreshing frozen strawberry daiquiri is my favourite tipple 😛

  77. fruit cider over ice

  78. i love red grape shloer

  79. Love a Pimms, this is perfect for that

  80. Rose sangria x

  81. a cold cider

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