The 12th Night & a 1967 Sprite caravan decorated for Christmas

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Ahh it’s nearly time to take down those festive decorations and get your home back to ‘normal’ – whatever that is! Apparently decorations should be taken down by the “12th night”, although there seems to be some confusion over when that is – it’s either the 5th or the 6th January. Either way, the time for sparkly decorations is up – although I say why not leave it til the weekend when you’ve got more time to do it anyway? Or leave up those fairy lights all year, haha!1967-sprite-caravan-renovation-makeover-project-christmas-holidays-festive-decorations-61967-sprite-caravan-renovation-makeover-project-christmas-holidays-festive-decorations-31967-sprite-caravan-renovation-makeover-project-christmas-holidays-festive-decorations-7So before everyone packs away their Christmas decs, I wanted to share some photos that my friend Sophia sent me of her caravan decorated for the holidays. Is there anything more lovely than a caravan covered in fairy lights?? To be honest I keep my Christmas lights in my caravan all year round; they’re solar powered so are an excellent cost-free light source! Please admire these pics of Sophia’s 1967 Sprite caravan renovation project all dressed-up for Christmas:1967-sprite-caravan-renovation-makeover-project-christmas-holidays-festive-decorations-1 We first started chatting when Sophia got in touch to ask where I got the window seals for my own Alpine Sprite caravan. She had just started work on her old 1967 Sprite in the USA and was planning a big revamp of the old camping vehicle. She’d seen my own carvan renovation project on my blog and knew that I’d have some tips to share about the fixtures and fittings for an old Sprite.1967-sprite-caravan-renovation-makeover-project-christmas-holidays-festive-decorations-4 She’s worked on her caravan makeover tirelessly over the past few months and finally completed the trailer makeover in time for the holiday period. So of course, she dug out her festive decorations, strung up some twinkle lights, and made her little vintage caravan ready for a visit from Santa himself.  1967-sprite-caravan-renovation-makeover-project-christmas-holidays-festive-decorations-2If you’ve seen the Raymond Briggs film or read the illustrated book, you’ll know that Father Christmas gets into caravans to deliver presents by using a tin-opener on the roof. So I hope that Sophia remembered to pop open the roof vent to give Santa easier access and to save on the post-Christmas roof repair costs!

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at her beautifully decorated caravan and that it has given you inspiration for your own festive decorations for next Christmas. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a campervan project of your own to decorate in 2017?? And if you do, I certainly want to hear about it! Please get in touch if you have completed a caravan makeover or are just starting one because I’d love to see your photos and maybe feature your project on the blog! Leave me a comment below, tweet me @Cassiefairy or email

Year 1 of My Vintage Caravan Renovation

Year 1 of My Vintage Caravan Renovation

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  1. oh wow these pictures are adorable! Gorgeous!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas


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