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My new sunnies + WIN a pair in my sunglasses giveaway!

Some people have difficulty finding eyewear that suits them. I am definitely one of those people. Yes, I have spent up to four hours at a time in the opticians trying to choose some suitable frames yet after putting every pair in the shop, I come away empty handed. I don’t know if I have an unusual shaped face, but I find sunglasses equally tricky and have to try on multiple pairs before I find something that makes me shrug and say ‘that’ll do’. So you can imagine how pleased I am that I’ve finally found a sunglasses shape that really suits me; the wayfarer. I know I’ve blogged about a selection of wayfarers that I’ve bought in the past, including white frames, black frames and a rather adventurous and on-trend wood-grain frame, but I’ve gone back to my fail-safe shop to buy some more pairs of my favourite sunnies.

As someone who finds shopping for sunglasses particularly difficult, you’d be forgiven for thinking that online would be the last place that I’d shop for sunnies because that I can’t try them on in advance to see if the style suits me. But actually, this is a time-saving blessing, because it also means that I’m not spending hours in front of a mirror trying on pair after pair of sunglasses. Now that I’ve ordered once, I know that the Sunglass Junkie wayfarer designs will all suit me, the frames will fit and I can add pairs to my basket safe in the knowledge that I can return them if I really don’t like the shape or colour.

So this time I’ve decided to follow the neon trend with a pair of black wayfarers with hot pink on the arms. I actually LOVE these sunglasses and luckily they arrived before Blogstock so I wore them non-stop last Saturday at the pop-up village fair. As you can probably tell from my blog,  love a hit of neon pink, so the sneaky flash of colour at the edges of my eyewear is ideal for me! This week my little sister came over for the day and brought with her a massive box of loom bands. I know that loads of people are really into loom bands, but she is really into it and showing off her excellent weaving skills by making me a bracelet. She was inspired by my sunglasses and came up with this black, white and neon pink design that I actually think is really cool – so much so that I even wore it to the pub with my shirt and new sunnies!

neon trend in sunglasses and loom bands-3

When I was shopping with Sunglass Junkie I also picked up a couple of tortoiseshell frames. I think I’ve gone a little bit barmy over tortoiseshell because I’d added four pairs to my basket while I was browsing online and it was quite a challenge to whittle this down to just two pairs to get the 3-for-£35 offer along with my neon sunnies. I went for a chunky pair of wayfarers - as you probably already know, this is my favourite ever glasses shape – and I really liked how over-sized and thick the frames are. I was certainly rocking the VIP look at Blogstock last weekend while wearing these little beauties! I also couldn’t resist this pair of retro cats eye sunglasses. The fade from dark to light tortoiseshell with matching brown gradient lenses is gorgeous and I feel super-vintage in them; perfect for my trips to nostalgia festivals and vintage Americana days!

sunglass junkie VIP specs at blogstock

Here’s your chance to win a pair of Sunglass Junkies sunglasses – I’m giving away two pairs of my favourite wayfarer frames in an on-trend rubberised neon green colour to two lucky winners. These sunglasses have solid smoke lenses and a silver stud detail and – check this out! – a bottle opener at the end of the arm! That’s right, you can open your bottles of pop (ahem…) without leaving your sunlounger! So for the chance to win one pair of these sunglasses simply like Sunglass Junkie on Facebook, follow me @Cassiefairy and @SunglassJunkies on twitter and copy-and-tweet this message below:

#FreebieFriday follow @Cassiefairy & @SunglassJunkies & LIKE to #WIN fab neon sunglasses #sunglassjunkiesselfie

sunglass junkie freebie friday

Two lucky winners will be chosen from all the tweets at 11:59pm tomorrow (Friday 15th August 2014) and will be direct messaged the good news on Twitter! Good luck!

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Essential purchases that will get you through pregnancy

With two of my closest friends announcing that they are both expecting and two more of my gal pals ready to pop, my thoughts have turned to babies and expectant mothers. Whether you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant, or you’re trying to conceive and hoping for a positive test soon, having as much knowledge as possible ahead of time is bound to be helpful when it comes to things that you need (and don’t need!), during your pregnancy. With millions of pounds being thrown into marketing for everything relating to babies, it’s easy to get carried away when you’re in the stores and shopping for things pregnancy and child-related.

Rather than buying everything that takes your fancy, and spending a small fortune doing so, it’s better to read around and take advice from people who have been there before, so that you don’t end up wasting money on things that won’t see the light of day. I’ve done plenty of research and here are ten essential purchases that will help your pregnancy to go as swimmingly as possible.

george at asda maternity range

Maternity Clothes

You don’t need anywhere near as many as you think you do, but some essentials are…well, essential! Continue reading “Essential purchases that will get you through pregnancy” »

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Thrifty ways to get more for your old jewellery

It’s the summer holidays and that means lots of days out, shopping and trips away from home – all of which adds up to a lot of cash over the course of 6 weeks! So if you were thinking about cashing in your old gold jewellery in order to get additional funds to have fun with the family this summer, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of gold prices which can literally change in the blink of an eye. Understanding how to make an accurate gold forecast is important if you want to capitalise on the gold index and get a little extra spending money this summer.

Forecasting Gold Photo by Fernando Hernandez (Flickr)

Photo by Fernando Hernandez (Flickr) Continue reading “Thrifty ways to get more for your old jewellery” »

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Get your questions answered about white gold jewellery

Thinking about white gold? Maybe you were browsing a jewellery site, if you’re like me—and you found the white gold selection and started wondering. It looks good, but is it real gold? If you buy diamond engagement rings in Brisbane made of white gold, will you be regretting it this time next year?

Is White Gold Really Gold?

There is some confusion over whether coloured gold such as white gold are as “real” as yellow gold. The answer is yes! The difference between yellow gold and white gold is the metals used to create the alloy. 18K white gold and 18k yellow gold have the same gold content, 75%. Gold comes in quite a few alloys, actually: Continue reading “Get your questions answered about white gold jewellery” »

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Where to display your antique clock

So you have bought a beautiful antique clock, and you want to display it on your fireplace mantle. Truly, it would add a classy feeling to your den. But wait! Decorative antique clocks can be damaged quickly if placed on the fireplace mantle because extreme heat from the fire may damage the clock’s mechanisms. Dust and ash from the fireplace can also damage the mechanical parts inside the clock. Deciding on where to put fragile decorations and appliances such as antique clocks requires a little bit of thinking.

General Placement Tips

Transporting and moving antique mechanical clocks often can damage the internal mechanisms, so you’ll need to decide where you want it and carry it there carefully without causing it much friction. Keep your antique clock inside a decorative box before placing it on the mantle. Avoid setting it near a piano that you play frequently or a china cabinet that you open frequently. Vibrations and constant motion may cause it to fall off the furniture. Continue reading “Where to display your antique clock” »