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Get your questions answered about white gold jewellery

Thinking about white gold? Maybe you were browsing a jewellery site, if you’re like me—and you found the white gold selection and started wondering. It looks good, but is it real gold? If you buy diamond engagement rings in Brisbane made of white gold, will you be regretting it this time next year?

Is White Gold Really Gold?

There is some confusion over whether coloured gold such as white gold are as “real” as yellow gold. The answer is yes! The difference between yellow gold and white gold is the metals used to create the alloy. 18K white gold and 18k yellow gold have the same gold content, 75%. Gold comes in quite a few alloys, actually: Continue reading

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Where to display your antique clock

So you have bought a beautiful antique clock, and you want to display it on your fireplace mantle. Truly, it would add a classy feeling to your den. But wait! Decorative antique clocks can be damaged quickly if placed on the fireplace mantle because extreme heat from the fire may damage the clock’s mechanisms. Dust and ash from the fireplace can also damage the mechanical parts inside the clock. Deciding on where to put fragile decorations and appliances such as antique clocks requires a little bit of thinking.

General Placement Tips

Transporting and moving antique mechanical clocks often can damage the internal mechanisms, so you’ll need to decide where you want it and carry it there carefully without causing it much friction. Keep your antique clock inside a decorative box before placing it on the mantle. Avoid setting it near a piano that you play frequently or a china cabinet that you open frequently. Vibrations and constant motion may cause it to fall off the furniture. Continue reading

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Finding your very own personal shopper

Everybody wants a celebrity wardrobe, but knowing how to go about achieving one can be quite tricky. Luckily, there are people who specialise in helping find wardrobe pieces that are stylish, flattering, and a perfect fit for your wardrobe. That’s right – personal shoppers. With services from personal styling and image consulting to revamping your wardrobe, personal shoppers are a great way to help you achieve that stylish wardrobe you deserve. If you are looking for the perfect attire but don’t know where to begin, check out these personal shopping services from a variety different stores: Continue reading


How to make a yearly family photobook

If you’re a parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, you know how time flies. Kids just grow up so fast. Which is why I think using Blurb to create yearly photo albums, is such a cool idea. A yearly photo book is the perfect solution—and it’s not as time-consuming or difficult to produce as you might think. Read on to discover achievable steps to success.

Step 1: Create a “year” folder on your computer to file your photographs and add additional folders inside, one for each month. This will help keep things in order and make flowing content into your book easy later on. You can also add a text file in each month’s folder that you can use to jot down any quotes or stories.

Step 2: Be camera-ready! Keep your camera in the same spot in the house—ready to grab—for when you want to document the latest masterpiece, fancy dress outfit, or daring antic that comes your way. Continue reading

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Interior design inspiration: Hollister

I’ve never been into a Hollister shop before. I know some of you will be regular shoppers and this whole blog post will be old news to you but for me, my visit to the Cambridge store was an adventure in terms of marketing and retail display. I’d never even seen the exterior of a Hollister store so it was the Californian beach hut façade that first lured me into the cavernous store.

I was intrigued by how dark it was inside. I fought my way through the palm tree foliage and into the interior of a tropical beach hideaway. The darkly painted wooden shelves and rails displayed the clothes under spotlights, but the product seemed to take a backseat compared to the decor – richly patterned wallpaper, leather armchairs and old industrial light fittings made the interior feel warm and exotic. The darkness and the plantlife combined with the beach sounds and music made me feel relaxed and just like I was in a spa on some tropical island.

The ‘windows’ (projector screens) showed views of a warm blue sea and beach scenes along with the sounds of crashing waves and birdsong. It was possible to believe that you really were surrounded by the ocean because looking out of the ‘window’ ahead was the sea and to the left and right you saw the corresponding coastline – a very well thought-out design to trick the imagination. Perhaps it was to make customers feel like they are on holiday because we all know we’re more likely to shop and spend more on holiday than we are at home. Kind of sneaky but it worked – because I’d only gone into the shop to investigate the intriguing décor yet I soon found myself looking at the products and feeling like I wanted to stay in the shop all day.

There were so many elements of the shop design that I wanted to take with me for my own home décor, such as the old industrial lighting illuminating the denim section, the mini metal clipboards displaying product information and definitely the cosy armchairs with snuggly rugs. In terms of decorating, I am quickly becoming obsessed by dark patterned wallpaper and I’d love to have a false sea-view window in the bathroom – or even go the whole hog with coastal landscape wallpaper covering an entire wall.

If you’ve visited a Hollister store before you’ll know all about it but if you’ve never stepped inside one, please do check it out – not necessarily for the products (though I can’t stop you shopping while you’re there!) – but for the design inspiration and for the relaxing, holiday-esque feeling it evokes.