August 4, 2017
by Cassiefairy

3 ways to create the most zen bedroom ever

Each night we do something important without even thinking about it. We go to sleep. Sleep is vital for optimal body and brain function. And when our sleep suffers, so do many different aspects of our lives, from our work to our relationships. Your sleep space plays a pivotal role in the quality of your slumber. Light that peeks in from your blinds, outdoor noises, outdated mattresses, clutter and even paint colour can all contribute to a poor night’s rest. Make sure that you’re getting your best night’s sleep with these tips (inspired by traditional feng shui ideas) and you’ll be on your way to creating a more zen-like space in no time.  Continue reading “3 ways to create the most zen bedroom ever” »

August 3, 2017
by Cassiefairy

It’s all about him: Pamper your groom before the big day

It takes two to tango and, even though popular media certainly seems to think that only the bride is getting married, it’s important to make your man feel special before the big day. In fact, pampering the groom is so unconventional today that anything remotely related to weddings and relaxation is exclusively about the bride; how did it get to this? You can’t blame a guy for feeling slightly left out in the midst of all the pastel coloured dresses, bridesmaid celebrations and manicure sessions.

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Believe it or not; decorative planning, DIY wedding invitations, and trips to the spa can be just as much fun for the groom as for the bride. That weddings are the girl’s ‘big day’ and that the groom should just accept his role in the background is an outdated way of thinking – and a skewed way of starting your life together. It should be a team effort so why not embark on this seemingly unexplored path of making your groom feel special and pampered before the big day? Continue reading “It’s all about him: Pamper your groom before the big day” »

August 2, 2017
by Cassiefairy

Why I blog (and why you should too!)

Whether you’ve been reading my blog for a while or are you’re totally new to my website, you may be interested to know why I write a blog post almost every day. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years now, and am still loving every minute. It’s my diary, my social life, my photo album, my portfolio, my scrapbook, my recipe book and it’s good practice, so here’s why I do what I do and hopefully this post will encourage you to give it a go too. Continue reading “Why I blog (and why you should too!)” »

August 1, 2017
by Cassiefairy

A realist’s guide to enjoying a romantic holiday

Any getaway to a faraway place is something to get excited about. The new cultures, the chance to go on a plethora of adventures, the delicious array of foods, the sights and sounds that assault your senses, the dreamy weather, and the chance to eat and drink a little too much… Yeah, nothing beats the chance to skip abroad, except the chance to run off on a romantic break that is.

Continue reading “A realist’s guide to enjoying a romantic holiday” »

July 30, 2017
by Cassiefairy

Space-saving hacks for every room in the house

Even if you are blessed with acres of space in your home, storage can be a problem. In a smaller space, effective and accessible storage is simply a must. These five great hacks, brought to you by Balustrade Components, make designing your home with great storage solutions even easier. Every room in the house could benefit from more storage (at least, my home could!) so read on to find out some handy storage hacks for every budget…

Amazing bathroom cabinet – I want one!


Often the smallest and the busiest room in the house, fitting everything you need into the bathroom can prove a storage nightmare. From bath toys to toilet rolls, to toiletries to bath products, squeezing it all in is nigh on impossible. The next time you renovate, try these storage hacks:

  • Under bath storage – there are great under the bath storage hacks coming to the market that make use of the space beneath the bath, ideal for family households.
  • Over the door shelf – a great place to store items that need to be out of reach, such as cleaning products and other items.

Continue reading “Space-saving hacks for every room in the house” »

July 28, 2017
by Cassiefairy

How to re-purpose your shed for the 21st Century

Do you have an old shed in your garden? A tumble-down workshop, brick outbuilding or old garage perhaps? And what do you use it for? If you’re stashing clutter and storing tools, you could be approaching this valuable extra space all wrong. At least, that’s what I’ve heard…This week I read a news article on about transforming your existing shed or outbuilding into a much more usable space. And it got me thinking. When the author said “sheds are more likely to have Wi-Fi access than a wheelbarrow” these days, I realised that yes, I could be using my outdoor space as an extension to my own home. Continue reading “How to re-purpose your shed for the 21st Century” »

July 26, 2017
by Cassiefairy

DIY picnic basket, lunch box & flask upcycling project

Have you seen this month’s issue of Reloved Magazine yet? If not, quickly get yourself a copy from WH Smith, Sainsburys, Tesco or Costco, because my picnic project is in the magazine with an impressive double-page spread (and 3 further pages of step-by-step photos, too!) Yes, I’m seriously excited! Not one but three of my DIY upcycles were featured so I thought I’d show you a sneaky peek at what you can expect to see. The step-by-step guides to make this picnic set is in Issue 44 of Relovd so please check it out while it’s still on the newsagents’ shelves this week. There are three elements covered in this issue; sewing a liner to turn a bike basket into a picnic basket, giving a flask and lunchbox a makeover, and painting on a pretty floral design – something I’ve never attempted before but that was SO easy to do. Continue reading “DIY picnic basket, lunch box & flask upcycling project” »

July 25, 2017
by Cassiefairy

Tuesday Shoesday – Where to find summer shoes for under £5

Okay, I admit it – I’ve been browsing the summer sales. Every year I try to resist, but when I see those footwear bargains start pinging up in my browser, I get easily distracted from work and start to shop. But if you knew what kind of deals I’d found, I’m sure you’d be doing the same too!You see, I accidentally discovered LoveTheSales this year and now I’m hooked. It’s a hub where you can find details of ALL the products on sale from hundreds of different retailers all in one place, so you can imagine how exciting it is flick through the website on my lunch hour… So. Many. Bargains. Continue reading “Tuesday Shoesday – Where to find summer shoes for under £5” »

July 23, 2017
by Cassiefairy

Organising an outdoor summer party on a budget

Outdoor summer parties are often easier to host than indoor parties, and the casual atmosphere of entertaining al fresco means you can get away with being a lot less fancy than you might strive for with an indoor dinner party. I’m hoping to bring my garden up to scratch in time for some entertaining this summer, so here are my tips for budget  garden parties: Continue reading “Organising an outdoor summer party on a budget” »

July 22, 2017
by Cassiefairy

How to entertain yourself when you’re home alone

As a freelance blogger and writer, I often find myself with time at home alone. Sure, I have a home office and should be getting on with my work, but when the evenings draw in and I’ve done all that editing, I need to step away from the computer and unwind. Otherwise I’d just carry on working until bedtime – I know myself too well. But how can you keep yourself entertained when you’re home alone? What will stop me from turning that laptop back on and checking my emails for the next 4 hours? I’ve come up with a few ways to liven up my evenings and not really be alone at all…

Continue reading “How to entertain yourself when you’re home alone” »

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