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Interior design trends – soft minimalism

I love the idea of a minimalist lifestyle. I guess that’s because I’ve got so much clutter in my life! Dreaming of open spaces and white walls provides a complete contrast to my life at the moment. With boxes half-unpacked and not knowing where anything is, I could really do with implementing a few minimalist ideas in order to sort my life out right now! Even though I couldn’t really survive in a white box home (I’m a tea-spiller, after all) I can definitely get behind the ‘soft minimalism’ interiors trend that is everywhere at the moment.Maybe it’s because Pinterest offers ‘picked for you’ pins that I’m seeing so many minimalist interiors on my Pinterest feed. And the more I pin, the more similar images Pinterest serves up. Soon my whole profile will be overrun with soft minimalist inspiration and, to tell you the truth, I’d be happy with that. Soft minimalism is definitely the way I’d like my home to be in the future. We’ve made a start with white walls and laminate floors, but what else is needed to achieve this look? Here’s some key soft minimalist decor ideas that I definitely want to use in my own home…

Soft minimalism inspiration from – image source: Bloomingville

1. Sleek storage

All the pieces of furniture from the soft minimalism trend seem to be scandi-inspired furniture designs. The lines are straight, the storage is neat and the handles are unfussy. It’s simple, thoughtfully designed and well made. It’s all about practical storage that looks gorgeous too; well, if you want a minimalist home, you’re going to have to hidethe clutter somewhere! And that’s the whole point of soft minimalism: it’s not necessarily about getting rid of your things, just storing them away neatly. Furniture for this trend is usually white, black or natural wood.

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How to turn your photo into a giant feature wall mural

Have you ever taken a photo and thought to yourself, ”I wish I could print this out lifesize”? That’s exactly what I thought when my husband took an amazing shot of the sea last week. Well, I suppose my thought does have something to do with the fact that I’m currently decorating my bedroom and I’d been looking for some wallpaper for the feature wall.Having failed to find any wallpaper patterns or prints that I liked enough (that wouldn’t spoil the tranquil feeling of my all-white room) I was starting to think that our feature wall might just get a coat of white paint and be left bare.But when I was flicking through my photographer husband’s snaps from our Valentine’s Day walk on the beach, I came across dozens of images that would be ideal for a feature wall. Okay, I’d used a poster to cover my small bathroom wall with a seascape photo in the past, but how on earth can I possibly print out a photo that’s 2.8 x 2.5 metres in size? Continue reading “How to turn your photo into a giant feature wall mural” »


My monochrome hallway makeover

This week my husband and I have been working hard to decorate our hallway. It’s one of the only spaces in the house that has remained untouched since we moved in more than three years ago, so it was looking pretty tired and desperately needed updating. You may remember that I wrote about my choice of wallpaper last week and, even though I thought it was quite a bold choice, I had a lot of positive feedback from my friends on Twitter and Instagram so I set to work.monochrome home interior design black and white decor hallway makeover dado rail rug-28monochrome home interior design black and white decor hallway makeover dado rail rug-15 monochrome home interior design black and white decor hallway makeover dado rail rug-27 Continue reading “My monochrome hallway makeover” »


National Wallpaper Week – My choice for a hallway makeover

Did you know it’s National Wallpaper Week? After seeing lots of wallpaper project blog posts and fabulous pins appearing on Pinterest all week, I’ve been inspired to undertake my own makeover in the entrance and white graham and brown wallpaper lizzies doodleThe hallway was in a pretty dire state when we first moved in to our home over three years ago, with scuffed walls and flaking paint on the woodwork. Apart from putting up a mirror and adding a door mat, we’ve not really done anything  to improve the space, and after three years of use, it’s certainly ready to be and white graham and brown wallpaper lizzies doodle inspirationI decided to keep the room simple with a monochrome colour scheme; with white walls, black and white flooring and a possible dado rail. I wanted to include a patterned wallpaper below the rail and hoped to find something a little different to ‘lift’ the monochrome look. When I searched online for samples, I couldn’t help falling in love with the sketched designs from the Graham & Brown wallpaper range at and white graham and brown wallpaper lizzies doodle decoratingI particularly liked the black-and-white London prints from the range but the paper that I finally decided to use for the makeover was the black ‘Lizzies Doodle’ design. The pattern was designed by artist Lizzie Mary Cullen and features a graphic representation of winding streets and dream-like design. It reminds me of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine film, combined with Grayson Perry’s doodle style – both of which I love – so it’s the ultimate wallpaper design for me. Plus, it can be coloured in – great fun for my niece and nephew, if I decide to let them give it a colourful ‘makeover’ in the future!graham and brown wallpaper lizzies doodle-2The wallpaper has just arrived this weekend so I’ll be decorating my home with this crazy monochrome pattern over the coming week. Thankfully, it’ll be easy to hang because it’s a paste-the-wall paper, so no need for soaking or pasting tables etc. Let’s hope the makeover is as simple as I imagine… Watch this space!black and white graham and brown wallpaper lizzies doodle patternWhat do you think of my choice of wallpaper? Do you prefer a repeating pattern or geometric design? What colours would you choose for your hallway? Let me know by leaving me a comment below or tweet me @cassiefairy.


Tuesday Shoesday ~ just gorgeous shoes

Today I’m just sharing a gorgeous black and white photo of a some amazing  vintage shoes for you all to swoon over!

beautiful vintage cinderdella shoes black and white picture

Cinderella herself is jealous of these shoes! I’d love to have this photo printed out huge and hung in my imaginary walk-in shoe wardrobe. *Sigh*

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