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Pieday Friday – Creamy corn soup recipe

I have to admit – this week’s Pieday Friday recipe isn’t my own. My friend Sophie, who has her own blog La Vie Sophie, shared this recipe back in 2015. It seemed almost too simple, but when I tried making it for myself I was amazed at just how easy it was to make a creamy corn soup that tasted great and contained no dairy at all. I’ve been making it ever since and now I just can’t keep it to myself anymore. So how did Sophie get the creaminess into the soup without adding dairy? It’s all down the three (yes, just three) ingredients in this recipe… Sweetcorn, stock and spaghetti. It’s the pasta that gives it the creaminess, that’s all there is to it. It’s healthy and tasty, and can be made with just a few ingredients that you probably already have at home. And if you pick up a pack of 25p spaghetti and a 40p tin of sweetcorn from the supermarket, this is a pretty low-cost lunch too! Of course, you could use fresh sweetcorn too – and you can experiment with veggie or chicken stock to vary the recipe a little – just give it a try and see what you prefer. If you’d like to make this meal for yourself here’s the link to the creamy corn soup recipe on Sophie’s blog, which gives you all the measurements, method and timings. And here are my pics of the process when I made this soup for lunch on Wednesday this week.

Sophie’s recipe calls for half of the soup to be blended and half to be left as it is. This gives you little noodles in the soup and less thick texture. But I’ve tried blending the whole pan of soup in the past and I really liked how creamy it turned out – plus, it soaked into the bread I was dipping into my bowl perfectly! I’m using the MX-ZX1800 Panasonic blender to whizz up my soup and it takes only seconds to blitz the whole batch of soup.

I used the pulse setting to start with, so that the sweetcorn and pasta would start to break down easily. When it started to look creamy, I turned up the blending function to whizz it into a really super-smooth texture. The thing is that I’m not actually much of a fan of tinned sweetcorn (love it fresh on the cob though!) so I like to make sure that all the sweetcorn kernels are completely blended before eating.

This blender can take hot or cold foods but some others can’t have hot liquids in them, so be sure to check and you might need to cook this in advance and let it cool down before you can blend it. Thankfully, the Panasonic blender is fine with hot liquids so I could cook, blend and dish up my lunch in a matter of minutes. When you’re as hungry as I am, speed is a bonus! Just a touch of salt and pepper is all that’s needed to finished off this dish – although I’ve found that a sprinkling of my favourite smoked paprika is a delicious addition too!

What do you think of Sophie’s recipe? Have you made any soups with pasta before? I hope you’ll have a look around Sophies blog and have a read of her fantastic posts and recipes. And I hope you enjoy your healthy yet creamy corn soup lunch!

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Pieday Friday ~ Warming root veg & squash soup

As you may have already spotted from my photos on Instagram, I grew a few squashes in my new veggie patch this year and that meant that I had plenty to play around with for Halloween. Now that the spooky season is over, I want to put my squashes to good use, so I’ve come up with a recipe for a warming winter soup, packed full of root vegetables and of course my delicious home-grown squash.

homemade carrot and squash soup recipe homemade carrot and squash soup recipe-2 homemade carrot and squash soup recipe-3I also wanted to try out my new Russell Hobbs hand blender and I thought that soup would be the perfect way to test it out. My blender is from the new Aura range and I particularly like the fact that it can be used to blend in the pan that the soup has been cooked in rather than me needing to transfer hot soup into an upright blender. It comes with an accompanying blending beaker for making milkshakes, smoothies or soups etc but I’m going to use it straight in the pan and save on washing up!

homemade carrot and squash soup recipe-4 homemade carrot and squash soup recipe-6 homemade carrot and squash soup recipe-5

Ingredients: Squash (any variety, mine was ‘Queen of Squash’ and tastes like sweet potato when baked in the oven), carrots, potatoes, swede, onions, vegetable stock cubes, olive oil, salt and pepper. Choose any quantity you like to serve any number of people – I made double the amount I thought I would need so that I could jar up the excess and enjoy it for lunch next week.

homemade carrot and squash soup recipe-7homemade carrot and squash soup recipe-10

Firstly, roast the squash in the oven. I cut my squash in half, scooped out the seeds in the centre and then cut into wedges to roast. Drizzle with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper before roasting for about half an hour or until softened. Scoop out the soft flesh with a spoon and discard the skins.

homemade carrot and squash soup recipe-8 homemade carrot and squash soup recipe-9

Peel and dice the carrots, potatoes and swede so that they are roughly the same size chunks. Chop up the onion and sauté with the veggies in a little olive oil for about 3 minutes before adding enough boiling water to cover the vegetables. When the water has come back to the boil and the veg is starting to soften, add one vegetable stock cube (or more, depending on quantities, to taste) and allow the veg to continue to simmer until it can softened enough to be squashed with the back of a spoon.

homemade carrot and squash soup recipe-12 homemade carrot and squash soup recipe-13

Add the soft roasted squash flesh into the pan with the vegetables and blitz with your hand blender until smooth and thick. I particularly like the fact that the Aura hand blender has a variable speed dial on the top so I could use it on a slower setting when I was beginning to blend and breaking up the diced veg, and then I could increase the speed to really pulverize the soup until smooth. The only thing is that it works SO well, that the speed of the blade meant that the blender head sometimes suctioned onto the bottom of the pan, but it wasn’t a problem because the blade never comes into contact with the pan (no damage done!) so I just turned down the speed a little and carried on blitzing!

Winter root veg soup recipe-3 Winter root veg soup recipe-2

My family and I enjoyed this soup with a crusty baguette for lunch yesterday I still have some left over which I have stored in a Kilner jar in the fridge. Let me know if you try out this recipe and check more of the soup recipes on my blog – I’m definitely going to be making them all again this winter now that I’ve got a super-speedy way to blitz them up with my new Russell Hobbs hand blender!

Winter root veg soup recipe



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