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UK Blog Awards 2016 – What to wear??

The news has finally sunk in. I’ve registered for my ticket and I AM going to the UK Blog Awards woo! The ceremony is on 29th April and is being held in a glitzy location in the capital. And to top it all off, I’m a finalist in the Most Innovative Blog category. Pretty cool, huh? When the news was first announced I really couldn’t believe it. After years of blogging, my thrifty little lifestyle blog was being recognised by the industry and I was chuffed to bits! It was amazing to think that family, friends, readers and colleagues had all voted me through to the final stages of the blog awards and now I was invited to attend THE event of the year. Unbelievable stuff!dress inspiration for national blog awards debenhams

I really like the neckline of this Quiz Navy & Cream Textured Crochet Neck Dress and the lace on this Dorothy Perkins Navy Scallop Midi Dress is subtle enough for me!

But then, panic! What on earth do I wear? Continue reading “UK Blog Awards 2016 – What to wear??” »


An exciting start to 2016 – I’ve been nominated for a UK Blog Award!

I had some fantastic news over the Christmas break. My blog, my simple little thrifty lifestyle blog, had been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2016. I don’t know who put my blog forward for an award or even whether more than just one person popped my name into the ‘hat’ but to whoever did nominate me, thank you so much! It means that I’ve been added to the list of blogs for the public voting stage (which is now open!) and I’m in with a chance of getting through to the next stage. SO exiting and I’m so grateful that I have been nominated. What a great start to 2016!Cassiefairys free pieday friday recipe book blurb ebookSo now I’d love to share details of how to vote with you, just in case you wouldn’t mind stopping by the UK Blog Awards website and giving me a quick vote.
Go to my profile page on the UK Blog Awards site, where you can vote for me in the ‘Lifestyle’ category and for the ‘Most Innovative’ blog award. And as a thank you I’d love to send you a free PDF copy of my ‘Pieday Friday’ Ebook with lots of yummy recipes for dinner, dessert and snacks, so please leave me a comment below this blog post to let me know if you’ve voted! 😉

Vote for me now in the UK Blog Awards #UKBA16It’s especially exciting for me to have been nominated because I missed out on so many blog events last year due to 2015 being particularly tough on this side of the screen, so it’s a really great start to the new year and I’m so optimistic about what this year has in store for me and everyone I love. The chance to win a UK Blog Award would be the icing on the cake and I’m thrilled that someone even nominated me! Please do stop by my profile page and give me a vote, and let me know if you DO vote by leaving me a comment below and I’ll email you a free copy of my recipe Ebook as a thank you and send loads of virtual hugs too!Cassiefairys free pieday friday recipe book blurb ebook cookbookLove and hugs to everyone who reads my blog and supports my thrifty lifestyle, you guys are the best!

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I’m nominated for the Cosmopolitan awards!

Ok, I think I’m getting a little bit addicted. To blog awards. Yes, that’s right, I’m trying to get nominated for another blog award and this time is the elusive, fabulous and starriest of all blog awardsCosmopolitan, yikes!  Why am I addicted? Well, I LOVE the feeling of knowing that you’ve been enjoying reading my blog (there IS someone out there!) and like it enough to bother voting for me. I know how much of a kerfuffle it can be to cast a vote (especially on some super-advanced techy devices!) and it amazes and humbles me that you bothered. It must mean I’m doing something right (I really hope so!) and that you’re willing to help me. It means we’re friends, and that makes me SO happy.


Now I’m under no real illusions that I’ll be able to compete with the fabulous, well-designed, professional blogs that are shortlisted for the Cosmo blog awards each year, but I’d like to see whether people-power alone could get this little thrifty lifestyle blog noticed! What do you think? Are you with me?! Is that tumbleweed I see..?

Here’s the link to the Cosmo nomination website – please scroll down and click on ‘next page’ to open up the nomination form:

Please nominate me for Best Lifestyle Blog – I think that’s the category that I fit into best! – but please feel free to nominate for as many awards as you fancy! I’m over a year old so I can’t go for best newcomer anymore but my pal Jenna from can, so please nominate her too if you get the chance! I’m also nominating for best travel blog and for best established fashion blog and I think I can vote as many times as I like, so guess what I’ll be doing for the next month?! The nominations close on 2nd June 2014 so please pop a nomination in for us whenever you get the chance. And tweet me @Cassiefairy so that I can say thanks in person!

Thank you SO much, chat soon! 🙂


Best face forward at the National Blog Awards

Did you know it’s the National Blog Awards this week? Did you know that I’m a FINALIST?! Have I mentioned it before..? 😉

Going to an event of this magnitude – the ‘Oscars of the blogging world’ – has got me excited and worried in equal measure and now that my ticket has arrived I’ve started to agonise over every detail of what I will wear and how I will look. But with good reason, I think, because I know there will be cameras at this event and I know that a snap of me looking like a right gremlin will no doubt be immortalised forever on the internet, or at least that’s my fear. You may have noticed that I don’t often make a personal appearance on the blog, which makes it even more of a momentous occasion that I might been seen in public and photographed! So I’m trying to do everything I can to present a lovely version of me; with a nice dress, classy jacket, perfect hair and flawless face; whether it works or not is another matter 😉 At least I’m try to make the most of what I’ve got and hopefully I won’t be too disappointed with the resulting photos!

national blog awards 2014 retail and fashion finalist cassiefairy blog

So I’ve turned my attention to hair and make up today and am having a practice run to make sure things turn out alright on the night. Brides have practice sessions for their wedding hair and make up, and this is my version of a wedding! So I’ve been to the hairdressers for a trim, had my fringe cut back to where it should be (seriously over-due, it wasn’t even getting in my eyes anymore; that’s how long it was) and the summer highlights have returned. I just need to decide whether to have curly or straight hair and I’m all set to go. The face, on the other hand, needs a lot more attention and my make-up bag needed an over-haul. You know it’s time to buy new products when the hinges of your eye-shadow have broken off, it takes a couple of swipes to get any mascara out and you need to shake your foundation before it will squeeze..!

yves saint laurent nars and shiseido make up for the national blog awards

So I’ve got some of my favourite ever products to make sure my face looks good for this big event; Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat – my absolute fail-safe for getting rid of dark circles around my eyes – and Shiseido Sheer & Perfect foundation. It’s the lightest foundation I’ve found (you can’t feel it on your skin at all) but it gives excellent coverage, even for my pale ivory skin tone, and has SPF 15 too. It’s usually quite a spendy product but the cheapest place I’ve found to buy it is online at Click Fragrance and at least I know my skin won’t let me down for the big event. In terms of eye make-up I’m using a felt-tip liner pen from George and my top mascara “They’re Real” by Benefit (I wish someone would ask me to review this mascara because I already love it!!). I don’t really bother with my lips in everyday life, other than a little lip balm, so I’ve gone for a new Nars lipstick in “Beautiful Liar” to finish off my Blog Awards look.

Now all that’s left to do is apply it perfectly and look classically serene all night long – wish me luck with that! I make sure that I get lots of photos of my finished make-up and hair at the blog awards and will share some snaps during my round-up post after the event. Eeek I’ve just realised that its tomorrow… gulp!


Company Style Blogger Awards 2013

So last night I was lucky enough to attend the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards 2013. It was an amazing night, and I’m only now feeling well enough to post my photos after a very late night and one too many bubbles 😉

Here’s what I decided to wear after a lot of outfit changes (I tried on moe than 40 dresses, no joke!) and I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that no-one else was wearing the same dress as me, phew. Thank goodness, because I was papped by the magazine’s photographer and the photo ended up being published in the style section of the Company website!

Outfit for Company magazine style blogger awards from Apricot and New Look

Flocked dress from Apricot ~ Jacket from New Look (it’s coral not orange, honestly)~ Belt borrowed from LaceyinPlaces ~ Necklace, a birthday gift from my fabulous friend Claire ~ Shoes from Teen Department of New Look ~ Handbag from carboot sale!

It was a super-glitzy event at the amazing Corbet Place venue just off Brick Lane, and I was so impressed with the range of treats and entertainment that Company Magazine had lined up for us bloggers.

Company magazine style blogger awards 2013 new look cocktails event

First we enjoyed a glass of bubbly whilst chatting to our blogging colleagues and snacked on sushi (although I stuck to the veggie rolls!). It was so lovely to meet all the other shortlisted bloggers in ‘real life’ and really get to know them. A few guest-post suggestions were discussed over blogger-themed cocktails, so watch this space for some fantastic fashion content coming your way soon! We took it in turns to have false lashes professionally applied by The Vintage Cosmetic Company. I never wear lashes for fear of them popping off in public, but these were very light and natural and I’ve been converted! Pinterest party queens Pinned it! Made It! hosted a craft session (in the photo above) for us all to bling up a pair of sunglasses with flowers, scrabble tiles and crystals. Plus we were treated to a sneak peek of the new collection from New Look (great fun for a super-nosy blogger!)

Company magazine style blogger awards 2013 winners meg ella

Company Magazine editor Victoria White announced the winners and it was so lovely to see the reaction of the crowd as all the bloggers cheered on the winners. I snapped a few photos as the winners collected their awards but missed a few in all the  excitement – they will all be in July’s Company magazine so you can check out the full list of winners there or on the Company website. We were all genuinely delighted for each other; we had read each others blogs and really appreciated each others talent. It was such a lovely, supportive atmosphere and a nicer group of people you couldn’t wish to meet.

Company magazine style blogger awards 2013 cassiefairy mybluerinse

What really made my night was meeting my fellow Oxfam Fashion blogger Laurie Rose who blogs at MyBlueRinse. We’ve chatted over Twitter since I began blogging for Oxfam and when we finally got together in real life you couldn’t shut us up! We had a fantastic evening giggling over cocktails and hijacked the Dream Booth taking photo after photo of us with all the silly props they provided. It was lovely to meet Sophie from La Vie Sophie, Meg from Wonderful You, Amy from The Pretender (it turns out she went to the same uni as me!), Ella from Helloellaxo, Victoria from In The Frow and Hannah & Rosie from The New Craft Society. When you’ve been reading a blog for so long, its wonderful to see the person behind it and this was something I particularly enjoyed about going to this event – the chance to put faces to URLs and really feel part of the blogging community – it turns out that I’m not on my own, there are hundreds of us tip-tapping away out our computers every day, and it’s a lovely feeling to know I’m not alone 🙂

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