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2 essentials for a workspace that sparks creativity

I’m just about to start planning my office (did you catch my blog post on the ergonomics of working from home?) so I’ve been doing my research into what makes a good workspace. Earlier this week I shared some photos of the offices of my favourite bloggers and now I’m taking inspiration from creative professionals in order to identify what I need (and don’t need!) to make my home studio a productive space to work.

A 2014 report commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers found that our physical surroundings can have a huge impact on how much work we get done. And this was the same in all four countries assessed (Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway if you were curious). Consequently, it is fair to say that our working environment can have a dramatic effect on our mood. In order to ensure that your own office area sparks your creativity, here are the two things you need for a beautiful workspace.

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner’s home office

1. Natural light and plants

Whether you’re looking to create the grandeur of a Victorian study or to relax in a sleek, modern home office, studies suggest that a workspace should always have natural light and plants. Plants increase the level of oxygen in a workspace whilst natural light is instrumental in allowing people to think with a clear head. An example of a workspace that makes excellent use of natural light comes from the creator of cult show Mad Men (above).

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How to keep track of creative ideas

I forget things easily and I need to do something about it. I’m great at having lots of ideas for content for my thrifty little blog and I get all excited when I see something interesting while I’m out and about. I think to myself, ‘I’ll definitely remember that‘, but by the time I’m sat at my computer, ready to write, the idea will have gone completely out of my head, never to return. Which is why you’re getting a blog post today about me forgetting what awesome blog content was going to be here and a bit of a self-rant instead.

I sometimes make notes on my phone, especially when someone gives me some info while I’m at an event; “You really must check out this online radio station…”, “There’s this great magazine website…”, “This is a fabulous shop…”; but once I’ve written it down on the phone, I tend to never check the list of notes ever again. That is, until the next time that I need to write something down and I open the app… I also feel a little bit rude typing on my phone while I’m in the company of other people and always feel the need to explain that I’m writing down the tip or web address they’ve just given me, not texting and ignoring them! It’s just not the best method for me to record my ideas so I’ve decided to do something about it.

tips for keeping track of creative ideas for bloggers crafters artists and writers

Yes, I have got myself a teeny tiny notebook and even a pencil case from BHS. I’ve decided that the only way to keep track of my ideas, plans, things to do and websites to investigate is by actually physically writing them down. I only have a small satchel handbag but there is plenty of room in there for this notebook and it will make my life considerably easier. I liked the pretty floral Sass and Belle design so much that I even got the vintage-inspired pencil case to store my pen, pencil and lipstick!

So now that I have the means to make notes with me at all times, I can jot down my creative ideas as and when inspiration hits and refer back to it whenever I’m ready to do some research or writing. I also feel like it’s more acceptable to get a notebook out and write down some information rather than typing on a phone so I’m more likely to make a note of things at the time, rather than struggling to recall it afterwards.

Here are my tips for using your notebook:

  • Carry your notebook and pen always! Inspiration can strike anywhere and at any time.
  • Write down your idea at the time, not afterwards because you’re likely to forget by the time you get round to it 😉
  • Keep note of important details such as web addresses and phone numbers as this will help with future research
  • If you have already thought of ways to tie an idea into a blog post or article, make a note of this too – one idea often leads into another.
  • Pick up business cards or postcards of businesses that interest you and stick them in your notebook for reference
  • If you promise to send details to someone, get their details, write it down and actually do it!
  • Don’t just write things down – draw, doodle and sketch too.
  • Refer back to your notebook every time you sit down to work.

Let me know if you already use a notebook or whether you find it easier to record information on your phone – tweet me a photo of your sketchbook or note pad if you have one!


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