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Getting the best from your DSLR camera

In terms of making an investment in technology for the long-term, Digital SLR cameras are definitely the way to go. They are able to capture moments for you in ways that your smartphone simply can’t. And (even though there are upgrades available) if you have a decent camera then you can stick with it for life.

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A new camera can generate hobbies, careers and even a lifestyle choice for you. Where you point your camera can be a massive reflection to others of the life that you are currently leading. Here’s how to get ahead and make a good use of your new toy – or how to blow the dust of a DSLR that you haven’t thought of picking up in ages…

Join a photography club

There are so many photography clubs around, you simply have to look online for the one which is most local to you. Here you will be able to listen to talks and show your photography to like-minded people. You will be set challenges each week under a theme, and each week you can present your interpretation of said theme to the other members. The theme could be a place, a person, or something abstract – the sky’s the limit and it’s an amazingly creative way to get your cogs whirring with your camera.

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Get tips from the experts

Going to a seminar or a talk on cameras, or even enrolling on a course to learn more about them will certainly pique your interest. There’s so much more to photography just pressing down a button and hoping for a good shot; the angles, settings and lenses that you uses are all crucial components to getting a great photo. Once you know the basics and how to put them into practice, you’ll be a lot more confident.

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My favourite photos – Opportunity

Courtesy of Luca Sartoni

This week’s photo challenge is guest hosted by Luca Sartoni:

“I took this picture at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. I came out of my room to attend a meeting and that girl was there, waiting for someone, wearing that costume. I took that picture with my DSLR, a 28mm lens and with only a few moments to compose the shot.Opportunities arise unannounced. They don’t ring a bell. They just show up and we need to be ready to take advantage of them.

As a street photographer I know that most of the time I don’t have any control of what’s going to happen in front of me. I have learned to accept it and I prefer to focus on what I can actually do to catch opportunities: be prepared. I clean the lenses, charge the batteries, format the memory cards and most important, I always carry a camera with me. It does’t matter if it’s my DSLR, my compact or just my phone, what matters is that I’m always available to be surprised by the world and I’m always ready to capture the unannounced opportunities that happen in front of me.”

Here’s my take on the theme of “opportunity”:

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