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3 Tips for living with wooden floors

As you can probably tell from my past few DIY blog posts, flooring at been at the forefront of my mind. Firstly, I picked out the perfect white-washed colour for my bedroom floor, and last week I shared a step-by-step guide to installing laminate flooring. The next step is finding some hard-wearing flooring for the kitchen of my 50s house, tiles for the bathroom and carpets for the bedrooms – so there’ll be more blog posts to follow, I’m sure! 

The question I’m answering today is: how do you maintain and protect your new flooring from general mishaps/wear and tear? Whilst hardwood flooring is a fantastic upgrade and can add value to your home it does require regular maintenance, so I’ve made a handy list to make sure all scenarios are covered!1. On a day to day basis:

It’s inevitable that your floor will take some stick, after all, that’s what it’s there for, but it IS possible to protect it from avoidable scratches and scuffs. For example, if you have installed wooden flooring in your kitchen/dining area then why not consider using felt protectors under the legs of tables and chairs? This simple but effective method can prevent minor scratches from occurring, or a rug beneath the table can also work in the same way. It also pays to remove your shoes, especially spiky-heeled ones, before walking over the floor. This can stop any scratches from occurring and prevents dirt from being dragged onto the surface.

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Household DIY – How to install laminate flooring

I’ve recently laid laminate flooring in two rooms of my home and I can honestly say that it was a really easy process. I thought it would take days to install but we were finished within a couple of hours. As long as you have the right equipment – a saw, knee pads and a laminate flooring installation kit (including packers) you can easily lay this type of flooring yourself. Here’s how to do it, step-by-step:Clear away any existing carpet, tiles or pieces of old underlay. Give the room a sweep to make sure you’ve cleared all the debris from the surface, and vacuum the floor to pick up the smaller pieces of dust. If you’re laying the laminate onto a concrete floor you’ll need to start with a damp-proof membrane before adding a layer of underlay.If you’re starting with a wooden floor, you can go straight to laying the underlay. There are plenty of options for underlay out there; foil-coated sheets that insulate the floor, rolls of foam to cushion the laminate or fibre boards – which is the option I went for.This simply evens out the floor so that the laminate flooring will look perfectly flat when fitted. It also adds an extra layer of insulation and, if you’re using it on an upstairs room, it can add a little sound-proofing so you don’t feel like you’re walking about inside a drum, and causing a lot of noise in the rooms below!

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Finding low-cost flooring for my bedroom

When I started decorating my bedroom, I knew I wanted to create a tranquil space. I’ve always dreamed of an entirely white room – even when I was a teenager I wanted to create a minimalist room for myself, although you can imagine how un-minimal a teenage girl’s single room is in reality! This project is therefore the culmination of that dream. White, white and more white. That’s what I wanted. Yes the ceilings, the walls, the doors and even the floor.But where was I going to find white flooring that was also practical? I considered carpet, but seeing as I’m a big tea-drinker and a huge tea-spiller I thought that probably wouldn’t be the most sensible option. But I wanted a cosiness in the room so that the all-white box didn’t feel clinical.

After a lot of pinning and researching bedroom designs online, I decided that lovely whitewashed wood grain would do the job. Rooms with wooden floors rarely look clinical as the natural pattern adds a bit of interest to the floor. But as a thrifty gal, I didn’t want to splash the cash on a real-wood floor.

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A floral bedroom makeover – Flooring dilemmas

Whenever I get that spring cleaning feeling, it always turns into a bigger job than I imagined. What starts out as a wipe-down-the-skirting-boards and dust-the-curtain-rail kind spring clean, always seems to turn into a complete room makeover. And this year is no exception. That urge to decorate has arrived and I’m starting this weekend! As you read this, I’ll probably already be up a ladder, painting the ceiling. The fact that we already had the right paint in the shed meant that there were no excuses. We had all the tools at our disposal to start a makeover project and this time, it’s the bedroom that’s getting a new lease of life.bedroom makeover ideas metal bed

Perfect cream metal bed frame

Having already decided to paint the walls the same shade of cream that we’d used in the hallway, it was easy to imagine what the end result would be. But it’s not just the walls that that needed to be changed – it was the flooring, furniture and window treatments too. So, in the absence of any before-and-after photos yet, today’s blog post is about choosing new flooring for the bedroom and to give you an idea of the kind of look we’re trying to achieve. In fact, you can take a look at this Pinterest board to find out the inspiration behind this spring makeover.decorating bedroom ideasSo, as you can probably tell from the images above, we’re trying to get a ‘country’ bedroom finish. Not too ornate or French, just cosy and a bit floral. Pretty similar to my little vintage caravan, but the cosy indoors version. Layering up quilts, using lots of cushions and draping snuggly rugs over the floor – that kind of look. But just what type of flooring will we use? THAT is the question.bedroom makeover ideas shabby chic Continue reading “A floral bedroom makeover – Flooring dilemmas” »

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Dream a little dream… floored or flawed?

Last week my attention turned to the state of the flooring in my bedroom. After inviting my friends to stay with us for the weekend and offering our bedroom up as a guest suite, I began to look at the bedroom with fresh eyes – was it even suitable to receive guests? Its funny how you don’t notice the odd mug-ring on the bedside table or the dusty skirting boards until you have someone coming to stay, isn’t it?! Well, I spotted all these flaws just in time and set to work to create a lovely, tranquil and, most importantly, clean space for my guests. The room did look lovely and I used a special set of bedding that my husband and I received as a wedding gift and it actually matches the roses on the book-wall perfectly! That was when I began looking at the carpet and I was not happy with what I saw.

How did all those stains get there? Why is there a dark, shadowy mark around the edge of the carpet? I don’t remember spilling that nail polish… Actually, that’s a lie; I know full-well that there’s a pink streak of Revlon varnish on the carpet, but the bed as been strategically place over it, phew! Anyway, the marks that had previously gone unnoticed were suddenly my top priority and I set to work scrubbing with carpet cleaner and vacuuming as best I could but even though a few of the stains were vastly improve, many were still there. Not much I could do about that on the day of my friends’ arrival, but now that I’ve spotted the problem that’s all I think about every time I go in the room and I’m feeling the need to sort out the bedroom floor as soon as possible. So here are my ideas:

  1. A new carpet: I do like having carpet on the floor in the bedroom and it certainly makes the room feel cosy, but I’m worried about the cost of the carpet, not to mention fitting fees. I’m not sure if fitting a carpet is something that hubby and I can tackle ourselves so I’ll have to find out about the expense of carpet fitting before I start looking at carpet types or colours. I’d like to replace it with a similar pale cream carpet, but surely I’ll just end up with the same stained-carpet problem again in the future? I like the funky striped carpets available at the moment but I worry that it’ll make the room look smaller, darker and worry about the pattern dating quickly an I relaly don’t want to replace the flooring for many many years to come!
  2. Laminate floor: I’ve really started to look at laminate flooring in a new light since investigating my carpet problem. It would be easy to keep clean and would minimise the chance of staining because I can just wipe up tea-spills when they happen. Plus, the style of laminate flooring is so much better than it used to be, looks much more like a genuine hardwood floor and I really like the dark wood effects – which would look great with our mahogany bed. Again, I’m not sure whether the room would feel too dark and oppressive, so perhaps a white-washed wood would look better while still being durable and easy to clean? Laminate flooring looks simple enough to install so maybe we can have a go at DIYing the floor and saving a bit of money at the same time.
  3. Get in the professionals: Okay I can probably install a carpet or laminate for the cost of some carpet cleaning services, but I figure that hiring one of those industrial carpet cleaners and giving the whole carpet a deep cleanse myself might solve many of the problems. Though I’m sure the nail polish stain will be going nowhere, no matter what I do to clean it!

So there are my options and I’m not sure where to start. Perhaps I’ll ask around and see if anyone has a carpet cleaning machine at home that I could borrow and try out my theory that many of the stains can be removed, then I’ll have saved money and kept my carpet out of landfill. If it’s still in a horrible state after my attempt at cleaning, then I’ll look into the costs of new flooring and get some samples to compare. Read more about my bedroom makeover here and I’ll share more about the stain-problem soon – I bet you can’t wait?!

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