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Tuesday Shoesday – The Soft Texture Trend

This Tuesday Shoesday I want to talk about one of my favourite new trends for A/W16 – textured shoes. I’m talking suede, velvet or even crushed velvet being used to decorate even the daintiest of sandals. It’s not just about chunky suede boots this year (although I did already invest in a lovely pair of suede boots that go with everything for Autumn), tiny pumps, classy court shoes, platforms and strappy sandals have all been given the textured

I first spotted the textured trend on Pinterest here and here.

I think it’s the soft texture that makes them feel suitable for this time of year – its as though the texture makes them feel more cosy. Even though the shoes might be dainty or strappy and totally unsuitable for cold days, the soft texture gives the impression of warmth. Plus, it looks great with party dresses and wooly suits alike, so will fit in with your winter wardrobe

I found the ideal office-to-cocktail-bar shoes on Pinterest here and here.

The textured fabric seems to lend a vintage feeling to most styles of shoes. The slightly muted colours created by a brushed suede or crushed velvet fabric resemble the faded hues in an old photograph. I really like this effect and, as a vintage girl at heart, it makes me want to invest in textured shoes even more to get that 70s vibe. I spotted these retro-inspired t-bar shoes below and fell in

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Tuesday Shoesday – Blue suede boots for autumn

I’ve never seen an autumn like it. There are so many leaves on the ground at the moment that you can’t really see the grass anymore. The colours are so vibrant and I’m sure there are more shades of orange, red, green, yellow and brown in this year’s fallen leaves than ever before. And with a garden covered in beautiful autumn leaves like this, who wouldn’t go outside for a spot of leave-kicking at the weekend? Well, that’s what I did anyway!autumn-shoes-blue-suede-boots-kicking-leaves-fashion-trend-winterMy husband did the most adorable thing and raked the leaves into the shape of a heart. And then even went to the trouble of spelling out the word autumn across the middle. He’s a creative sort and knows how much I love this time of year. I’m pretty sure that’s why he did it, and not just to get a great Instagram photo for himself. Anyway, after he’d finished taking some snaps, I had the best fun kicking my way through the words and destroying the whole thing, bwahahahha!autumn-kicking-leaves-gifAs it’s Tuesday Shoesday I felt it would be appropriate to share some snaps of my new autumn boots at the same time. After my trusty brown boots finally crumbled after two years of constant wear, I decided it was time for a new pair. I wanted them to last me well, but look a little more cool than I usually choose. Plus, I needed my shoes to come in under my £20 budget too. That’s not too much to ask is it? Well, apparently yes, it is.autumn-shoes-blue-suede-boots-kicking-leaves-fashion-trend-winter-8I had trouble finding a pair of boots that did everything I needed. I mean, I just wanted some boots with a small heel, speedy zip fastening (I’ve no time for laces these days), in lovely faux suede or leather, and in this year’s hottest colour navy blue. After shopping around it started to look like my thrifty budget wasn’t going to stretch to a new pair of boots for me this year. However, when I hopped onto the Deichmann website I found rows and rows of shoes and boots, with most of them priced at £20 and under.autumn-shoes-blue-suede-boots-kicking-leaves-fashion-trend-winter-4I perked up a bit at this point and clicked through out their most recent collection for Autumn/Winter 2017. Wahey! Boots! Wedge boots, Chelsea boots, ankle boots and knee-high boots. And not just boots; my favourite shoe style brogues were available in patent navy blue too. But that’s not what I was there for. I stuck to my shopping list and looked only at the ankle boots section. My will-power is strong.autumn-shoes-blue-suede-boots-kicking-leaves-fashion-trend-winter-3 Continue reading “Tuesday Shoesday – Blue suede boots for autumn” »

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Tuesday Shoesday – ‘Soled’ out, vintage style

You know the story – you are looking for that perfect pair of shoes for that perfect outfit, but the high street stores just keep coming up short. Heels are too high, too chunky, and actually in general, colours are a little muted. So what’s the next step (pardon the pun) to finding that idyllic pair of shoes that combine both incredible individual style along with supreme comfort? Well the answer could very well lie in choosing vintage. Made in an era of assured quality with longevity of use in mind, the vintage shoe is far from being a cheaper option, but is more of a wise move for those who want incredible style with that unique touch.retro vintage 80s 1980s court shoes footwear heels tuesday shoesdayColour Pop wow!

The 1980’s were famous for bright colours that had no respect for matching, a look that has returned to the fashion world recently, making these shoes ahead of their time. The advantage of a vintage pair of shoes can often be the condition. Bought in an era where you often bought shoes with the sole purpose of matching a certain outfit, this means they can have minimal signs of wear, just as with these suede shoes in red and purple. With a lower heel that makes longer wearing a breeze, a coloured sole that screams designer and an overall look that is sure to make a positive style statement, they are pretty much shoe perfection. Yet, by buying vintage, these shoes come at a fraction of the cost you would expect from buying a new pair.colour block retro vintage 80s 1980s court shoes footwear tuesday shoesdayQuality wins out

There is no denying that leather shoes, as with many leather products, can improve with age. Not only does it provide a look that develops over time but in terms of comfort the shoe will start to adapt to your foot shape. With vintage, the advantage is that often you have cut out the middle-man as it were, meaning that the shoes are already supremely comfortable from day one. These iconic courts are a modern day office dream, exuding the professional working look. Dated to the 1960’s, the buckled look has not aged and reflects current trends perfectly. The burgundy/brown colour means they will match almost any outfit whilst still creating a bit of a shoe heels buckle burgundy retro vintage 80s 1980s court shoes footwear tuesday shoesday

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Tuesday Shoesday – Bloggers’ shoes from the UK Blog Awards 2016

If you can cast your mind back to the last few times that I’ve been to a blog awards event, you might remember that I have a bit of a post-ceremony tradition. I love to share photos of the bloggers’ shoes in a Tuesday Shoesday post. Not only do I love chatting with all the fabulous writers and photographers that I meet at the event, but I’m also really interested in their outfit for the event and, in particular, their choice of shoes. Here are a few of my previous ‘Your Shoes’ blog posts after the Cosmopolitan blog awards and the very first UK Blog Awards back in 2014. Anyway, this year is no exception and no sooner had I arrived home from the event, I was tweeting my new pals to see if they wanted to get involved in my next Tuesday Shoesday post. Thankfully, all the bloggers I chatted to replied to my request and sent through photos of their own (rather fabulous!) shoes for me to share with you today. Oh and I’m thinking about compiling another ‘Your Shoes’ blog post for everyone to join in with so please email me or tweet me @Cassiefairy if you’d like to show off your shoes in my next post!

Processed with VSCO

The first bloggers to send me a snap of their shoes were the couple behind award-winning blog Hey! Dip Your Toes In. This inspirational website is packed full of glorious photography, appetising recipes and I-want-to-be-there-now travel posts, so it comes as no surprise that Eulanda and Omo won the award for Best Food & Drink Blog in the UK. They totally deserve this accolade – you can tell just how passionate they are about their blog and the experiential lifestyle they live. And it didn’t stop there; this fabulous duo made it a double-whammy by winning Highly Commended in the Travel category too!

I asked them to talk me through their footwear choices for the event and I’m pleased to report that they (like me!) cited comfort on the dancefloor as one of the main reasons that they chose these particular shoes; “We typically like to coordinate when we go to big fancy events, however, we’d just gotten back the day prior to the event from a 15 day press trip. With his in mind, we really couldn’t be bothered with making a fuss at coordination attempts. We knew there would be dancing, and rather than risk a night of tender toes and tears of regret, we opted for the old faithful shoes. Omo wore his wedding shoes, and I wore my graduation shoes. Both pairs are super comfortable, and have seen hours of fire on the dance floor! Our shoes happened to be the same shade of caramel, which is really our version of ‘nude.’ Honestly, there were no other options. Comfort rained supreme on this day, and we were able to dance for hours on end after the ceremony was over. A night well done for us!” And trust me, they sure did tear up that dancefloor – I’ve seen the photos! Congratulations again to Hey! Dip Your Toes In – you deserve to dance the night away after scooping two awards!laura devine bride shoesNext up are Laura from Devine Bride and Maggie from Planes & Champagne, the lovely ladies who sat with me during the awards ceremony and actually had to persuade me out of my seat when my name was called. Thank goodness they were there! Laura told me all about her plans for her gorgeous wedding blog while we chatted at the event and I can’t wait to work with Devine Bride in the future on guest posts and more. While Maggie was already off on another plane straight after the ceremony, Laura stuck around in London and was able to zip a photo of her classy black shoes over to me straight away. She told me that she decided to wear her bargain shoes over and above some much more expensive shoes in her collection because they’re super-comfy.

“I wore these shoes to the UK Blog awards last Friday as I was nervous about going and meeting new people, and these shoes never let me down! They are one of the cheapest pairs I own (£14.99 from New Look via ASOS last summer), but one of the best.  I have lots of more expensive shoes that I have blagged through various jobs in the past (Russell & Bromley and Louboutin, no less), but I always revert back to these. I love the heel height and the comfortable suede.  They are a simple classic court shoe and go with just about anything – I’ve even worn them with jeans.  I actually planned on wearing sparkly sandals to the UK Blog Awards, as I was a little intimidated by the attendee information stating that the dress code was formal/cocktail dress, but I had already ruined my wedding pedicure from the week before and was coming to the event straight from work.  I had a brilliant night and have put it down to putting my best foot forward, in my favourite (comfortable) courts.”

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Tuesday Shoesday – Rather fabulous shoe quotes + prints

I wanted to share a quick blog post with you this Tuesday Shoesday after finding some rather cool prints on Etsy this week. I searched for “shoes + art” and I discovered a whole world of fabulous shoe-related quotes. I couldn’t NOT share these classy wall-art designs with you, and I hope you’ll like them as much as I do.

etsy shoe print art girl right shoes high heels tuesday shoesdayMarilyn Monroe quote from LoveLiWedpoem about shoes etsy shoe print high heels tuesday shoesday

Footwear poem from Bespoke Verseetsy shoe print art shoes high heels tuesday shoesday french quote little pleasures

Little pleasures from Lucy Bowes Designetsy shoe print art shoes high heels tuesday shoesday

 Bold font with gold foil touches from Coco & Dee Designetsy shoe print art shoes high heels tuesday shoesday inspiration

Downloadable print from The Olive Shoe

What do you think of these quotes and prints? Would you decorate your home with one of these? I think it would be great prop one up on my desk or to hang above beside my dressing table. Where would you put a shoe-related print? Leave me a comment below to let me know 🙂



Tuesday Shoesday – Shoes fit for an awards ceremony

In case you didn’t already hear me bleating on about it on Twitter – I’m going to the UK Blog Awards! So basically, you’ll be treated to lots of preparation posts on the blog this week, showing you exactly what dress and accessories I’m going to wear, the make-up and skincare I’m using and, today, you’re going to see which shoes I’ve chosen to wear for the big event. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to hear about other people’s preparations for special occasions (yes, I am a nosy gal) PLUS it’s handy to have an idea of what my favourite bloggers will be wearing so that I can spot them in a crowd at the awards ceremony! So I figured, if I’M interested in this, maybe you’ll be interested to hear about what I’ve been getting up to in preparation for the UK Blog Awards…comfortable classy stylish shoes fashion trend for blog awards ceremony from hotter-2 comfortable classy stylish shoes fashion trend for blog awards ceremony from hotter-14 comfortable classy stylish shoes fashion trend for blog awards ceremony from hotter-4So, lets start at the bottom and focus on the shoes. Well, it IS Tuesday Shoesday after all. When it comes to choosing heels for any occasion I always head straight to Hotter. It’s literally the only place I can find beautiful heels that don’t hurt my feet. So when all your friends are hobbling home shoe-less after a night of wearing too-high shoes and you’re skipping along without a pinch in your comfy heels, you’ll be pleased that you chose Hotter shoes too! I can wear them all day at weddings, I can dance lindy-hop all night, and I’ve even worn a pair while waltzing on the dancefloor of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Love them for all occasions and events so, of course I’ve chosen a new pair for the UK Blog Awards too. comfortable classy stylish shoes fashion trend for blog awards ceremony from hotter-7 Continue reading “Tuesday Shoesday – Shoes fit for an awards ceremony” »


Tuesday Shoesday – Space saving shoe storage

Earlier this year I started to sort out my clutter. It was an absolute necessity, as I was moving house and I didn’t want to take all the accumulated clutter with me. Plus, I knew that I would have much less storage space so some of my belongs either had to go to the charity shop (which a lot did!) or be storage away safely so that I could get to them again at a later date. To cut a long story short, my shoe cupboard was one of the first casualties. Not only could I not fit all my shoes into my new wardrobe but I couldn’t even fit the cupboard itself into the house! What’s a girl to do??tuesday shoesday ultimate shoe storge cabinet g plan bookshelf unit-8A lot of my shoes were safely boxed up and have been in storage over the past couple of months, but the only trouble with this is that I have to plan ahead if I want to wear a particular pair of shoes. There’s nothing like rummaging through unlabelled boxes of shoes two days before you want to wear them to put you off the idea. Ahh, I’ll just wear my boots again…

Anyway, I’ve recently been researching ways to bring my shoe collection back into the home, and that means creating small space storage solutions. So I took to Pinterest a found a few ideas that I thought are well-worth sharing with you today. I’m not sure which I’ll use just yet, but it’s a step in the right direction! shoe storage for small spaces

1. Stacking triangle storage boxes from A Piece Of Rainbow

These boxes are simply one piece of cardboard folded into triangles and stacked up to make the most of the space at the bottom of the wardrobe. By making the triangle box the same depth as the cupboard you can store each pair of shoes in one triangle – one shoe behind the other. This allows you to find the shoes you want at a glance – time saving as well as money-saving! It also means you can grow your collection by simple making another box whenever you buy a new pair of shoes and adding it to the stack. And don’t forget that the spaces in between the boxes are storage space too!ladder shoe storage diy ideas

2. DIY shoe ladder from Design Sponge

Even if you’ve not got much space in your hallway or bedroom, you can probably still fit a narrow ladder against the wall. This DIY ladder has slightly deeper rungs so has the depth for a pair of shoes. If you’re storing shoes for the whole family, this ladder lends itself to having kids shoes at the top and bigger pairs of shoes can sit nearer the bottom of the ladder where there’s more space for them to overlap the rungs between the ladder and the wall. And don’t forget that space underneath the bottom rung of the ladder – that’s valuable floor storage space too!


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Tuesday Shoesday – Dreaming of summer holidays & espadrilles

On this surprisingly sunny Tuesday in March I’ve started to feel rather summery. Over the weekend the official First Day of Spring arrived in the form of the Spring Equinox – the day when there was finally as much daylight as there was night! So from this moment onwards the days will now start getting lighter and brighter and (hopefully) the weather will start getting warmer. With that in mind, and with sunlight pouring in through my window, I’ve been inspired to start looking at summer footwear trends and get an idea of the kind of shoes I’d like to invest in this year.tuesday shoesday espadrilles summer fashion

images from All For Fashion Design

My favourite summer shoe is the espadrille. It’s a classic ‘holiday’ footwear and slipping on a pair of these sandals always puts me in the mood for strolling along the beach with an ice-cream. You could say that they are a ‘timeless’ fashion item. And you’d be right. In fact, they are so timeless that they’ve been around for hundreds – maybe thousands – of years. Apparently a 4000 year-old pair of espadrilles can be found in the Archaeological Museum of Granada, can you believe it?tuesday shoesday summer shoes espadrilles

images from Houseappeal blog

A lot has changed over the years in terms of comfort and design, but the essence of the original espadrilles can still be found in footwear being created today. It’s the rope soles that dictate whether an espadrille is truly an espadrille and became popular because the natural material of the soles would mould to the wearer’s feet over time. Even though we now have the much more comfortable options of rubber or leather soles these days, the jute rope is still a feature of every pair of espadrilles in production.

paulie clothing espadrille shoes summer casual footwear tuesday shoesday

Traditional flat espadrilles with embroidered suede uppers can be found at Paulie

Personally, I love how the design of espadrilles has progressed over the years. We are no longer limited to the flat-shoe option – although this is great for wearing with cropped trousers for holiday sight-seeing – and there are plenty of wedge-heeled options out there. A small wedge shows off that rope effect nicely, while a super-high wedge like this pair from Paulie are ideal for strutting your stuff on summery nights out. When it comes to the design of the upper, anything goes; strappy sandals, patterned fabric, embroidered designs or sparkling beading all look great on a pair of espadrilles.paulie clothing espadrille shoes summer casual footwear tuesday shoesday wedge heelsJust one pair of espadrilles would be all you’d need for the whole summer to see you through holidays, days in the park and strolls along the great British promenade. I’m definitely planning to find the perfect pair this year so I’ll be sure to keep you updated with my new purchases! What do you think of espadrilles? Do you already own a pair of trusty espadrilles that go on holiday with you every year? Or will you be investing in a pair for Summer 2016? Let me know by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @Cassiefairy.


Tuesday Shoesday – What shoes to wear with the cropped denim trend

Cropped jeans are everywhere right now. And it’s no surprise really. They’re ideal for those Spring days when it’s too chilly for a skirt or shorts but sunny enough that you want to show some skin. So are just perfect at this time of year. But how on earth do you wear this kind of length? I remember wearing a lot of cropped trousers around the turn of the century (that sounds soooo historical – but I mean the 2000s not the 1900s!) and I’m not sure I got away with it back then.cropped denim spring fashion trend shoes tuesday shoesday inspiration from trilogy stores sandals

One brand who’ve nailed the cropped denim S/S16 look is Trilogy Stores

Okay, ‘youngsters’ tend to get away with fashion trends more and back in the 00s I was definitely a ‘youth’. Even so, it wasn’t the best look on 5ft 2inch me. So I’m not sure that I’m any more likely to look good in the cropped denim trend now, after adding 16 years and no additional height. Which is why I wanted to take a look at footwear that would suit the trend and perhaps find a way of wearing a cropped length that doesn’t make me look too stumpy or ‘try-hard’. Here’s what I came up with:cropped denim spring fashion trend tuesday shoesday inspiration from trilogy stores

I think I prefer cropped denim with ankle boots Trilogy stores.

Ankle boots are definitely an important part of getting this look just right. They are the footwear of choice on colder days when you don’t want to match the stonewashed blue shade of your jeans to your chilly blue toes. You can keep warm with some cosy socks underneath those funky boot and, if they’re high enough, even tuck the cropped trousers into the top of the boots to lock the warmth in. Okay, that probably defeats the idea of wearing cropped jeans, but at least you’ve got that option when the wind starts whipping around your ankles. Boots keep the look practical with a sensible heel height and you can stride through puddles with a ‘lets get on with it’ sense of abandon. Bonus fashion points are earned by flashing a slither of skin between the top of the boot and the bottom of the cropped denim. This shows that you actually ARE doing the cropped trend and that the-cold-never-bothered-you-anyway.cropped denim spring fashion trend heels court shoes tuesday shoesday inspiration from trilogy stores

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Tuesday Shoesday – Oscars 2016: Get the look for less

Each year it gets harder and harder to pick out the hottest shoe trends at the Oscars. Why? Because of all the floor-lengths gowns, of course! Those award-winning actresses are doing a grand job of picking out the perfect pair of shoes to complement their outfit and then hiding them away underneath their drag-along-the-floor dress. Next year, could we all pleeeeease embrace the 60s miniskirt look instead? That would make my job much easier, thanks!

oscars 2016 silver shoes louis vuitton dressAlicia Vikander in a custom Louis Vuitton gown. REX Shutterstock.

Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know that I HAVE been able to find some glamorous glimpses of footwear on the red carpet. So today I wanted to share with you some of the lookalike versions of these very glitzy heels, so you can get the look for less yourself at much more purse-friendly prices.silver shoes asos oscars 2016 lookalike heelsThe first pair that caught my eye was worn by award winner Alicia Vikander who sported a pair of metallic silver sandals with a clear block heel on the red carpet. She later scooped the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Danish Girl so I bet she was thrilled to be wearing a princess-style Beauty And The Beast-esque gown and matching silver accessories while the whole of Hollywood watched. The metallic lookalike shoes I found for this look are from ASOS (currently half price at only £19) and will be a wardrobe staple this year. Strappy metallic shoes were spotted time-and-again on the red carpet – Rachel McAdams wore a similar pair below – so are definitely a solid trend for eveningwear in 2016.rachel mcadams oscars 2016 silver shoes green dress

Rachel McAdams also wore a similar pair of strappy silver heels at the 2016 Oscars. Rex Shutterstock

Kerry Washington popped a cheeky foot out of her daring leather Atelier Versace gown as she posed on the red carpet. I guess she wanted to show off those classy Gianvito Rossi heels, and who wouldn’t want to? They are the kind of shoes that would go with any outfit so would be a good investment for special occasions. Of course, there are ways to get a pair at a lower price – shop on the high street!

2016 kerry-washington-in-atelier-versaceKerry Washington in Atelier Versace with Gianvito Rossi pumps. Rex Shutterstock

I found these timeless black court shoes in New Look for just £17.99 and I think that the suede finish and supportive strap (missing from Kerry’s red carpet look – she must have been hobbling a lot!) are just the thing for wearing to special events. Even though they are a classic style, that doesn’t mean they’re boring shoes – these heels cover just the toes and expose a lot of skin, so they’re a rather slinky option too!new look shoes oscars 2016 black trendAnother actress who proved really helpful in my search for shoes was Lily Cole. This good ol’ gal picked a dress with a shorter hem at the front so there are tons of photos of her feet out there on the internet. These strappy gold sandals contrast with her silver Vivienne Westwood dress, whichwas actually made from recycled plastic bottles. Loving the idea of sustainable fashion like this on the red carpet – go for it Lily!

lily cole oscars 2016 silver dress gold shoesLily Cole in Vivienne Westwood. Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It’s been rather hard to find a similar pair of gold-leaf heels on the high street but when I turned to the internet I found plenty. There were actually TOO MANY pairs of glitzy gold shoes to choose from but I finally decided to pick this pair. My dupes for this look are from ASOS at £25 and are ideal for recreating that gold-shoes-and-silver-dress look for yourself. I think these shoes would be good ‘wedding guest’ heels for the summer as well as for nights out.asos gold shoes strappy heels oscars trend 2016

What do you think of the lookalike shoes that I found this year? I love checking out the red carpet looks from the Oscars because it usually gives a great insight into what trends will be hot during the coming year. Which looks will you be recreating at home yourself during 2016? Let me know by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me photos of your Oscar lookalike shoes to @Cassiefairy.

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