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4 living room layouts that make the most of your space

The difficulty with moving house is finding space for all your existing furniture. It’s likely that your rooms will be a different size and shape from your previous home and that may affect what pieces you can and can’t bring with you to the new location. When I move house I’m pretty sure that my trusty old sofa won’t fit into the layout of the new living room, but I’m intrigued to know just what would work. I’ve been doing some research into living room layouts to try to make the most of awkward spaces and I thought I would share my findings with you.

Image source: Blomma London. Creating a ‘false wall’ effect with a sofa.

Long, open-plan rooms

When you’ve got a space that needs to be used for a variety of purposes, it’s a good idea to use furniture to create ‘zones’ within the room. Placing a sofa across the room can act as a wall, dividing the living area from a dining space, for example. In long rooms or open plan homes, where you have to walk through the room to get to the hallway or kitchen, this also creates a natural corridor space along the side of the room. Keeping this area clear of furniture will accentuate the zones you’ve created in the room.

Image source: The perfect layout for conversations.

Rooms with a central window or fireplace Continue reading “4 living room layouts that make the most of your space” »

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DIY Christmas decor – Candy cane chair project

This month I’ve been busier than an elf in Santas workshop – yes, I’ve been DIYing lots of festive projects ready to share with you on the blog this December. And what better way to kick off the celebrations than with the ultimate festive makeover: a candy cane I bought this retro chair from a second-hand furniture shop for just £2 I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it. I don’t really have space for another chair, but I knew that it was too much of a bargain to pass up. So I handed over my cash and spent the next five minutes trying to manoeuvre the chair into my teeny tiny car.

Needless to say, the chair sat in my garage for a couple of months before I decided what should be done with it. And during that time we inched closer and closer to Christmas. I began feeling more and more festive, and soon the thought came to me – I was going to make a candy cane chair.

But where do you start when you want to turn an old dining chair into Santa’s favourite seat? Well, with primer of course! A roll of masking tape and couple of coats of red spray paint later, my Christmas chair was complete. Okay, maybe it wasn’t as quick as that but it was easy enough to do – the only thing that took a bit of time was waiting for the paint to dry between coats.

Luckily, I captured the whole process on my camera and I’ve made this little DIY video to show you exactly how to do it for yourself at home. Have a quick watch below or open the video in YouTube to leave me a comment or a thumbs up. And please give me a subscribe while you’re there – I know there’s not many videos on my Cassiefairy channel yet but I promise there will be more crafty DIY videos coming soon, honest!

What do you think of my candy cane chair design? Will you be giving any of your furniture a festive makeover this winter? Let me know if you’ve made any OTT decorations yourself by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me with photos of your xmas décor @Cassiefairy.

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A low-cost way to decorate your walls for autumn

Today’s blog is a quick and easy decor update that can make your home feel really autumnal in a matter of minutes. And you don’t need to spend loads of money on new soft furnishings, or hours crafting a garland, or days painting your walls to add a touch of autumn colour to your home. My idea for a speedy interiors update is adding art to your walls to completely change the feeling of your space in no time.posterlounge_autumn-2In particular, I’m talking about a more budget version of art – using posters. Sure you blu-tacked up posters to your bedroom walls in your teenage years but have you ever used them since? After browsing online and finding plenty of sensational artworks in bold autumn hues, I’ve become a fan of the humble poster. And they’re really great value for money too. How else can you update your home decor in such a striking way with a very little budget?posterlounge_autumn-4 Of course, you can frame up posters and elevate their status to true artwork, but you could also simply stick them up in your office with washitape and get the same effect. I really love the moon-phase design below, this would be the perfect addition to my bedroom to bring a touch of warmth into the room for autumn. And when the season is over, you can roll the posters up, pop them back in their delivery tube and switch over to a new fresh design for spring. Poster tubes take up hardly any space and your favourite design will be ready for you to re-hang again the following autumn. Sounds good, doesn’t it?posterlounge_autumn-5For autumn, I’ve been really drawn towards gold, copper and brass touches and have picked out the designs for this blog post as my suggestions for autumn 2016. I tend to lean towards a monochrome palette at all times of year, with bursts of colour to reflect the season. I love gold for autumn and I think it works well into winter too as we fill our homes with glittering gold decorations. And, of course, woodland scenes like this artwork below evoke a lovely autumnal feeling without feeling twee. posterlounge_autumn-3 Continue reading “A low-cost way to decorate your walls for autumn” »

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My favourite interior trends – textured seating

You can’t open an interiors magazine or browse through Houzz without being bombarded with beautiful images of touchable textures, and I’m not just talking about soft furnishings. Yes, the texture trend has made the leap over to homewares and furniture too. My favourite of all being the textured seating that I’ve been seeing everywhere. Who wants a chair made of string? I do!interior-design-trend-decor-textured-chairs-mid-century-modern-string-outdoor-indoor-chair-8I think it’s the lounging nature of these chairs that I find so appealing. These chairs are not for sitting at a desk to get work done, nor are they for pulling out at a dining table for dinner. They’re low, they’re comfortable and they’re sold in single units. Yes, from all this evidence, I can confirm that textured chairs like this are solely for chilling out in. They say ‘grab a book and snuggle up’ to me. And I’m happy to do so.

The thing with these textured chairs is that the woven rattan (or cane, or string) is just begging to be made cosy with squishy cushions, knitted blankets and fluffy throws. But, surprisingly enough, these soft furnishings aren’t strictly required to create a cosy corner. The smooth shapes of these chairs are already comfortable enough for lounging. They’re big enough to put your feet up. And the deep low seats enclose you when you sit down so, once you’re there, it’s hard to prise yourself back up again.

There’s one type of textured chair that I’ve had my eye on for ages – the string chair. I’ve seen it time and again, made in rope, metal and plastic – each more comfortable than the next. The mid-century modern ‘egg’ shape wraps around you and is much more comfortable than it looks. Being ‘suspended’ like that gives you a feeling of weightlessness, as every part of your body is supported. You’re sat back at an angle, so there’s no chance of doing any work or watching the TV. You just have to lie back and enjoy having a rest.

The other great thing about textured seats is that they blur the lines between indoor and outdoor furniture. They’re definitely not outdoor seats like the old plastic chairs we used to have in the garden. But the materials they’re made from mean that they can go outside too. So on sunny days why not take your textured seat out to the garden and enjoy lounging in the fresh air? Even so, when they’re in your home, it doesn’t look like you’re camping indoors with garden furniture. No, it just looks like you’ve got a classy design centrepiece in your living room.

I finally decided on a grey string chair from Cox & Cox as the newest addition to my home. It’s inspired by the 1950s Acapulco chairs and I think that the mid-century style fits in perfectly with my teak-filled home. The strings are actually made from plastic – imagine a washing line and you’ve got it! It’s a big chair (more like an armchair than a chair) but it’s an eye-catching design so I don’t really mind how much space it takes up in my home.

I’ve piled on a blanket and cushion and now the chair is my cats’ favourite spot. They actually fight over who gets to sleep on it. My husband and I haven’t had much of a chance to sit on it ourselves. Essentially, we’ve got the poshest cat bed ever!

What do you think of the interior design trend for textured seating? Would you embrace woven textures in your home? Or do you think these chairs should only be used outdoors? Let me know your ideas in the comments below or tweet me @Cassiefairy to chat more.


Thrifty bedroom décor ideas

Sometimes decorating a home can seem like such a large project, and with a worryingly large budget required too! But there are so many ways you can add a personal touch and your style to a room without spending an arm and a leg. How you choose to design your home is purely down to personal taste, what works best for you and what you like most. So it need not cost a lot to put your own ‘stamp’ on a room, it just needs to reflect your personality and be filled with things you love, and not just ‘like’. Out of all of the rooms in the home, your bedroom is the one where you can really make it personal (because not many people actually see your bedroom!) so you can do pretty much anything you like with the décor, creating the perfect room for you to wind down and relax without having to worry about anything. Here are a few tips on how you can put your stamp on your bedroom without having to worry about cost:Dream a little dream bedroom makeover project - bedside lights from BHS-6

My DIY wallpaper using old books

When deciding on what you want to add to your bedroom to create a bold, thrifty and personal style, there are a few things you need to consider. You need to decide on what you need in your bedroom for practicality as well as comfort, for example, if you’re somebody who loves to read, you may want a small shelf dedicated fully to your classic book collection. Or if you’re more of a fashionista an old dress makers’ mannequin would look beautiful positioned in the corner of the room and would be a great place to drape your scarves or jewellery. Personal style is key in any bedroom design, as it is the one place you need to be able to feel comfortable, relaxed and content.winter interior design - cosy autumn bedroom styling idea inspiration festive-3

I created a cosy winter bedroom last year with lots of cushions

For adding extra character and personality to your bedroom, simple yet bold changes can really make a large impact. Headboards are a really good way of creating a bold statement without having to change much about your bedroom at all. You can find headboards in all kinds of colours, materials and sizes for really good prices too. Changing other elements of your bed – such as bedding design or cushion colours – is always a low cost-way of making a big impact, as it’s the main focus part in any bedroom. Your bed needs to look inviting and cosy for you to be able to snuggle up and relax, and there are a few fun ways in which you can create this kind of atmosphere. Statement cushions nicely arranged on your bed will always make it look inviting – the only trouble is that it might be SO cosy that you’ll want to spend more time in bed! Go for colours that suit your personality, and even beautiful patterns can work really well. Even if a headboard isn’t for you, cushions can make just as much of an impact and really make your room look stylish and chic.interior design - cosy autumn winter bedroom styling idea inspiration festive Continue reading “Thrifty bedroom décor ideas” »

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How to turn a basic kitchen into a luxury space

A luxury kitchen equals expensive, right? And there’s no way that you’re going to spend all your hard-earned cash on a kitchen when you’ve got other rooms in your new home to decorate, yes? Well that’s what I always thought, and when you’re working to a strict budget it can be hard to imagine a kitchen with anything other than the basics. True, you only really need a sink, some cupboards and worktops to create a perfectly livable kitchen, but why not add a bit of style too? Especially if you can do it for a bargain price!kitchen-design-inspiration-wooden-cabinets-painted-unitsWith the right pre-planning and a little bit of effort you can create a luxurious-feeling space at a fraction of the cost. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house; a place where great food is prepared, a place for entertaining friends and somewhere for the family to gather and relax at the end of a hard day. So I think that creating a kitchen that is both functional and comfortable is important. Not only will adding a few design features to your kitchen add value to your home but you’ll also enjoy living there so much more. So let’s start with the basics:

Kitchen Layout

A popular layout is the L-shaped kitchen. It’s great when you’re lacking in space (in a small apartment, for example) because it opens out the kitchen into the living area and makes you feel less ‘hemmed-in’ to a small U-shaped kitchen. The L-shape makes it easier to include a dining area within your kitchen – either against the non-kitchen wall or between the kitchen and the living area if you’re living in an open plan space. It also maximises the floor space for families and couples to cook together without getting into each other’s way.white-kitchen-design-inspiration-L-shape-islandIf the kitchen is in a separate room but is on the small side, you could take down the dividing wall (depending on the structure of the building and planning permission, of course!) which creates an open-plan space. Combining the L-shaped kitchen with an island can create a great space for entertaining, whilst keeping the cooking area contained. Providing a seating and eating area on the island creates a social hub for the whole family to gather round, along with extra storage in the island units.L-shaped-kitchen-design-layout-inspiration-small-spaceIf you need more work space, this is where a U-shaped kitchen comes into its own; this type of design can maximise the cabinet and worktop space in the room without compromising on design or style. U-shaped kitchen designs usually have the extra worktop space to tuck integrated appliances underneath, which is great for keeping a uniform style. Then again, if you choose a cool or retro style, then standalone appliances can be used to provide a touch of colour or design feature to the

Material Choice Continue reading “How to turn a basic kitchen into a luxury space” »

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Interior design inspiration ~ The rustic trend

At this time of year, as the seasons change from hot summer to cool autumn, I really get the urge to snuggle down at home and feather my nest, getting ready for the cold winter ahead. I start thinking about hot drinks, casseroles and blankets, and the design inspirations that I’m continuously pinning on Pinterest shift towards warmer colours, natural textures and tonal pallettes. I don’t know what it is about autumn that makes me want to surround myself with wood and wool, but it has at least influence this interior design trend blog post, so that can only be a good thing! Today I’m looking a rustic and natural interiors and have shared some of my favourite pins too.

Rustic homes possess a charming coarseness that is growing ever more popular and (like me at this time of year!) are chiefly influenced by nature. The style is inspired by French, English and Swedish country looks and is undeniably rugged – full of texture and natural materials. This trend incorporates sun-washed shades and muted tones reminiscent of earth and wood, and if you want to create your own rustic hide-away, here are some ideas to help you:

Walls – Walls should appear textured. Rough, bare stone and wood both help to enhance rustic décor, bringing the outdoors inside. Plaster walls should be painted. Roll the paint on lightly and unevenly to create an aged look and feel. Traditional hunting lodges – the absolute epitome of rustic style – traditionally feature animal hide rugs and wall mountings, so if you really want to go the whole hog, mount faux animal heads, or search your local antique store for the real thing. As you’ve probably already seen from my recent bathroom makeover blog posts, I’ve been adding more wood into by using cheap shuttering to clad my bathroom and I’ve been white-washing floors and walls for a neutral finish.

 image 1 / image 2

Floor – Your floor should be timber or stone for a natural, earthy feel. I’ve glued cheap wood to my bathroom floor to create a rustic beach-hut inspired look, which feels warmer underfoot than tiles or vinyl. If you want to soften the space in a bedroom to make it a little cosier, pick up some woven rugs from a second-hand shop or have a go at making your own. Use vivid contrasting colours or pattern to really highlight the patina of wooden floorboards and furniture.

Colour Scheme – A rustic colour scheme should be natural and earthy so look for tones of dark slate, warm tan, brown, green, watery blues, and grey. To make the room feel warmer and look brighter incorporate caramel tones and shades of cream, which I chose to do in my own bedroom. This palette should be used for all furnishings – and any walls which are not stone or wood should be painted a light colour, with perhaps one accent wall in a shade taken from your colour scheme.

Wood Burner – A wood-burner instantly adds a rustic look to a living room, and can save you a lot of money on your heating bills in winter. During the colder months, your home will feel warm and cosy, and the firelight will lend a rich reddish shade to your wooden features. I would love to have a woodburner, but at the moment the old fireplace is still boarded up, so in the meantime I’ve added an iron fire surround on the fireplace wall to give the impression of a rustic fireplace.


Décor – In a rustic-style home, the key element should be wood, so absolutely fill your space with wooden furnishings. If you know someone who’s good at DIY, save money by buying some logs and having them transformed into tables or seating. Pine is probably the best timber to use for your décor, stained with a mid to dark tone to really enhance the rustic beauty of your home. The rustic look should be layered through with rough timber accessories, fur or woollen fabrics, and soft lighting evocative of the cosy feeling of firelight playing on the walls should be used.

image 1 / image 2

You can add a further interesting twist with metal worked furniture. Try having metal seats at a wooden table, softened with cushions which match the rest of your colour palette. The materials work together to enhance the wood in the rest of your home, and their deviation really draws the eye, making them fantastic centre pieces. Make sure that the metal is a subtle tone, as the neutral shades will complement each other and provide a harmonious feel to the space.


Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside ~ Thrifty & eco-friendly bathroom accessories

After finishing the storage wall in our bathroom and laying a wooden floor, this week has been all about painting more coats of whitewash on the wood (it just keeps soaking in!), and having a look around for some fab accessories to compliment the new beach-hut-esque look of the bathroom.

We started the project with good intentions to reuse what we already have (because the sink and toilet are absolutely fine) and to recycle discarded materials, and we are now starting to see how it IS possible to create a thrifty bathroom makeover that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. So far we’ve spent £11 on a huge pot of white paint, have needed to buy a few wooden batons to support the cupboard structure (about £5) and some hinges for the cabinet doors (£1.99). We already had some grab adhesive in the shed, but even factoring this into the price at £4 per tube and we are still looking at under £30 to get to this stage.

I’m especially proud of the free wood that we found in a skip and even though it looked terrible with a crusty concrete tidemark on the sides, it was quite satisfying to get to work scraping off the concrete, wire brushing off the debris and sanding the wood down to end up with a useable material that would have otherwise cost us about £100 for the same stuff. Considering we were looking at cheap stick-on vinyl flooring that would have cost £70 alone, I am rather chuffed with this!

So after a very thrifty, upcycling start, I wanted to be sure that any accessories that we brought into the bathroom were equally purse-friendly with good eco-credentials. Although it’s not the most exciting of topics, I knew we needed a new toilet because our old plastic blue one had clearly seen better days. I actually intended to keep it and make do – okay it was a bit wobbly and slightly dangerous but I’d lived with it so far… That was until I spotted a rather lovely (?!) loo seat on the John Lewis website. Of course, the first thing that caught my eye was that it was in the clearance section = bargain! The second feature was the natural woodgrain which would look great with the shelf above the toilet so I clicked through to read the description. I’m pleased to tell you that this toilet seat has excellent eco credentials! Yes, it’s made from rubberwood, which is a by-product of the latex industry. So rather than any of the tree going to waste, the wood has been used to create my loo seat!

eco friendly rubberwood toilet seat-2

Of course, after adding this to my shopping basket, I went for a little look around the website and found a couple of other items that I liked; firstly I spotted a striped guest towel that I thought would add a nautical vibe to the room. Secondly, and more importantly, I found myself needing this bath bridge. I’ve always wanted one, ever since watching the Darling Buds of May and seeing Ma & Pop Larkin having their dinner on a tray across the bath. I also thought it would be a good idea to stop my book getting wet while reading in the bath (the rack has a book stand) and it’s somewhere for me to put my glass of wine (also has a glass-holder slot, yay!). But of course, I wouldn’t get something just because I wanted it – it needed to be an earth-friendly product and luckily this one is just that. It’s made from bamboo which is a fast-growing, rapidly replenishing material, which is both lightweight and strong, so it’s an excellent alternative to wood and will fit in perfectly with my beach design. While I was there, I picked up this striped towel in seaside shades from a great range of patterned towels at John Lewis. It’s really lifted the room and links in with the colours on the photowall.

eco friendly bamboo bath bridge shelf_ eco friendly bamboo bath bridge shelf_-2

And finally, this week I picked up a striped beach hut cabinet at the carboot sale for just £1 and although I’m not sure where in the bathroom it will end up, at the moment it’s on the window sill, holding our toothbrushes and keeping them out of the reach of our cats (who love to rub against a bristly brush!). I was adamant that I didn’t want a load of cheesy seaside nick-nacks in the bathroom but at such a low price I had to give in and I actually think it’s quite classy with the dark blue stripe.

beath hut cupboard trifted from a car boot sale beath hut cupboard trifted from a car boot sale-2

I’m sure there will be more additions to come this week as the bathroom is still very much a work-in-progress so check back soon for more bathroom decorating ideas 🙂


Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside ~ building the beach hut

After installing a massive photowall in the bathroom last month, I’ve had an urge to ‘makeover’ the room, taking inspiration from costal homes. I’ve shared my moodboard so that you can get an idea of how I’d like the bathroom to turn out and have been pinning like crazy to my bathroom ideas board on Pinterest. One of the common design elements of these inspirational images has been wood and I love the idea of turning my bathroom into the interior of a beach hut.

As you can see, the floor needed to be updated and the cheap vinyl tiles that have been gracing the bathroom floor since the house was built had to go. So after visiting a few DIY stores and looking at the off-the-peg flooring options available, hubby and I decided that none of them were quite right for the bathroom. Vinyl ‘planks’ of self-adhesive tiles with wood-grain effect came in a great range of colours but looked rather plasticy and laminate flooring probably wouldn’t last very long with all the splashing that goes on in our bathroom! So a real wood floor seemed to be the only option, but boy was it expensive! So that idea went out of the window too.

Interestingly enough a house nearby had been having a new path laid and a quick peek into their skip showed us that they’d been using shuttering to make a frame for the poured concrete. Having spotted this waste wood, hubby and I quickly measured up the bathroom and realised that our tiny floor space could actually be covered using this shuttering so we asked permission to use the wood and dragged it home.

It’s a pressure-treated timber so it should be fine for our water-resistant flooring needs and the width of the planks was very similar to that of a beach hut floor. Hubby is really good with a saw and took all the measurements before working out which pieces could be slotted in where – like a giant jigsaw puzzle on the floor. My job was cleaning up the wood so that it was usable, which meant scraping off all the concrete tidemarks on the wood, using a wire brush to get rid of any dust and mud, and then sanding down the wood to make it smooth enough for bare feet to walk on. Okay, this took quite a bit of time and I was very grateful to have the use of an electric sander but at least we were able to save the wood from landfill!

After using a grab adhesive to ‘glue’ the floor down, hubby planed down any raised parts of the planks (yes, I had a go at planing and I was not good at it!) and I gave it a second sanding on any rough areas using sandpaper and elbow grease. I’ve still not decided on the finish of the floor; whether to white-wash it for that true beach hut look or whether to varnish the natural wood, which is already a pale limed colour after scraping the concrete off. At the moment it’ll stay as it is until the rest of the woodwork is finished.

We had some wood left-over so we’ve decided to build a false wall and create some storage behind the wood cladding. As you can see from these photos my husband is a dab-hand with a screwdriver and he create this storage cabinet behind the loo in order to hide all the exposed pipes, while still giving access to the service handles and cistern. He incorporated shelves within the false wall which practically doubled the amount of storage space we have! This is accessed by two cupboard doors which hubby made using a wide plank of pressure treated wood that we had left over from our garden project this summer. Again, I was on sanding duty and I really came into my own when I was needed to hold things in place!

We went for a white-wash effect for the wall, as it seemed a little imposing in the wood and the larger planks of wood were a slightly darker shade so this make the effect look more uniform. I’ve painted on three coats of the white wash and so far the wood is just soaking it up so it’s not quite the shade of white that the finished wall will be but it’s getting there. By the way, the hole a the bottom of the wall is for the cats’ litter tray so that they too can go to the bathroom in privacy! The next job is to build a small cabinet beneath the sink and get to work on painting or varnishing the floor so please come back soon to check on our progress.


Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside… Design inspiration for a coastal bathroom makeover

Over the school summer holidays I made a start on my bathroom makeover. As you may have already read on my blog, I’ve been inspired to create a Hollister-esque sea-view theme in the smallest room in the house, with the aim of making it appear bigger. So far I have pasted a large-scale coastal photograph over the entire bathroom wall (which took a lot of choosing, believe me!) and the perspective of the image lends an added depth to the room. Now my attention has turned to the rest of the bathroom, and I can’t believe I never noticed just how shabby it is!

Here are some photos of the bathroom in its current state – please ignore the tools! We’ve bee measuring up and making plans this week and I can’t wait to get stared on improving this tatty room. Okay, I’ve actually lived in worse bathrooms, and I have just been pleased to have a bathroom which is clean, isn’t mouldy (I’ve already sorted out that problem!) and the paint isn’t flaking off the walls. But now that I’ve made a start with the photowall, I want to add a little extra design flair to other parts of the room even though I’m on a super-tight budget.

I really like the built-in cupboards using rustic wood (image from House to Home) and this white wood panelling reminds me of a beach hut (image from John Lewis). I would like to combine these two ideas to clad the wall behind the toilet with white-washed wood. This will cover the exposed pipes and unsightly plastic cistern, and the depth of the false ‘wall’ will provide space for much-needed storage with internal shelves hidden behind the wooden façade. I really want to create the feeling of being inside a beach hut, looking out at the sea – so a wooden floor is a must! I’ve been pinning away on my bathroom decorating board so please check it out on Pinterest to get a good idea of the look I’m trying to achieve on a tight budget.

trend moodboard for a beach hut inspired coastal bathroom

It need not cost a lot of money to make over this small space – as long as I can get hold of some second-hand wood (maybe pallets?) and a tub of paint, I am confident that my husband’s wood-working skills and my slap-it-on-and-see decorating technique will make our bathroom much more appealing. I enjoy searching out a bargain using second-hand websites such as Exchange and Mart in order to find low-cost DIY and household items so I’m hoping to find much of what I need for the makeover there. If I keep an eye on the website, I might even be able to find a new bath panel and taps, which would be great!

I’ve created a moodboard using ‘Scandi’ and ‘Maison’ trend images from John Lewis to keep us on track with the ‘look’ for the bathroom and have included some products that have made my shopping wish list, including essentials such as the natural wood toilet seat and a porthole style bathroom light. I couldn’t resist adding a couple of luxury items to my shopping list, including new towels (love this ‘Stardust’ striped range!) and a bath tray. This item is actually what’s keeping me going with the bathroom project; the thought of relaxing in my bath with a glass of wine on my bath bridge tray and a good book is what’s urging me on to finish the makeover soon!

I will be hunting out the raw materials for the makeover ASAP and will post an update of progress soon, so stay tuned 🙂

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