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Pieday Friday – Sweet Potato Pasta with Alfredo Sauce 

Today’s recipe is from the newly released book ‘Eat With Intention’ by Cassandra Bodzak. This is not just a recipe book,but it’s also a practical course in quieting your mind, fueling your body, loving yourself, and changing your life for the better. Alongside the recipes there’s reminders to take care of yourself, and little meditation suggestions for everyday calm. This sweet potato pasta dish is just one example of the healthy yet fulfilling recipes in the book, and it’s quickly becoming one of my go-to recipe books for dinner (and puddings too!). But don’t just take my word for it – you can win a copy of the book for yourself! Scroll down to enter the giveaway below.sweet-potato-pastaSometimes we get so fixed on an idea of something that we close ourselves off from the infinite amount of possibilities for how it could manifest in our lives. I encourage you to think about something you deeply desire right now and strip it down to its basic core, releasing all of its trappings. When we are clear about what we truly desire, we open the door to unexpected opportunities and keep our eyes open for them along the way. Expand your options and expect miracles. Talk about an unexpected way to get your cravings met! If you have been craving the warm, filling, creamy decadence of fettuccine Alfredo without the dairy and gluten, then this is the recipe for you.

Feeling It Meditation

Sit in easy pose with your hands over your heart, eyes closed, breathing in through your nose and out your mouth. Allow yourself to fill up from your heart radiating outward with the feelings of your desire fulfilled. Release any specific images that may come up and return to your heart and tune in to the feeling that is enveloping you around having what you truly desire. Sit in this feeling for the next 3 minutes. When time is up, take a deep breath in and silently say to yourself, “I release my attachment to what it looks like and I welcome in unexpected ways for it to manifest.” Exhale and relax.

Yield: 2 servings

Ingredients: 15-ounce (425 g) can cannellini beans, drained and rinsed,15-ounce (425 g) can chickpeas, drained and rinsed, ½ cup (120 ml) unsweetened almond milk, 7 tablespoons (105 g) nutritional yeast, 3 tablespoons (45 ml) extra-virgin olive oil, 2 tablespoons (30 g) Dijon mustard, 1 tablespoon (14 g) vegan butter, 1 tablespoon (15 ml) garlic powder, 1 tablespoon (15 ml) salt, plus extra to taste, ½ teaspoon ground turmeric, 2 tablespoons (30 ml) extra-virgin olive oil, 2 sweet potatoes, skinned and spiralized, Chopped walnuts, to garnish, Chopped parsley, to garnish

  1. To make the sauce, combine all the sauce ingredients in a food processor and pulse until thick and creamy. Season with salt to taste.
  1. Heat the olive oil in a medium saucepan and sauté the sweet potato “noodles” for
    5 minutes, until softened. Add the sauce to the saucepan and cook for 2 to 3 minutes, until heated through. Garnish with the walnuts and parsley, and serve. (Alternatively, heat the sauce in a separate saucepan and ladle it over a plate of noodles.)

9781631062360Recipe and images extracted from Eat with Intention by Cassandra Bodzak, photography by Evi Abeler. Published by Race Point Publishing (£14.99). More information on the book can be found here.

And if you would like to win a copy of “Eat with Intention” please enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. There are plenty of ways you can earn entries into this giveaway, so best of luck!

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Giveaway open to UK residents only. Giveaway runs from 18th -30th November 2016. One winner will be chosen at random after this date and contacted via email.

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Hands up – Who is a fan of the Great British Bake Off?

Unlike other TV competitions like Strictly Come Dancing and The Great British Sewing Bee, which I have followed from the very first episode, I was a bit late to the GBBO party. Yes, I admit it. I only started watching Bake Off three seasons ago. And that’s quite late in the day really. In 2013 I had no idea who Paul Hollywood was, and only had a passing knowledge of the queen of the kitchen Mary Berry. I hadn’t heard of a technical challenge and my only knowledge of the contestants was that one of them once took something out of the fridge. And that’s just because I heard it reported on the radio. I’m ashamed to say that I was not a Bake Off fan. But in summer 2014 that all changed because I went to Blogstock.Step by step recipe for GBBO schichttorte-9There I met lots of lovely bloggers and over the course of a (rather giddy, popcorn-filled, coffee-fuelled) weekend, we got to chatting about what projects we were each working on. My new friends told me about #GBBO. No, not the bake off itself, but the Great Blogger Bake Off. It was a weekly challenge to recreate the recipes from the ‘actual’ Bake Off in our own kitchens, and you KNOW how much I love a blog challenge! Having still not watched a single episode, I actually had to tweet my blogging pals to find out what the theme was that particular week so that I could get started. It was biscuit week, and chocolate chip cookies was the first recipe I baked to take part in the Great Blogger Bake Off.
Apple StrudelIt was so much fun, I loved being part of the Blogger Bake Off community and it was good to have a focus to my recipe articles for the summer. After that first attempt, I simply had to watch GBBO every Wednesday in order to find out what the theme was, and I diligently cooked along with the contestants every single week. I made an apple strudel for European week, I baked a blackberry tart with home-picked blackberries for pastry week, a giant donut for advanced dough week and apple crumble two-ways for pudding week.Apple Crumble Two WaysI even attempted the most famous technical challenge of all; the schichttorte. I completely surprised myself as this recipe turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever made in my kitchen. It probably helped that I was following the instructions to the letter, whereas I usually mess around with recipes to make them my own. Layer by layer my schichttorte took shape, and an hour of careful cooking later I had something that looked almost exactly like the one on the Great British Bake Off. Even though it turns out that I don’t like the flavour of schichttorte (it’s just like pancakes but without the lemon and sugar!) at least I found out that I CAN make it, woo!Step by step recipe for GBBO schichttorte-5

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Black sesame seed ice cream + free recipe ebook!

Today’s post is a fantastic original recipe by Omo and Eulanda from award-winning travel and food blog Hey Dip Your Toes In. I first met these guys at the UK Blog Awards, where they scooped the award for Best Food & Drink blog, and they have very kindly agreed to share a guest post with you today while I’m lounging around on my holiday! This ice cream recipe is like nothing I’ve ever seen before – it’s a black sesame seed ice cream, which is also gluten & (partly) dairy free. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?!black sesame seed ice creamOriginally a South East Asian recipe, Eulanda and Omo have adapted this ice cream to suit their allergy requirements, packed it full of good-for-you ingredients and have replaced sugar with a dash of honey instead. The colour of the ice cream may seem unusual to you and it looks a little bit like it might be a savoury flavour, but it’s definitely a sweet recipe. The vanilla, coconut and honey make sure of that! With summer in full swing,  it is a great time to indulge in something creamy and cool, and this recipe ticks the boxes on so many levels including taste, nutrition and presentation.  The HDYTI couple says that they had missed ice cream for so long with their pesky food allergies, but now ice cream can be back on the menu thanks to this tasty recipe.Recipe-ebook-summerThe black sesame seed recipe was originally featured in Eulanda and Omo’s Book of Yummy, which is available to download as an ebook, so be sure to check that out. Their top tip for making this recipe is “good things often come to those who are patient. Make the most of it, and start your recipe prep on a Friday night, and enjoy the fruits of your labour later on Saturday evening!”

Useful equipment: An ice cream maker is helpful but it is also possible to make this recipe without a machine, although may not achieve the familiar ‘ice cream’ texture. You will also find that a thermometer will be useful to measure temperature at some point during the process.Recipe-ebook-summer ice cream black sesame seeds and lemon

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Pieday Friday – ‘Broth’ & ‘Simply Ramen’ cookbook review

Two very similar, yet very different cookbooks. One eager food blogger. A whole weekend of reading, Post-Iting and note-taking. Equals today’s Pieday Friday blog post. Yes, I’m reviewing a couple of freshly published cookbooks, both focusing on the wetter side of cooking – Broth and Simply Ramen.broth and ramen cook book review pieday friday cooking recipe ideas-7I don’t know why, but it seems like the right time of year to be cooking up this kind of meal. The dishes in these cookbooks are much lighter than the stews and casseroles I’ve been slow-cooking all winter, yet they’re still warming meals that help you feel cosy on rainy April days as you cup your hands around a steaming bowl of soup. I’ve definitely been inspired to whip up a few bowls of something hot and wet over the past couple of weeks so I thought that the time is right to share these books with you all.broth and ramen cook book review pieday friday cooking recipe ideas-14 broth and ramen cook book review pieday friday cooking recipe ideas-10broth and ramen cook book review pieday friday cooking recipe ideas-17First up is BrothIt’s a very reassuring – almost old-fashioned – publication that shares the very basics of broth-making, and how to turn these stocks into delicious and filling soups, stews and main meals. Using simple methods and easily accessible fresh ingredients the authors Vicki Edgson and Heather Thomas whip batches of base broths, and share lots of ideas for different meals that can be created from one stock. Take, for example, the basic chicken broth; this can be turned into a classic chicken noodle soup, an Italian Stracciatella, a simmering risotto, Asian hot and sour soups, or even a chilled gazpacho. It makes all that boiling seem worthwhile when you can make so many dishes from that one base stock.broth and ramen cook book review pieday friday cooking recipe ideas-12 broth and ramen cook book review pieday friday cooking recipe ideas-8 broth and ramen cook book review pieday friday cooking recipe ideas-13 broth and ramen cook book review pieday friday cooking recipe ideas-9I’ve picked out some of my favourite recipes from this cookbook to share with you today so please feel free to download the PDFs for each recipe (kindly supplied by the publisher Jacqui Small) and try out the cookbook for yourself. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Broth is just a soup cookbook. There’s a whole chapter on stews, sautés and casseroles including pot roasts, side dishes, risottos, pasta meals and braised meats. Is was here that I found my favourite tagine recipe that I plan to slow-cook this weekend, so it’s a great source of inspiration for all types of meals.

PDF Recipe – Broth – Game Broth_

PDF Recipe – Broth – Aegean Fish Soup

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Pieday Friday – Mediterranean chicken & bean stew

I wasn’t sure what to call this recipe when I rusted it up for the family earlier this week. As we tucked into our Mediterranean dish – and mopped up the tomato sauce with our homemade garlic bread – some recipe name suggestions were thrown about. We couldn’t decide if it was Spanish, Italian or something else, whether the beans made it a cassoulet, or whether the slow-cooked chicken created a casserole. Can we just call it a surprise stew? In the end, I decided to name it ‘Mediterranean chicken and bean stew’ as that seemed to sum up most of the flavours and ingredients well.mediterranean italian chicken and bean stew recipe cooking slow cooker casserole-2mediterranean italian chicken and bean stew recipe cooking ingredients-2The plan was to create a Mediterranean-inspired recipe and I think the lovely fresh ingredients in this dish create a rather ‘eat-al-fresco-under-the-olive-trees’ result. I’ve use chicken, tomatoes, peppers, olive oil, basil, olives, garlic and beans in this recipe so I was hoping that this combination of flavours would result in something that tasted rather Mediterranean, even if I didn’t quite know what that was when I started to cook! Thankfully, it turned out really well and after a second-helping (some of us even had thirds) we were all really rather stuffed, and very happy. A siesta seemed to be calling us…mediterranean italian chicken and bean stew recipe cooking slow cooker casserole-5italian chicken and bean stew recipe cooking ingredientsIngredients (serves 4): 1 cup of beans (about 300 g – I used red kidney beans, borlotti beans, black-eyed beans, green beans, leftover baked-beans and sweetcorn but you could throw in any other kinds of beans you have in the store-cupboard and even chickpeas or a handful of lentils), 8 chicken thighs, 1 red onion, 300g fresh tomatoes or one tin of chopped tomatoes, 200g button mushrooms, 2 peppers, 1 tablespoon of tomato paste, 2 cloves of garlic or 1 teaspoon of garlic paste, handful of basil or a tablespoon of mixed dried herbs, olive oil, 1 litre chicken stock, salt and pepper.mediterranean italian chicken and bean stew recipe cooking casserolemediterranean italian chicken and bean stew recipe cooking flavours-2 Continue reading “Pieday Friday – Mediterranean chicken & bean stew” »


Pieday Friday – Warming oxtail soup recipe for autumn

This week the weather started to feel decidedly autumnal. We’ve had a couple of very cold mornings – I can’t quite say frosty… yet! – and the leaves have been dropping in the garden. I’ve been craving more hot meals and, in particular, soups at lunchtime. We cooked up a tasty chicken soup last week using the roast-dinner leftovers and this week I picked up a marked-down oxtail portion at the supermarket and set my mind to making something I’ve never tried before; a beefy oxtail soup.Pieday Friday Autumn Oxtail Soup Recipe-9Without any prior knowledge of how to cook oxtail at all I turned to Jamie Oliver for help. I found an oxtail stew recipe on his website and, even though it wasn’t the soup recipe I needed, I guessed that all the ingredients he used would create the best flavour combination with the oxtail. I therefore gathered together most of the ingredients, including thyme and rosemary from the herb garden, tomatoes picked from the greenhouse, carrots freshly dug up from the veggie patch and the onions we’d harvested a few weeks previously and dried out in the sun. I set to work turning the ingredients into a soup recipe, with a few additions of my own, and here’s what I came up with:Pieday Friday Autumn vegetables from the herb garden and veggie patch-2Pieday Friday Autumn Oxtail Soup RecipePieday Friday Autumn vegetables from the herb garden and veggie patchIngredients (serves 4): 750g oxtail, olive oil, 1 white onion, 1 red onion, 2 celery stalks, 2 carrots, a bouquet garnis made from thyme, rosemary and sage, 1 tablespoon of plain flour, 300g chopped tomatoes, 200ml IPA beer, 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce.

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Pieday Friday ~ Afternoon tea scones

To celebrate a special birthday in my family last week I did a spot of baking to create a lovely homemade afternoon tea. As it was mum’s birthday, I decided to make her favourite treat cheese scones and some yummy fruit scones to enjoy with jam and cream. The recipe that I’ve used was for 8 scones, but I found that each batch of dough only made 7 scones – but that could be because I like my scones to be nice and thick! I guess the size of the cutter you’re using will make a difference too, and I had a 3-inch cookie cutter to press out my scones. Here’s the two recipes I followed for the two types of scone:

Ingredients for cheese scones: 175g self raising flour, half a teaspoon of mustard powder, 25g margarine, 75g grated mature cheese, 1 medium egg, 2 tablespoons of milk, pinch of salt and pepper. Mix the four and seasonings before rubbing in the margarine and stirring in the cheese. Mix into a dough using the egg and milk (reserve a little for glazing the top) then roll out on a floured surface and cut out rounds with a cookie cutter. Place onto a greased baking tray and brush with the egg and milk mixture and sprinkle on a little more cheese. Bake at 220º for 15 minutes until golden brown.

Easy recipe for baking cheese, fruit and cherry scones

Ingredients for fruit scones: 225g self raising flour, 50g margarine, 25g caster sugar, 50g currants and glacé cherries, 1 egg beaten with milk to make 150ml liquid, pinch of salt. Mix flour and salt before rubbing in margarine. Stir in the sugar and fruit then mix into a soft dough with the egg and milk mixture, reserving a little for glazing the top. Roll out the dough to 1/2 inch thick and cut out the scones. Brush the remaining egg mixture onto the scones and bake on a greased baking tray at 220ºC for 10/15 minutes until golden.

We enjoyed our afternoon tea in the caravan (I’ve mentioned in a blog post last week how this is the best place to eat when I have a few guests visiting at once) and I served it up on my new melamine ‘Festival’ plates from The Caravan Trail which were suitably celebratory with their pretty bunting pattern. Mum enjoyed her birthday afternoon tea and we were all full-to-the-brim with tea and scones in no time at all!


Pieday Friday ~ Tasty lemon muffins

I tend to do less baking in the summer. I can’t think of any particular reason why – maybe it’s having a hot oven on in an already hot kitchen that puts me off. But I thought I’d have a go at making some lovely tasty muffins with a refreshing lemon zing – which would taste delicious with a scoop of ice-cream! There is a surprise melting centre of lemon curd hidden in the middle of the muffins too!

Ingredients: 100g butter, 250g self-raising flour, 100g golden caster sugar, 2 eggs, 125ml low-fat natural yoghurt, 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda, 2 tablespoons of milk, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, lemon curd.

Mix all the dry ingredients together. Melt the butter and once cooled, whisk in the eggs, yoghurt, milk and lemon juice.  Stir into the dry mixture then spoon into muffin cases and add a teaspoon of lemon curd to the centre of the mixture before baking in the oven at 200C for 20 minutes until well risen and golden.

pieday friday baking cake recipe fruity banana muffins


Cassiefairys free pieday friday recipe book blurb ebook


Pieday Friday ~ Make your own BBQ burgers at home

At this time of year there’s nothing better than food cooked outdoors on a barbecue. This week I tried something that I never have before – making my own burgers from scratch. The result was some very tasty burgers at a fraction of the price of the gourmet burgers you can buy in the supermarkets.

Ingredients: Minced beef (or lamb if you prefer), tomato puree, garlic puree, sliced olives, an egg yolk, dried herbs, salt and pepper.

pieday friday bbq flavoured olive burgers recipe

I thoroughly combined all the ingredients and shaped the flavoured mince-meat into nice chunky burger patties. I cooked them in the oven to start with (to make sure that the centres were cooked, seeing as they are so thick!) and then finished them off on the BBQ. Serve with a lovely salad and sliced cheese in a lovely soft bun. Is there really anything better?? 


Pieday Friday ~ the tastiest chicken recipe ever

I had a few chicken thighs, drumsticks and wings in the freezer and I had no idea what to do with them to turn them into a tasty dinner. Other than roasting them, I was fresh out of ideas. So I asked hubby to work his magic with a bit of a marinade (he’s such a pro at this!) and he turned them into the tastiest basted chicken I’ve ever eaten. Here’s what he put into the sauce and it was a simple as brushing it onto the meat regularly while it cooked in the oven.

Pieday Friday Marinated BBQ Chicken Sauce Recipe

Give it a try for yourself – I think it would make an excellent marinade for your summer BBQ meat too! Let me know how you get on 😀

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