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Suffolk’s “social media stars” – and I’m on the list!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when a friend tweeted me recently to tell me that I was in the local press. I had no idea! Within a couple of minutes I was on the newspaper’s website and was reading through the article.

Thankfully it was for good reasons – I’d been included in a list of “Suffolk’s social media stars”! This must be what it feels like to be Beyonce 😉 Along with 8 fantastic bloggers and instagrammers (many of whom I know and actually follow myself!) my little blog was included in this ‘top 9’ list.  Continue reading “Suffolk’s “social media stars” – and I’m on the list!” »

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Top 5 inspirational Instagrammers

Here’s a helpful guest post by Victoria from Apartment Number 4, while I’m taking a little break. I hope this’ll help you to discover some new accounts to follow on Instagram and provide an endless source of photographic inspiration. And don’t forget to follow Victoria’s gorgeous Instagram account too @victoria_aptno4 – Enjoy!victoria apartment number 4 instagram feed inspirational bloggerAlthough it’s still a toss-up between Pinterest and Instagram as my favourite social media tool to use, I definitely think Insta’s becoming a daily source of inspiration for me. From gorgeous interiors, to the perfect mirror selfie, there are so many ‘grammers killing it right now with their themed feeds. Today I wanted to share five stylish women who inspire me with their perfectly shot Insta’ feeds. Pictured below is pastel beauty Alyssa Garrison of Random Acts of Pastel. Without being massively “girly” in day-to-day life, I’m still a huge fan of anything pink, especially in interiors. This Instagrammer manages to capture those bright candy moments perfectly. I need those lip prints along her staircase! Every time I see a Random Act of Pastel picture, it always manages to brighten my morning up. You can follow Alyssa over at @RandomActsOfPastel.instagrammers inspirational photosI know some people have strong views about Instagram losing it’s original feel of “shot this with my phone and uploaded it within 30 seconds” reality, but I’m all about aesthetics so couldn’t care less if someone is just showing me the best part of their life. I do exactly the same. Why would I show my bin overflowing and the crap beans and toast I had for dinner? I want to show the pretty mint lamp I just bought, styled perfectly in a place where it’s actually not going to stay because it’s not practical in real life! instagram inspirational photography

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The 12 Days OFF Christmas – Tiny gift

As you can probably guess, I’m taking some time off over Christmas so I thought I would share a few festive photos from my Instagram account during this time :)  Hope you’re having a great Christmas!

World’s cutest Christmas gift! I wonder what it is..?! x

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Give personal gifts this Chirstmas

If you have a digital camera—whether it’s your smart phone or your DSLR—chances are you have a lot of wonderful photos of the people you love. And if you do there’s a good chance that those photos haven’t seen the light of day since you first took them or posted them to Facebook or Instagram. So imagine if those photos were gathered together and printed in a personalised book – Wouldn’t it be the most thoughtful gift ever? And with Blurb’s easy, custom books, you can make a photo gift book that’s both personal and extremely polished. 

You can use your Facebook photos, Instagram photos, or photos on your computer to document a “year in the life” or even a whole lifetimes-worth of images. You can design your own book template, or have it automagically created with Blurb’s Designer Collection templates which I used to created my Pieday Friday recipe book (below). It was super-easy to use and all these ddesign tools run right in your web browser, letting you make a book in as little as ten minutes! A real book. One you can hold, share, show off (as I did with my cookbook!) and pass on. Plus it’s so easily customised that you can create different versions for different people. Just add in a few new photos, change the text, and re-order the prints to make a book on your nephew suitable for Grandma too. If you’re looking to make something a little bigger, like a family history book Blurb has ways to do that too and the templates will help your project come to life.

Cassiefairys free pieday friday recipe book blurb ebook cookbook
Even though you can order up until December 19, ordering early is always better (and a bit cheaper too).So if you want to get started on making a beautiful gift book make sure you use this thrifty code I’ve found to get a huge 30% off  ” SAVE30 “

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