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Bedroom progress – a retro-style bed & snuggly new duvet

Today I wanted to update you on our bedroom decorating project and share a quick review of my new duvet. You may remember that I’ve been waiting for my bed to be delivered and it has finally arrived! I spent the weekend with a screwdriver in my hand, assembling my new bed. What do you think of it?

It’s a Hygena bed and we got it from Argos using a 20% discount code so I’m really chuffed that we could get such a well-designed retro-style bed at an absolutely bargain price. I chose the frame after selecting my new mattress from eve, because everyone knows that the mattress is what makes the bed, and not the other way around!I’d been sleeping on my eve mattress on the floor and it was already super-comfortable, but adding it to the frame created a whole new level of comfort. Just FYI, one of the main things that I enjoy about my eve mattress is that my husband can flip over in the night and I feel no movement whatsoever on my side of the bed. I don’t know what the science is behind this, but the memory foam keeps me perfectly still while he moves around. I’ve never had such a peaceful night’s sleep!Anyway, seeing as I was so happy with the mattress, eve seemed to be the natural choice when it came to buying a new duvet too. My old duvet was a double size, so it didn’t fit our kingsize mattress and I wanted to feel super-cosy in my new bedroom. After committing a few years to my limp old duvet (how long are they supposed to last? Is it gross that I’ve used the same duvet for years?!) it was time to upgrade.

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Why a new bedroom deserves a new mattress

There’s one thing that people tend to overlook when they’re remodelling their home but it’s also one of the most important pieces of kit in the house. Sure, you want a lovely power-shower plumbed in and brand new flooring fitted. Yes, you’ve had a new oven professionally installed and you’re carpets are freshly laid. But when the time comes to move into your newly renovated home, you’re probably going to take all your old furniture with you (and so you should!) but that might include your old mattress and that’s where I come in.I’m currently doing up my new house and one of the items on my ‘must-get’ list was a new mattress. Alongside a list of tiles, radiators and a new kitchen sink was a mattress. It may seem odd to you that I’ve prioritised this ‘luxury’ item when I still have plumbing to do and new doors to install but honestly my bed is SO important to me that it easily made the list.A bad night’s sleep ruins the following day for me and considering that I spend 8 hours of my day in it, I want it to be comfortable. I often struggle when staying away from home; a night in a hotel might be fun for most people but the mattresses tend to be hit and miss. It’s the same with pillows. My dodgy whiplash neck can be easily upset by sleeping on the wrong type of pillow. And I’m no fun to be around when I haven’t slept well…

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Dream a little dream… of a great night sleep

Today is the end of my month-long challenge to improve the quality of my sleep. Hopefully you’ll have already read all about my sleep challenge and how it got me thinking about making some changes to my bedroom decor. If you’re interested to read up on all of my past articles the links are below 🙂

First I dealt with the amount of light that was coming into the room and disrupting our sleep by installing blackout blinds. These blinds also has thermal qualities so kept the warmth in the room and improved the condensation issue I wrote about last month.

I then decided to decorate my bedroom to create a ‘sanctuary’ and I used old books to wallpaper my walls – here’s the inspiration moodboard and another post about the finished room.

Bedroom makeover DIY new hotel 400 thread count white sheets sleep challenge

As the focus of the bedroom, the bed got a massive makeover, with a mattress topper which was a soft as sleeping on a cloud, memory foam pillows that protected and improved my dodgy whip-lashed neck, and lovely crisp new white hotel-esque bedding.

I also followed 30 excellent tips from Dunelm on the practical things you can do to get a better night’s sleep. Alongside the improvements that I made to my bed and environment, t he best ideas were banning technology from the bedroom and taking time to unwind for a while before bed. Here are their final tips for improving sleep:

  1. Try relaxing scents like Lavender or Peppermint to help calm you down before bed, try burning scented candles to help you relax in the bath before you go to bed. Don’t forget to blow them out!
  2. Increase the amount of natural light that you are exposed to during the day, this will keep you awake and alert and make the night time difference more effective
  3. Practice breathing through your nose, rather than your mouth. It reduces snoring and allows you to take deeper breaths
  4. Take a test to establish your sleep profile so that you can identify what might help you sleep more soundly:
  5. If you haven’t fallen asleep after 30 minutes, try reading a real book under low light until you start to feel tired again

Bedroom makeover DIY new hotel chelsea white sheets sleep challenge christmas decorations

So how did I get on? Has my sleep been significantly improved? I can confidently say yes! The room feels cosier, darker and warmer so is more a relaxing environment to sleep in. The bed itself is considerably more comforable now that I am sleeping on top of a soft mattress topper and uing memory foam pillows, and the bedding makes it a delight to slip into bed every night. Over the years, both my husband and I have struggled with getting to sleep but the tips I’ve been following have been very useful and we will continue to follow these relaxation tips to wind-down and maintain a calm bedtime routine.

I am very glad to have taken part in the sleep challenge and (with the exception of Christmas Eve when I always struggle to get to sleep because Santa is coming!) I am confident that I will continue to enjoy a great night’s sleep from now on!

I am pleased to tell you all that I have been entered into the National Blog awards! It would absolutely make my whole Christmas if you would stop by the voting site and choose – and as an extra treat, you’ll receive a FREE Blogging Ebook just for casting your vote :) Please use this link to vote for me in the lifestyle and fashion categories (the blog awards site is working on-and-off at the moment because there are so many people trying to vote, so if it doesn’t work straight away, please pop back later!) Thanks so much, you’re the best! :D


Dream a little dream ~ A complete blackout

Earlier this week I mentioned that I’m getting involved in a sleep challenge – sound’s like the best challenge ever, doesn’t it?! Well I started by putting up roman blinds in the bedroom which had a blackout lining with the aim of seeing whether this improved my sleep at all.

dunelm 30 days of sleep challenge roman blackout blinds

First of all I was really pleased that the blinds did actually blackout the windows, so early morning light doesn’t diffuse into the room at all and therefore doesn’t disturb our sleep. I don’t even need curtains anymore, but I have put some up anyway to look pretty – it was rather bare without the curtains and resulted in that airy, echoey atmoshpere you get when you’ve only just moved in to a house. And a bonus result of putting up the blinds is that we no longer get terrible condensation on the windows! After my massive rant last week (see the blog post here) I’ve found the solution; simply put up blackout blinds! I think that the blinds must have a thermal quality (which was not my first consideration when choosing them) but they certainly insulate the windows and stop the horrid condensation – we now only get about 1 inch of misting at the very bottom of the window, which must be where the hot air is sneaking under the blinds. If I take more care to roll them all the way down in the evenings, I think this will completely solve the condensation problem hurrah!

Here are some more of Dunelm’s top tips for better sleep that I’ll be following this month:

  1. Lie in bed and do some stretching before you try to sleep it will help calm you down and regulate your breathing.
  2. Wind down with a warm (not hot) bath before bed to help your body reach its perfect resting temperature.
  3. Stop night time worries by writing your next day’s to-do list before you go to bed, this should stop you from running through everything while you are trying to drift off.
  4. Experts say that mattresses should be replaced every 7-8 years. If you’re struggling to get comfortable then it might be time to invest in a new mattress.

Dunelm mattress topper for sleep challenge

So the next step in the sleep challenge is to sort out the bed. I quite like my current mattress and certainly sleep better on my own bed than anywhere else (why is that always the case?) but I’m willing to admit that it could be improved and I’ve tried out this Dunelm mattress topper. I’ve always fancied having one of those memory-foam mattress toppers ever since watching TV infomercials selling them back in the Noughties. At the time, the price was too prohibitive and as they have reduced in price over the years, I’ve kind of gone off the idea. I think a mattress topper would roll up at the corners or create uncomfortable creases underneath my sleeping body. It can’t possibly stay flat and in the right place with all of the wriggling around I do at night. There was a time when I was a student that I didn’t have a mattress at all and just slept on layers of duvets and the above happened every day so I wasn’t too keen to repeat that! However, I’ve decided on a quilted rebound mattress topper instead, mostly because it has straps that attach it to the mattress which will hopefully minimise the movement problem! Also, it’s still a lot cheaper than all of the memory foam options out there so if I can get the same result of a better nights sleep without excessive cost, I’m happy! I will let you know how I get on 🙂

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