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Where to find bedding in mid-century colours

Hurrah! We finally have some new bedding for our new bedroom. After weeks spent stripping off wallpaper, days painting layers and layers of while emulsion to cover up bright peach walls, and even more hours spent laying beautiful laminate flooring, I think it was about time that we got a little reward for all our hard work. And what do you want when you’ve just turned a room into a perfect white cube? Colour, that’s what! Looking back over my last few home blog posts, I think you can tell the direction in which I’m heading with my interior decor. In fact, it’s no secret that I love mid-century modern design – I’ve had teak furniture and geometric patterns in my home for years. But this time, I’m taking the OTT garishness down a touch. I’m pairing simple white walls with natural textures, so that my mid-century design pieces really stand out and take centre stage. The bedroom is no exception. Where we previously had an eye-catching DIY feature wall made from the pages of old books, I’ve now decided that the bed itself should be the feature in the room. I’ve bought a sleek Hygena bed from Argos (which will take another month to arrive) and it’s undeniably mid-century in design. So I already had this in mind when it came to choosing some new bedding.

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My retro living room – lovely autumnal fruit bowl

It’s raining. It’s cold. The mornings are dark. And there is condensation on my windows. Yes, I think I can officially claim that it is autumn. I know I’ve been banging on about the season for the past couple of weeks, but I’ve not really been feeling it, because it’s still been sunny and warm outside. However, it is definitely jacket-weather now, so for me, autumn has begun in Cassiefairyland.

cassiefairys retro midcentury living room design - wooden fruit bowl with autumn oranges and yankee candle

Hubby and I recently picked up a wooden fruit bowl from a carboot sale. We thought it was retro-chic and would look great in our mid-century style living room. It’s smoothly carved and therefore very pleasing to touch and is the perfect teak colour to match the rest of our slightly garish furniture. I’ve filled it with lovely oranges and peaches, and now it’s looking decidedly autumnal on our sideboard with a ‘matching’ orange candle that we received as an anniversary gift. This is fast becoming be one of my favourite pieces in our retro living room, it’s practical and useful, but beautifully made and really rather cool. Compared to our usual ‘ugly’ or ‘garish’ choices, it’s really quite pretty and can be admired by fans of modern and country interiors alike. I’m especially pleased because hubby didn’t spend more than a couple of quid on it, and I love a bargain!

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My retro living room ~ adding a little sunshine for autumn

Just a quick photo today of the lovely bunch of sunflowers that hubby brought home for us this weekend. These bright yellow sunflower heads bring a much-needed injection of sunshine into our retro living room for autumn now that the weather is turning grey.

cassiefairys retro living room - autumn sunflower heads in hornsea vase

The flowers are arranged in our chunky Hornsea storage tub which has lost its lid and has been upcycled into a vase 🙂

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