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Map Geek – Make it personal with romantic maps

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll already know what a geek I am when it comes to maps. Old, new and anything inbetween – maps are intriguing, enticing and informative. I’m the kind of person who wanders over to information maps on footpaths or in city centres and looks like a total tourist, but really I’m just interested in the map itself. Why is it here? What’s nearby? Any special information? Someone has taken the time to make that map and put it there, so surely there’s a reason that’s worth investigating. So it probably comes as no surprise that I also love to have maps in my own home too, and that’s where Mapify comes in. Read on to find out more about my Valentine’s map and how you can win your very own personalised map created just for you by Mapify in my giveaway – and there’s THREE prizes to be won!Thankfully, my husband is equally interested in maps, so when there’s an museum exhibit of old relief maps in the Lake District, or an exhibition of Max Gill’s famous street maps at The Lettering Arts Centre we are first in the queue to see it. I guess we’re well suited to each other, eh? So what better gift could I get for my husband this Valentine’s Day than a personalised map? Well, I’m pleased to say that it IS possible to create your own map of any location throughout the whole world, and have a fantastic quality print on your wall in a matter of days. Mapify is the serviceI used to make this special gift, and here’s how I did it.

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What’s in YOUR handbag – Llinos from Whispers of Wellness blog

Last week I shared the contents of my handbag with you all. It was quite a personal blog post because I think handbags are a rather secretive place where any number of odds and ends can be stashed. In fact, they are sometimes a very messy place that you wouldn’t want anyone else rummaging through – I’m pretty sure that I edited out a lot of receipts, empty sweet wrappers and 2ps from the bottom of my bag before I photographed it! Anyway, a lot of you were kind enough to get in touch to let me know that you enjoyed having a nosy inside my handbag and one lovely reader got in touch with her own handbag story.
Llinos from fab blog Whispers of Wellness sent me a photo of the contents of her handbag and told me all about what she carries and why, and here it is:
whats in my handbag
“I love my purse, I got it with a gift card in Debenhams.  The hedgehog is so cute! I’ve got a little angel charm on it too.  Then a pen, brush, tissues and paracetamol as essentials or emergency items.  My keyring is a lemur toy which was a gift, he is easy to find when I rummage in my bag for my car key! My perfume is Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine, and my lipstick is Bare Minerals ‘Feel the Love’.  A spritz and a dash of them are essential for a midday freshen up.”
As you saw from my handbag snaps last week, I too carry lots of ’emergency’ items including safety pins and mini screwdriver! It’s very interesting to see Llinos’ keyring too- I didn’t think to include my keys in my handbag blog post, but actually keys can be just as personal as the contents of the handbag itself. My caravan key has a cheeky ‘nice bottom’ keyring so I rarely take that one out of the house with me in case anyone spots it! My normal keys have a photo-keyring of my friends and I on a night out during our uni days and a small piece of wood painted in duck-egg blue that my brother made into a keyring for me so that I would always be able to ‘touch wood’ when the occasion arose!
Please check out Llinos’ blog at it’s a very interesting read by such a lovely author! And if you too would like to share the contents of your handbag please send your photos to – it would be great to hear from you 🙂

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Hen Party Series ~ Making it personal

If you’ve been following my fun hen party series, you’ll know that we have been spoiled-rotten with lots of lovely articles from my fellow bloggers, sharing ideas for party themes (check out the links below!) and how to plan the perfect hen do. In her past articles for this series, Claire from Lacey in Places  shared her top tips for planning a hen party (read the article here) and very kindly shared her downloadable budget spreadsheet and invitation templates! Plus we’ve had articles on his ‘n’ hers hen and stag parties, costume ideas and much more! If you’re planning a hen party for your friend, are going to a hen night or even want to get ideas for your own party have a read  back over the previous articles in the hen party series – you’ll be sure to get lots of good ideas – but for today, we’re discussing how you can personalise the big night for your bride!

The bride will only ever have one hen party in her life, so you certainly want to make it the most personal party that you can for her to remember for a lifetime. Did you see Claire’s blog post in this hen party series that shared how she personalised her best friend Becky’s hen party and made it an especially vintage affair, full of Becky’s favourite things. Claire and the other hens crafted some unique decorations and organised activities that fitted in with the theme. I think it’s lovely to take the time to make personalised items for the hen party and the bride will know that you’ve gone to a lot of extra effort to make the party personal to her.

hen party series cassiefairy lifestyle blog hen party superstore t shirts and sashes

So now is the time to consider personalising items for the big night out. T-shirts and sashes are classic hen party uniform and creating a personalised outfit will ensure that everyone knows that the hens are part of one big group and highlights the bride from the rest of the group – especially good to make sure that the bride gets all the attention (and free drinks!). If you’re looking for a professional company to print your hen party t-shirts, there are a few companies out there such as the Hen Party Superstore who will do it all for you, to make sure you get a seamless look and take all the hassle out of organising different t-shirt sizes, colours and names etc for all the hens (which can take up a lot of your time if you’re organising a big hen party!). It can also be a lot cheaper than you might think to get your tops and sashes professionally printed, because even the lowest-priced high street t-shirts can actually cost more than a diamanté-printed top! And what would you rather have for your best pal’s big night?! Plus you can get freebies, such as a hen party planner, games and nickname ideas when you order from this hen party specialist, so it’s well worth checking it out!

I know that if I were planning my own hen night all over again, I’d be going the whole hog with customized t-shirts, bridal tutu, personalised sashes and all the fabulous, cheesy accessories that really make a hen party memorable! I think that the trends for hen parties has gone full circle – so that things that might have gone ‘out of fashion’ over the last few years, has now become kitsch and cool, so I would be snapping up all the pink, glitzy diamante accessories and feather boas! Let me know what you think and leave me a comment below about how you celebrated your own or your friend’s hen party! 🙂

Make sure you come back next week for another crafty article by Claire from Lacey in Places, all about the personalised present that she and the hens made for Becky’s vintage hen party – Here’s a sneaky peek below!

diy personalised craft gift book scrapbook for the bride at hen party

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