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DIY Neon sign for parties & weddings

I’ve made my first ever neon sign. It’s going to take pride of place in my office in a few months time but I couldn’t wait for all the decorating to be done before showing you the project. It took just a couple of hours, a can of bright pink spray paint and a length of EL wire to create this unique sign. So simple, but really effective. The full step-by-step guide to making the neon sign can be found in my blog post for Make It Yours. It may look complicated, but it’s actually a really simple process that involves some easy drilling and a spot of hot-gluing. I got my EL wire from Ebay, but it’s also available on Amazon and in craft stores. It came with a battery pack and the glowing neon is powered by a couple of AA batteries. The wire has three settings – flash, quick flash and steady on. And if you’re not a fan of pink don’t worry, it also comes in blue, purple, green, red and yellow, so your sign could be any – or all – of the above colours.In fact, I think it’s such a simple enough process that I could happily knock up a sign like this for any occasion. How about a ‘just married’ sign for weddings, a ‘Ho Ho Ho’ for Christmas, a huge glowing ‘2018’ for New Year’s Eve or a ‘#girlboss’ sign for your office? If you can think up a phrase, you can make it in neon! The sign I made works great as a candy station for a wedding, anniversary party, hen do, birthday party or even for the upcoming Valentine’s day. Give it a try – I bet you’ll impress yourself with your neon-sign-making skills!

I’m kind of addicted to this technique now – I want to make all kinds of signs in neon and I can already imagine my Halloween decor! But this isn’t the only DIY guide I’ve shared on the Make It Yours website – check out my profile and have a look at my other projects including snowy window decorations, a festive chair, how to distress furniture and a vintage bike makeover. There’s plenty more coming over the next few months so keep an eye on the website for more easy, thrifty and colourful projects during the Spring.


Inspirational quotes to get you through January – and the rest of the year!

January feels really long this year, why is that? Even though it’s not been particularly cold or especially dark this year, I’ve still felt like January has been a bit ‘meh’. Nothing bad has happened, I’ve not had a tough month, it’s just a bit… hmm. It’s at this time of year that I start to look around for inspiration, and if you follow me on Pinterest you might have noticed that the number of quotes I pin in January is seriously higher compared to the rest of the year. I love finding new inspiration in this way and I’ve decided that I want to keep good ideas at the forefront of my mind this year, so it’s time to treat myself to some lovely artworks that will improve my life.caterpillar into butterfly inspirational motivational happiness quote

Beautiful framed quote from my favourite Etsy shop I Heart The Home (just £10!)

I’m not exaggerating! Inspirational quotes, gorgeously designed and lovingly crafted, improve my home by adding a focal point to my wall or sideboard, making my surroundings more beautiful. Kind words in a pretty frame hanging where I can see them will give me a daily dose of happiness and put a smile on my face each day. Meaningful quotes pinned to my moodboard or propped up on my desk will keep me motivated in my work and focussed on my goals. Finding, choosing and displaying lovely words around my home is a win-win situation. So I’ve been browsing online to find some fabulous quotes that I love and I wanted to share these with you today this happy Monday morning.embroidery hoop art disney quoteAs Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney films, I love this embroidered quote. At first glance it doesn’t seem like a Disney quote and many people wouldn’t recognise it as being Disney at all so it’s not overly girly. Take the words out of the song and the words are meaningful in themselves. When you’re living day-to-day, you probably forget to plan for adventures and this quote bring the idea to the forefront. I also enjoy the craftmanship of this delicately embroidered piece – check out this crafter’s Etsy shop Honey Lemon more for fabulous embroidered designs. I’d love to craft something like this myself so it’s already inspired me to learn new hand-stitching techniques so make a ‘matching’ design to add to my gallery of quotes. Plus, the words make me start singing the rousing song in my head, so that’s great news!motivational quote pencils for work desk Continue reading “Inspirational quotes to get you through January – and the rest of the year!” »


Make It Happen – Inspiration from Katie Piper

I got off to a really slow start today. It started out just like any other day: I got up and made the bed as usual, ate my overnight oats for breakfast, put a truck-load of effort into my morning workout and watched a couple of motivational business videos on YouTube before heading towards my laptop to begin my working day. I briefly popped my head back into the bedroom and that’s where it all went wrong. Both of my cats were curled up on the bed looking fluffy, warm and content. The bed was perfectly made and laden with cushions and the cats had left ‘my side’ free, just willing me to get back into bed. I sat down for a moment to give the sleeping furries a stroke and within a couple of minutes I’d slipped back under the duvet. Now I’m pretty sure that’s not the best way to achieve my goals but it sure felt good to skive for a few minutes!make it happen goals write for funAfter realising it was bin-day and dragging myself up again to put the bins out, I decided to get motivated, avoid the bedroom and crack on with my day. I’ve found that the best way to achieve this is my sitting at my desk and reading through motivational articles from inspiring women such as US business and marketing guru Marie Forleo and my personal hero Katie Piper. While searching for advice online to give me some much-needed oomph I came across a piece of research recently published by Post-it Brand on ‘the secret to happiness’ as part of their #MakeItHappen campaign and was I surprised by the results.

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Silent Sunday – Quote from Dr Seuss

We are celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary this week so I’m enjoying a lifetime of mutual weirdness with my wonderful hubby 😀

mutural weirdness forever dr seuss

Mutual Weirdness via Cassiefairy on Pinterest

And congratulations to my fab friend Jemzifairy who tied the knot yesterday! Well done you two 🙂

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