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A cosy & authentic 1957 Alpine Sprite caravan restoration project

Today I want to share some lovely photos of my friend Lisa’s caravan with you. It’s a 1957 Sprite, very similar to my little vintage caravan, but even older! Here are plenty of before and after photos of the project for you to enjoy.Lisa and I first got chatting when she asked me about where I bought the trims for my caravan windows, and plenty of geeky trailer-chat ensued as we discussed our projects.Lisa has already put months of work into renovating her Sprite caravan, stripping it back to the bare metal before rebuilding the interior.The dark wood cupboards have been freshened up with a coat of bright white paint and new mosaic tiles have been fitted to create a practical kitchen area. Continue reading “A cosy & authentic 1957 Alpine Sprite caravan restoration project” »

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5 things to think about when planning a loft conversion

Creating that much-needed extra space in your home can be achieved by creating a brand new room out in your unappreciated attic. Whether you live in an old Victorian semi-detached or a mid-terrace home; a loft conversion could be your next step in home improvement. I definitely want to convert my own attic in the future and so I’ve been doing my research in order to plan ahead. I’ve found a few useful tips on how to plan for a loft extension (and what not to do!) so I thought I would share these with you today. 

Minimalist style and a wall of storage – what more do you need?

An additional room in your home could be necessary for an endless number of reasons. You could create a new, cosy bedroom for the youngest family member. You might want to take your DIY hobbies into your own little indoor workspace. You can opt for some cool lighting, your favourite interior colours and patterns, windows that let the sunshine in throughout the day, built-in wardrobes and so on..!

The main thing to consider when dreaming up a loft conversion project is budget – planning and estimating what kind of loft conversion your building will allow for. As new additional rooms can only be done properly by professionals; it’s important to work with a company that you really click with and who understands what you want to achieve.

Escape to the loft to work in your own home office

After finding the loft conversion company you want to work with, there will be some rules and limits on how you can add this exciting new room to your house. Before jumping into paying a deposit to any designer, architect or a building company make sure you read the specific loft conversion regulations that apply to your property. You don’t want to end up having to pay for something you might not be eligible to get after all. Continue reading “5 things to think about when planning a loft conversion” »

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How to design a bathroom on a budget

Even though it’s the often smallest room in my home I’ve recently discovered that the bathroom can be the most expensive room in the house to remodel, if you take it inch for inch. The bathroom requires a great deal of skilled labour, including input from plumbers, carpenters and electrical contractors, and the materials needed are often very costly. I wanted to have a shower fitted in our bathroom but after getting a few quotes earlier in the year I decided that I’d need to save up for a while and stick with enjoying baths in the meantime! If you’re on a budget and your bathroom needs an overhaul, don’t despair because there are plenty of ways that you can save money on your bathroom remodel and still have the design that you want.

bathroom sink diy cupboard

 Love the idea of turning a cupboard into a sink unit!

Planning for Success

The planning stage is extremely important when it comes to your bathroom. Look at your existing design and think about what currently works for you and what doesn’t. it’s a good idea to make a list of the things you really need in your bathroom and the things you want, but could probably live without. When you see an amazing bathroom feature, make sure that you consider whether it’s essential to your bathroom design or not, before you make any purchasing commitment – is a spa bath or steam-room shower really going to be used that often?? There are plenty of online tools that will help you decide on the best design for your bathroom, including interactive applications that allow you to drag and drop furniture and fixtures, and arrange them in different ways.

Continue reading “How to design a bathroom on a budget” »

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