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My little vintage caravan project ~ Skylight chandelier

I found another leak this week. This time it was down to a small crack in the skylight cover and when the rain came during the week it resulted in a couple of drips on the carpet. I wonder if the hairline crack has been letting water into my caravan all winter? I cant say that I’ve noticed a massive puddle on the carpet, so if it did I think I’ve been lucky enough to get away with it.

This week I sent hubby up onto the roof of the caravan to mend the crack in the skylight cover. I didn’t want to have to spend out money on a new cover if it was possible to fix it, so we’ve tried using a squirt of silicone around the edge and over the crack. This will mean that the skylight can no longer open, but I never actually popped it up in the past because I was worried that bugs might get in and fall onto my head! At the moment, the silicone seems to have stopped the dripping and the odd shower that we’ve had since has not seeped inside the caravan.

I therefore decided to hang a lampshade cover that I picked up at the carboot sale over the opening to the skylight in order to create the effect of a chandelier. The lampshade is made from baby blue felt hanging from a metal loop so I have tied the loop to the handles of the skylight and now the light shines through the skylight and illuminates the ‘chandelier’. Because the design is made from soft felt I don’t end up banging my head on it but it does feel tickly when I accidently brush into it!

See more of my caravan project posts by clicking here and please send me details of your own camper makeovers to or tweet me @Cassiefairy – I’d love to see what you’ve been up to! And you really should check out Lisa Mora’s book Vintage Caravan Style for inspiration and gorgeous caravan photos! Read my review of the book on my blog here and read about my own renovation project so far here.

vintage caravan magazine review-1

And don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win the current issue of Vintage Caravan Magazine – there are plenty of ways to enter on my blog (here’s the link to the blog post & entry form) and on Twitter before the competition closes on the 20th June 2014!


My little vintage caravan project ~ Floored or flawed?

You may have noticed in my last blog post about the caravan that there was a roll of carpet plonked in the middle of my seating area. And the even-more eagle eyed of you will have noticed that I’ve painted my inner wheel-arch cover with a dark pink shade. This was in preparation for laying the carpet! I know most caravans have a lino floor, and this was my intention when I went out looking for flooring. It would be easy to keep clean with muddy shoes coming in from the outdoors. But this carpet caught my eye and I soon realised that my caravan wasn’t travelling anywhere and would be paved outside, so I wasn’t going to worry about how to clean the floor – I was going to have a cosy carpet and get a doormat to solve any damp-shoe issues!

I bought this piece of pink carpet from a local carpet store – the kind that has off-cuts just sitting around, waiting for the right caravan owner to come along and pick it out from the bunch of brown and cream flooring. It was the perfect colour for me (I’m quite keen on pink, I don’t know if you’ve noticed…) and the price was especially good for me – reduced to £18 and the sales rep threw in a pink and blue union-jack doormat!

cassiefairys little vintage caravan retro renovation project on the blog - pink carpet

It was a carpet that was technically the right size (in square footage), but physically not quite right. I needed to use the carpet from beneath my seats to fill in the gap at the back where the length wasn’t quite there. So I laid a few blue-and-white vinyl tiles (the type you get from the discount store for £2 per pack) underneath the seats and enlisted my husband to help me lay the carpet. A lot of measuring, cutting and spray-adhesive-ing later, we had laid the carpet. There followed a beautiful moment when I could finally lay on the floor of my little caravan and relax! And then my cat joined me for a pudding-at-the-new-carpet session. I can’t wait to see what happens when I actually have cushions on my seats/bed – I might never get up!

Here is another gorgeous caravan that I’ve found via Pinterest (here’s the link) and I really love it – it’s based in Australia and as far as I can work out, it is a tattoo parlour! It almost makes me want to have a tattoo (I said almost!). Although I love the baby pink I’m still glad that I’ve chosen a sunny sky blue for my exterior colour – this might have been taking my interest in pink a little too far and would have definitely overpowered my garden!

baby pastel pink vintage retro caravan - Trailer Trash Tattoo

Please come back soon for the next update on my progress and you can check out what I’ve been doing up to this point using the links below 🙂 Let me know what you think – leave me a comment below or get in touch via I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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