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Creating the perfect retro look for your living room

If you’re looking to create a welcoming, stylish and homely look in your living room, giving your home décor a retro twist is a great place to start. The versatility of the retro look means that you can make your interior design as subtle or as all-out as you want. Plus, as it’s easy to add personal touches you can easily make your home reflect your unique personality.

The wallpaper in my retro living room

The wallpaper in my retro living room

As they form the backdrop to your room, creating effective wall décor will be important to the overall look of your room. If you can, buy some retro-inspired wallpaper and transform one surface into a stunning feature wall. Alternatively, use a rich paint colour to add a luxurious and warm tone to the room.

If you’re not able to alter the colour of the room, or just want to add a little extra detail, keep an eye out for retro picture frames and posters to enhance your walls. You could even frame vintage-style pieces of wallpaper and create your very own retro art.


In any living room, the sofa will play an important role both in the style and feel of the room and you’ll find a great selection of items in the range of sofas from Sainsbury’s if you’re looking for inspiration. Leather sofas, especially those with a vintage twist, will look fantastic in your retro living room. You could pair it with a matching foot stool for a great feature piece, or you can place a throw over an existing sofa to give it a vintage feel.

If you’re not replacing your sofa, you could always invest in a retro looking chair to add the character that you need to the room.

Choose bright cushions & throws in retro fabrics

Choose bright cushions & throws in retro fabrics


Changing your entire floor to match your new look, though great if you want to create a unified theme, may be a little impractical. So why not add a retro touch with a rug or runner instead? If you’ve got wooden floorboards hiding underneath your worn out flooring, you could add real charm and character to your home by revealing it in all its glory.

Changing the look of your living room is a great way to rejuvenate your home and let your personality shine through your décor. So have a look around your living room and see what you can do to give it some old-fashioned charm. Thanks for reading this guest post by Sainsbury’s. To find out more about selecting stylish retro home furnishings, check out the  Sainsbury’s website.

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A massive new project for Cassiefairy ~ my vintage caravan

First and foremost, I’d like to welcome all the lovely new visitors from Creative Crafting’s blog tour – I have been waiting for this day for a while now and I’m so pleased to be able to welcome you to my blog. While you’re here please have a good look around my categories – there are plenty of craft, sewing and DIY projects in my archives, plus articles on fashion, shoes (on Tuesday Shoesday!) and current trends. I’ve recently been blogging about fun summer ideas (such as Gardenbury festival) and party ideas, plus I share thrifty recipes weekly – every Pieday Friday! But without further ado, I’d like to tell you about my new project – I’ve bought myself a caravan!

It’s not the prettiest caravan at the moment and it’s certainly ‘vintage’ as you can probably tell from it’s shabby exterior and tatty interior, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I was looking for a ‘garden building’ to use as my workshop/office ever since I moved into my 1-bed bungalow – I needed space for my tutu business and somewhere to keep all my sewing stuff, so I saw the potential in this little caravan. It’s perfectly mobile so I snapped it up for a very low price (you know I’m loathe to spend my hard-earned money, so you can imagine what a bargain it must have been!), had it delivered (included in the price) to my home and parked it up in the back garden. Here are some photos of its current condition, inside and out:

cassiefairys vintage caravan project original photos of sprite

I was in two minds about how to fix it up. When I first saw the caravan I considered carrying out a ‘renovation’, restoring it to it’s original state. I really do love this kind of retro style, especially garish patterns and orange fabrics (as you have probably seen in my living room makeover series!) so it was in my mind to restore the caravan to its former glory and keep it as it was. But when I got inside it, I realised that it had got pretty damp at some point in the past and most of  internal units and cupboards were crumbling and would have to be removed and replaced, the floor lino was torn and the seat cushions were also pretty-much shredded. So I had a rethink and realised that, seeing as I would need to replace all of the internal fittings and repaint the outside of the caravan, I might as well change the design of the caravan completely and go for something that I really liked for myself – it was going to become my studio after all!

cassiefairys vintage caravan project original photos of sprite interior

So, this is the start of my journey of converting my crusty little caravan into a beautiful sewing workshop to be proud of, and I’ll be sharing the ideas, DIY projects, sewing tutorials and progress over the coming weeks. I hope you’ll stop back to see how the caravan project develops! Please let me know if you have created your own home workshop or have converted an old caravan and I’d love to see your photos or feature you on the blog as part of this series – please email me or tweet me @CassiefairyTutu. I’d love to hear from you!

And to all the lovely Creative Crafters; I hope you enjoy what you see here and add me to your favourites list or Bloglovin’ reader and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you feel inspired to join in with this month’s Inspiration Challenge (in honour of ‘wedding season’ this month’s theme is vintage wedding dresses!) and share your very own craft projects at the end of the month! Please click here to see what we made last month and how to join in!


Vintage orange roses

My hubby brought home a bunch of stunning orange roses for me last week. I’d never seen orange roses before and they coordinate perfectly with my retro living room design, so hubby gets extra brownie points for good taste! I totally forgot to take a photo of them when I first displayed them in my Hornsea vase and now they are over a week old, withered and dried out.

vintage living room design retro orange roses

But that’s no reason not to photograph them and when I was snapping my pics I noticed that one of the bunch was still in absolutely perfect fresh condition. It’s amazing really – maybe that’s why all the others have wilted so quickly – this cheeky little rose was drinking up all the flower-feed for itself! Anyway, at least this gives you any idea of pretty and unique they were when they were fresh, and I kind of like the aged ‘vintage’ effect of these roses – the crispy, discoloured effect brings Miss Havisham from Great Expectations to mind, so they can stay displayed in the vase for a little longer…

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Interior Design Inspirations for my retro living room – Christmas touches

I’ve chosen a fairly garish 60s & 70s retro theme in orange for my living room and, after 6 months of rummaging through car-boot sales, second-hand shops and auctions, it’s finally complete. I’ve buffed up a few pieces of furniture and given a new lease of life to items that would have previously been overlooked, or even thrown away (yes, I have picked up things being given away at the side of the road – my budget was uber tight!). And now its time to jazz up my living room for Christmas!

So I’m taking inspiration from these retro homes decorated for Christmas and will be keeping an eye out for vintage decorations, retro-inspired fairy lights, and gaudy tinsel!


Interior design inspirations for a retro home: Office space

I’ve been working on a ‘makeover’ for my living room since moving in back in May (yes, I know… I’d never succeed on 60-Minute-Makeover!) and I’ve chosen a fairly garish 60s & 70s retro theme in orange, teak and brown with a few accents of blue. Although it’s taken me a while to get to this point that’s mostly due to lack of funds and the need for rummaging through car-boot sales, second-hand shops, auctions and even giving a new home to furniture that would otherwise be thrown away at the side of the road. I’ve buffed up a few pieces and I’m pleased to say that I’m nearly there! The only thing that needs attention is my work-space so I needed to do a bit of research into retro office spaces and here’s some of the photos that I’ve been inspired by from John Lewis, Retro Office and Apartment Therapy.

So I’m taking inspiration from these office spaces and will be keeping an eye out for a suitably retro office chair over the next couple of weeks. I may visit some home/design companies’ social sites as I know ones like Homeclick post a lot of videos and photos there. Let me know if you come across anything that might be suitable!


Interior design inspiration – Geometric wall mural

I simply adore this idea for a retro-style wall mural from Rosie & The Boys. This design is handpainted and its given me inspiration for my own living room decor. I really like this combination of colours, although of course I’d probably choose to throw in some oranges and browns to coordinate with the 60s & 70s theme that I’m going for.

Check out Rosie’s tutorial to create your own geometric wall mural here.

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