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Tuesday Shoes – Springtime pumps with a sporty sole + WIN any pair of Strive footwear!

My spring essentials are pumps. I’ve lived in my tan brogue boots and my hiking trainers all winter but now that the weather is warming up and the clocks have gone forward I’m confident that it’s time to switch over to springtime shoes. So that’s what I’m talking about in today’s Tuesday Shoesday blog post, plus I’m giving you the opportunity to win ANY pair shoes from in my giveaway so read on to find out how to enter this fab giveaway..!Now it’s not yet time for summer sandals, but my usual boots are too heavy for this transitional season; what I really need is a pair of pumps. I usually live in flats throughout the spring and summer, so over the past few years I’ve got through countless pairs. You know the type; cheap, flimsy and prone to holes! Okay, I haven’t spent much money on these budget shoes (thank goodness, because I’m getting through the like a packet of biscuits) but ideally I’d like a pair to last me a season and save me the effort of taking regular trips to the shops.After wearing Strive trainers in my day-to-day life, I concluded that the brand might be the solution for my spring/summer pumps too. I knew they make comfy sandals but I hadn’t ever investigated their shoe collection. Thankfully, the brand didn’t disappoint and I managed to find a pair of Hampton flats in the new season collection.

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Tuesday Shoesday – Sun, sea & shoes

The school half term holidays are over and we’re finally entering the last term of the year. That means only one thing; the countdown to the summer holidays has begun! The last week has been rather grey and drizzly here but, as if by magic, today the sun is shining and it’s the warmest weather we’ve seen in weeks. It’s as if the world knows that summer is on its way and is making us all look forward to our impending holidays.2015 summer holiday beach essential beauty fashion products-29I’m really looking forward to the summer this year. I’m hoping for lazy walks along the coast, delicious fresh lunches and lots of excuses to wear floral dresses and pretty pumps! In fact, the new season has inspired my blog post today because I’ve been searching for the ideal summer shoes. I want just one pair that will go with everything. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable with that request – I simply want a pair of shoes that I can slip on every day and don’t have to think about what to wear so I can spend more time outdoors enjoying my summer. But is it possible? Let’s find out…2015 summer holiday beach essential beauty fashion productsSo the shoes need to be 1) comfortable 2) low cost and 3) on trend. They also need to look great with dresses on sunny days and look equally as good with a pair of jeans when the sun goes behind the clouds. The trouble with the Great British Summer is that I can’t guarantee that we’ll have any good days of weather, and it would be just typical if the time I’m taking off work would be one of those grey weeks! Having recently chatted with my friend about her sun-drenched honeymoon (and becoming more and more envious as I heard where she’d been and what she’d been up to!)lace espadrilles summer shoes sandals tuesday shoesday Continue reading “Tuesday Shoesday – Sun, sea & shoes” »


Tuesday Shoesday – What shoes to wear with the cropped denim trend

Cropped jeans are everywhere right now. And it’s no surprise really. They’re ideal for those Spring days when it’s too chilly for a skirt or shorts but sunny enough that you want to show some skin. So are just perfect at this time of year. But how on earth do you wear this kind of length? I remember wearing a lot of cropped trousers around the turn of the century (that sounds soooo historical – but I mean the 2000s not the 1900s!) and I’m not sure I got away with it back then.cropped denim spring fashion trend shoes tuesday shoesday inspiration from trilogy stores sandals

One brand who’ve nailed the cropped denim S/S16 look is Trilogy Stores

Okay, ‘youngsters’ tend to get away with fashion trends more and back in the 00s I was definitely a ‘youth’. Even so, it wasn’t the best look on 5ft 2inch me. So I’m not sure that I’m any more likely to look good in the cropped denim trend now, after adding 16 years and no additional height. Which is why I wanted to take a look at footwear that would suit the trend and perhaps find a way of wearing a cropped length that doesn’t make me look too stumpy or ‘try-hard’. Here’s what I came up with:cropped denim spring fashion trend tuesday shoesday inspiration from trilogy stores

I think I prefer cropped denim with ankle boots Trilogy stores.

Ankle boots are definitely an important part of getting this look just right. They are the footwear of choice on colder days when you don’t want to match the stonewashed blue shade of your jeans to your chilly blue toes. You can keep warm with some cosy socks underneath those funky boot and, if they’re high enough, even tuck the cropped trousers into the top of the boots to lock the warmth in. Okay, that probably defeats the idea of wearing cropped jeans, but at least you’ve got that option when the wind starts whipping around your ankles. Boots keep the look practical with a sensible heel height and you can stride through puddles with a ‘lets get on with it’ sense of abandon. Bonus fashion points are earned by flashing a slither of skin between the top of the boot and the bottom of the cropped denim. This shows that you actually ARE doing the cropped trend and that the-cold-never-bothered-you-anyway.cropped denim spring fashion trend heels court shoes tuesday shoesday inspiration from trilogy stores

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Tuesday Shoesday – Fit for a Prince

When I wrote about my new Crocs sandals a couple of months ago I got loads of replies from surprised Instagrammers, tweeters and bloggers who couldn’t believe that my sandals were made by this brand. They looked nothing like the chunky Crocband clogs that have been so popular over recent years and the funky jelly design of my sandals certainly turned a few heads. I loved my rainbow Crocs at first sight and I’ve seen lots of fashionistas sporting these pretty and comfortable sandals since – including Ree Ree Rockette looking gorgeous in the wedge version (next on my list!). kate-george-crocs

Image: Rex Features/Associated Press

Well it turns out that we bloggers are quite the trend-setters; now even Prince George has been spotted wearing the famous brand. I like to think that the Duchess of Cambridge read my blog post and decided that if Crocs were good enough for me, they were good enough for her son too. Yes, that’s probably what happened.

(Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

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Tuesday Shoesday – My Jelly Shoes

My little sister is a super-star. She treated me to this funky pair of white jelly shoes this week, spending her hard-earned Saturday-job cash on her big sis. What an amazing girl! Not only is she super-generous, she is also really intuitive, picking up on the fact that I love jelly shoes despite me hardly giving her any clues; I only used phrases such as ‘those are SO amazing’, ‘I’ve always wanted jelly shoes’ and ‘I LOVE them!’ when I spotted her own jelly shoe collection last month. I don’t know how she knew about my jelly shoe obsession, but nonetheless she handed me a bag last weekend with a shiny new pair tucked inside.

After 20 years of longing, a childhood of saving-up my pocket money in the hope that I’ll be able to buy some myself (which never happened), and beach holidays passing yearly without a pair of jellies, my lifelong yearning for jelly shoes has finally been fulfilled. And they are everything I hoped they would be; soft, pliable, comfortable, and bloomin’ cool! Yes, I am funky and I don’t care who knows it. If my teenager sister thinks that I can pull them off, I chuffin’ well can and I’m going to wear them at every opportunity.

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Tuesday Shoesday – Summer Platform Flip Flops

What do you buy when you’re 5ft 2 and want to wear flip flops during the summer? Why, wedge heel flip flops, of course!tuesday shoesdat summer flip flop fashion wedge shoes-5With a sandy beach holiday coming up this summer, I’m determined to get my pale feet out in the sun so I wanted to get a pair of sandals that would take me from beach to promenade and back again. And that’s where this pair of wedges come in.tuesday shoesdat summer flip flop fashion wedge shoes tuesday shoesdat summer flip flop fashion wedge shoes-7tuesday shoesdat summer flip flop fashion wedge shoes-3 Continue reading “Tuesday Shoesday – Summer Platform Flip Flops” »

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Tuesday Shoesday – Summer shoes that will give you interesting tan lines

This week I’ve been searching for the best summer footwear available on the high street and I’ve come up with the definitive ‘Lyst’ of sandals that will give you interesting tan lines. But this week I’ve been able to save time on my research by partnering up with Lyst and doing all of my online trawling via, a new way to compile your favourite fashion looks and shopping lists in one place.tuesday shoesday pretty summer shoes from topshop 2015

Topshop’s finest summer sandals

If you’re already a Lyst user you’ll know what I mean when I say that it is a time-saving godsend. Let me explain why; do you ever have an idea of what you want to buy in your head – silver Birkenstocks, for example – but you have no idea where to buy them, or if there is even such a thing as silver Birkenstocks out there in the big wide world of fashion? missguided sandals and shoes for summer 2015

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Tuesday Shoesday – Summer sandals

It’s finally here! The time of year when it becomes perfectly acceptable to take your socks off in public and show your pale toes to the world. It’s the season of sun, seaside and, inevitably, sandals. So this Tuesday Shoesday I wanted to show you my new favourite summer shoes and to challenge you to guess what brand they are.tuesday shoesday shoe fashion ideas for summer 2015 crocs sandalstuesday shoesday shoe fashion ideas for summer 2015 crocs sandals from flip flop shop-10I wrote about the jelly shoes trend last year after WGSN predicted an increase in rubber footwear and have reminisced about really wanting a pair when I was a child. Now that the trend has come full-circle, jelly shoes are finally in fashion again and I’ve seen hundreds of styles available on the high street. The only problem has been that modern jelly shoes are not quite as comfortable as I remember them being in childhood. In truth, all the ones I’ve tried on have been rather plasticy and unyielding so they will inevitably rub my toes and blister my heels. Which is why I have resisted buying any. Until now.tuesday shoesday shoe fashion ideas for summer 2015 crocs sandals-2tuesday shoesday shoe fashion ideas for summer 2015 crocs sandals from flip flop shop-6 Continue reading “Tuesday Shoesday – Summer sandals” »


Tuesday Shoesday – FitFlops

Hi everyone, how was your bank holiday weekend? It was surprisingly sunny here so we enjoyed a lovely weekend off, and I finally had a chance to pop on my new sandals and test them out. Yes, I picked up a pair of FitFlops from the a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been eagerly anticipating the day that it was sunny enough to encourage my chilly toes out of their trainers and into these sandals.tuesday shoesday fit flops shoes-10 Continue reading “Tuesday Shoesday – FitFlops” »


Tuesday Shoesday ~ Festival Footwear

With Glastonbury kicking off this week, what else can I talk about on Tuesday Shoesday other than festival footwear?? I still haven’t managed to get any festival tickets this year, so I’ll be enjoying ‘Gardenbury’ again – the cheapest way to enjoy Glastonbury this weekend (see my blog post about it here). However, I still think I need new shoes to cope with the festival season so that’s what I’ve been dreaming about this week.

SS14 Festival Wellies from Joules

There are only two types of shoes you need for festivals; flipflops or wellies. That basically covers it all. If it’s sunny, you’ll be able to cool your feet in flipflops and if it’s raining, the only thing you’ll want to put on your feet is wellies. There’s no place for stilettos, wedges or kitten heels at a festival! The only other options are possibly canvas pumps (but they will get ruined if it rains and will probably end up rather stinky at the end of the weekend!) or a pair of battered old ankle boots. Again, this is fine in the rain but might be a little hot and sticky in nice weather. So your best bet is to travel light: pack the flipflops and wear your wellies and alternate between the two.

Here are my top picks for on-trend flipflops and my favourite wellies for splashing through the mud:

tuesday shoesday ideas for festival footwear for glastonbury 2014.png

This 2-pack of coral and white tropical print flip-flops are from New Look for only £5.99 – what a bargain! – so it doesn’t matter if you lose one sandal in the mud because you’ve got a back-up pair in your rucksack! New Look are doing free next-day delivery until 8pm tonight so you can still get hold of these flip-flops in time for Glastonbury 😉 These ‘Brave Soul’ red flip-flops are only £3 in the ASOS sale which has just started today, plus there are plenty of other bargain flip-flops in the sale, so have a quick look at the ASOS sale section today. I’ve got my own Ipanema sandals last summer (see my review blog post here) so I know how fab these beige or navy flip-flops will be to wear all weekend and they too are in the sale, so check it out!

I like the pattern of these green hare print wellies from the Joules Outlet sale section – it’s great that they have an adjustable calf and a small heel – plus they are only £25. If you’d prefer a traditional welly-boot, these Dunlop wellies in green or black are only £11.99 from Mr-Shoes. And finally, a more girly version can be found at Missguided where these monochrome lace pattern wellies are £16.99.

Let me know what you’ll be packing in your backpack if you’re off to Glastonbury this weekend – what will you be wearing on your feet?? Tweet me @Cassiefairy.


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