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fashion footwear - feeling stylish Jeffrey Campbell aztec shoe boots


Tuesday Shoesday ~ YOUR shoes for April

This week’s Tuesday Shoesday blog post is all about you. Today I’m featuring all the photos and stories about the lovely shoes that my fabulous readers have sent in after seeing my last article on YOUR favourite shoes. Do you have some favourite footwear that you’d like to share on the blog? I’d love to have more of your contributions so please get in touch with a photo of your shoes, whether they are scruffy trainers or glitzy heels, if they are your favourites I want to see them! Email me a snap and a sentence about why you like them to So without further ado, here is this month’s contributions and the reasons why you love your shoes so much!

tuesday shoesday pretty silver dolly shoes

Lisa has just started blogging and she has shared this story of her silver shoes above; “I bought these bashed up beauties in Newcastle just hours after running my first half marathon. I remember hobbling awkwardly into the shop with my medal still proudly around my neck en-route to the train station. On reflection they were possibly the most inappropriate of shoes to be pushing my poor battered feet into, but it felt like such an incredible treat having lived in my trainers for the weeks leading up to that challenge. With their slight platform I always feel tall and confident in these Carvelas. They quickly became my go-to shoes for any night out that might involve a spot of dancing. The double straps make me feel secure enough to attempt the most energetic of dance moves and they are the only shoes I can dance in all night, without the need for donning a pair of rather sensible flat pumps for the journey home.”

tuesday shoesday jimmy choo silver wedding shoes

Lisa also sent me a second photo of her wedding shoes above; “In the months leading up to my wedding, I worked an evening job to save up for my dream pair of shoes for the big day. However, once the dancing started, even my sparkly new pair of Jimmy Choos were sidelined to make way for my trusty Carvelas. Whilst the JC’s made me feel extremely elegant walking down the aisle, there was only ever going to be one pair of shoes I turned to for that matrimonial boogie.”

Karine from TropicalColours skyscraper platform heel shoes

Melbourne-based blogger Karine from Tropical Colours blog spotted my last Tuesday Shoesday blog post and sent me a photo of her skyscraper platform heels (above) straight away. The photo looks like it’s stretched but they genuinely are that high! She says; “I absolutely love shoes and I just have so many!  This one however, stands out so much from the others mainly because of how high  it is! I wore these babies for my high school graduation and as much as I love  them, they were by far the worst decision ever. The height is just so painful! I  know I’m going back and forth from loving to hating it! It’s probably the best  pair of heels I’ve ever bought and the ones people always gasp at and wish they had!”

feeling stylish shoe wall and Jeffrey Campbell green wedges

fashion footwear - feeling stylish Jeffrey Campbell aztec shoe boots

Jess from inspirational blog Feeling Stylish sent me a few photos because she couldn’t narrow down her favourite shoes to just one pair – and you can see why from her ‘shoe wall’ collection! Jess tells me; “The Aztec wedge boots above are by Jeffrey Campbell, without a doubt my most favourite shoe brand ever and the green wedges are Jeffrey Campbell Damsels. I’ve never worn these out, they’re just too high for me, but they’re one of my favourite pairs of shoes because they’re a work of art! Finally, I’ve attached a picture of my favourite sandals (below). They’ve got me through miles and miles of walking and have travelled with me to all sorts of countries from Venice (where to picture was taken) to Turkey, to Sweden and so on! My blog is Plenty of shoes there!”

fashion shoes - feeling stylish flats sandals

Fabulous lifestyle blogger and fellow Posh Fashion Award winner Sophie from La Vie Sophie sent me a photo of her favourite Jimmy Choos that have been going strong for years; “My favourite shoes are my Jimmy Choo Syra’s in black kid leather. I’ve had these slingbacks for nearly 10 years now and they’ve lasted like a dream. They’re beautiful, practical and comfortable, things you rarely get combined in a shoe. The pointed toe may not be for everyone, but in the time I’ve had them, pointed toes have come in and out of fashion like crazy! I have some great memories of wearing these shoes for some really special occasions and they’ll always be my favourite pair of shoes.”

Jimmy Choo slingback heels from la vie sophie

So what do you think of these lovely ladies’ footwear choices? Let me know and please make sure you follow all their fabulous blogs too! If you’d like to be involved in the next YOUR shoes article please send me a quick photo of your favourite shoes and let me know why you like them so much! My email address is and I’m really looking forward to hearing from you :)


Tuesday Shoesday ~ LFW trends for Spring 2014

As London Fashion Week draws to a close, I’ve been looking back over the catwalk shows to find out the emerging footwear trends for Spring/Summer 2014. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the clothes going down the runway, but really I’m watching what the models have on their feet! Take this photo of the Mary Kantrantzou show last week – lots of photographic prints and embellished textures on the dresses – but take a look at the shoes, and you can get an idea of what’s to come for next Spring: laser-cut lace-ups, pastels, fuchsia pink, chunky soles and ankle straps.

London Fashion Week Sept 2013 Pastel prints and shoes by Mary Kantrantzou for Spring Summer 2014 by @voguewatch on instagram

c/o @VogueWatch via Instagram on the London Fashion Week website

I really like these colours  and the mid-blue is cute for Spring before we hit the high summer pastels. Here is another example of pastels and ankle-high shoes heading down the runway at the Burberry show:

Footwear London Fashion Week 2013 Burberry Spring Summer 2014 Pastel Shoes

Image by Getty c/o The Telegraph

Burberry’s soft spring/summer 2014 collection was complimented by the pastel footwear and again, this shows that high-heeled sandals with ankle straps will be popular in S/S14.  The bright pink makes another appearance (I must put pink shoes on my shopping list!) and the thick t-bar will no doubt be copied on the high street next season.

Keeping an eye out for these footwear trends means that you can shop in the last of the Summer sales knowing that the pastel footwear and high-heeled ankle-strap sandals you’re buying now will be fashionable for next year. You can get yourself a bargain to store over Winter and pull out again in the Spring and I’m delighted to know that I’ll be able to wear my bargain Next chunky pastel sandals again next year and still be following the trends – although nothing would have stopped me from wearing these beauties anyway, because they are so comfortable!

Tuesday Shoesday Turquoise and tan summer wedge shoes from Next

Let me know what trends you’ve spotted for Spring/Summer 2014 and have you got any sale bargains that will work for next year too? Leave me a comment below or

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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Get fit, look fabulous!

It’s that time of year again, when I’ve indulged over the summer holidays and need to get back on the healthy-lifestyle wagon. I’ve said “I’m on holiday” countless times during August as an excuse for scoffing ice cream and  BBQ treats, so now that I’m back into a normal work/life routine, it’ll be easier to settle into my usual healthy ways again! But what if you want to get in shape for all those Christmas parties? What do you wear on your feet (well, it IS Tuesday Shoesday after all!)? We’ve all been there – wandering around fitness footwear stores struggling to find a pair of gorgeous, yet comfy shoes that won’t leave your feet feeling hot and sweaty after a brisk walk.

tuesday shoesday brisk walk fitness for autumn

A brisk autumnal walk via Cassiefairy on Pinterest

Work-out footwear is often criticised for straying from the styles of the moment. We all know that ensuring performance for amateur and professional athletes comes first, but it would be nice to see our sport shoes combine beauty with functionality too. There are a couple of stunning fitness sandals that are gracing our stores this season; all maximising support for the wearer, while looking pretty on the foot.

Health and lifestyle magazine favourites, FitFlops, have been on the scene for a few years now but this BBC News article suggests that the shoes have come under scrutiny for being hard to style up. But as the brand’s competition hots-up, so are their trends! No longer are ladies relying on plain, simple and block colour styles to slim down this summer – the brand has launched a number of jewelled and flower-detailed sandals to capitalise from SS13 trends. Looking to see what the fuss is about and join the hordes of toned ladies? As it’s the end of season, many stores are offering their range of FitFlop sandals at discounted prices; the collection at Jones Bookmaker is available for £10 off, including the sandals below, for example.

 tuesday shoesday jones bootmaker fitflop fitness sandals

Hot on the heels of FitFlops are the fitness sandals from Birmingham-born tyre manufacturer, Dunlop. Compared to their arch-rivals, they offer a similar shape – a raised heel – and pair it with a range of metallic and sequin thong-style foot coverings. If you’re a fan of funky patterns and animal prints, then Dunlop’s fitness sandals are in pole position to give both your daytime dress and your fitness efforts a head start.

Sketchers have got a wedge of the fitness sandal market too, and have named their version “Tone-ups”. Emulating a wooden grain, their wedges still appeal to casual daywear over your Sunday best, but the earth-inspired colours and shoe design works wonders. There’s never been a better time to get fit and look fabulous!

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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Summer footwear

Last week I spent ages searching online for the perfect pair of summer shoes – something that would go with bare legs and pretty dresses - in a colour that would be neutral enough to look good with a whole range of prints and colours and could be used later on in the year too.

summer shoes new look matalan asos wedge heels laura robson jennifer aniston cheryl cole kelly brooke kate middleton summer footwear

I decided on second pair of bargain wedges above from New Look so I took myself off to the high street at the weekend to buy these pretty little shoes in time to enjoy them for the rest of the summer. However, I couldn’t find them in-store anywhere! The New Look in my local town is a pretty big store with a massive footwear department and I must have looked at over 100 styles of shoes but they simply weren’t there! Were they so popular that everyone else had snapped them up for summer too?! Were they an “online exclusive” and not available in-store? Were they limited edition? I hope not!

I decided to shop ‘in person’ rather than online so that I could try them on for comfort (I will be walking in them a lot this summer) and to make sure the height is okay before making my purchase, but my plans were scuppered! Oh well – I’ll have to order them online and hope that the wedge isn’t too high for me to walk in!

Tuesday Shoesday Turquoise and tan summer wedge shoes from Next

In the meantime, I found these pretty turquoise wedges from Next at the car boot sale – hardly worn and in my size – fantastic good luck! So I’ve been wearing these over the weekend and they are super-comfortable. Although the turquoise is a bit brighter than the nudes that I’d originally planned to buy, it goes well with a couple of floral print dresses I like to wear. Plus the tan ankle strap coordinates with a plaited belt I already have so I can wear the two together and make almost any dress work with the shoes!


Tuesday Shoesday – Summer sandals & twinkly toes!

Is it finally summer? Some days I open my curtains to see a bright blue sky, searingly hot sunshine and fluffy white clouds, and other days I’m immediately disappointed by grey skies and drizzle. In fact, some days alternate between hot sunshine and cold showers in quick succession: I’ll be too hot one minute, soaking wet the next and back to sun-burn-city only moments later. What is up with this weather??

But I’ve decided that, summer or no summer, I want to find some perfect strappy sandals, because everyone needs a pretty pair of comfortable summer footwear by their front door, ready to run outside into the sun at a moment’s notice. Solange Knowles has recently been spotted cycling in a pretty pair of Azzedine Alaïa sandals (above) and although they’re gorgeous, they are a little out of my price range! So with this in mind, I’ve been hunting for the bargains of the Internet and I’ve come up with a couple of must-haves for (what’s left of!) this summer season.

Plus with strappy sandals like these you’ll need to get your feet ship-shape with some pretty polish – maybe try out this sparkly & floral effect on your toes or get MUA’s special effect nail polish to do all the work for you – add Nail Quake in purple ‘Broken Arrow’ over a turquoise blue for a summery peacock-feather effect (check out Nail Newbie‘s blog):