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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Back to school

I’ve always been one of those people who love ‘back to school’ time. I’ve not been at school for many years now, but I still remember getting excited about choosing my new pencil-case and buying stationery supplies ready for the new term. In fact, I think that’s the reason that I stayed at uni for so many years – I just loved to excitement of a new semester, with new notepads and folders, and the chance to be a new you! I am certain the ritual of going to the stationery shop to choose my academic diary and highlighters made me a better student each year - more organised and more committed than the previous year. It’s about starting off determined to improve myself and getting the essential items to do so is equally as important (in my eyes) as actually doing it.

This year however I am not a student, for possibly one of the first times in my life. What will I do with all this free time? (free time, ha whats that?). So what am I to do about not starting “school” in September for the first time in years? Yes, I will go out and buy schools shoes, that’s what!

tuesday shoesday back to school shoes from new look

Just as important as a new pencil-case, the new shoes for a new term are essential for all children, teenagers and adults alike. I love a new pair of sensible shoes and luckily for me these little beauties are bang on trend for autumn/winter. I accidentally bought these shoes yesterday when I popped into New Look to try on a leather jacket just to see if it suited me. Then out of the corner of my eye I glimpsed a SALE sign. One of my favourite signs ever in New Look. So I casually wandered over, being careful not to up  my pace and look too wild-eyed. I was determined that I wasn’t going to buy anything today. However…

These little leather New Look shoes jumped out at me. Cute, ankle-skimming black school shoes. They instantly reminded me of the shoes I used to wear as a teenager: they have a small heel (2 inches was allowed at my high school, 3 inches meant detention), pretty pattern in the leather and lace-ups. I accidentally tried them on. They felt familiar. And so comfortable. What’s wrong with a 2 inch heel these days anyway? I looked in the mirror and my teenage legs were reflected back at me, albeit a few years older. And these shoes were on sale. Sold.

tuesday shoesday back to school black leather ankle shoes from new look

Remember I blogged about the cheapest way to buy shoes recently? Well this is another example of where shopping in the children’s department is a money-saving option. These shoes were eight quid and the teenage shoes go up to a size 6 so who can resist a bargain from the kids section? During the autumn/winter little pumps will replace my suede ankle-shoes that I bought from the children’s range earlier this year so I won’t ruin the suede in the wet weather – yet another reason that popped into my head to justify the purchase yesterday lunchtime. Plus I thought it’d be retro-cool or ironic-chic to wear school shoes as an adult. As long as I don’t start eyeing up tartan pinafores, I think I’ll be okay.

Let me know what you think about back-to-school and getting new shoes for the new academic year - what do you remember getting at the start of a new school term? Please leave me a comment below or tweet me @cassiefairy


Tuesday Shoesday ~ I finally found the ideal summer wedges!

Do you remember that last month I was on the hunt for the ideal pair of summer shoes? Although I managed to pick up a pair of comfortable mint-green wedges from the carboot sale, I wasn’t any closer to getting my ‘ideal’ pair that I discussed in this blog post. My requirements are a pair of high heels that aren’t too high to be comfortable, a neutral colour that would go with anything and a style that can be worn all year round. So really, I wanted some non-strappy nude wedges with a small platform sole.

I wore my carboot sale shoes a lot during the last couple of weeks and my search for the perfect summer shoe was looking more and more unlikely to come to fruition. I’d tried shop after shop, but all the summer shoes had massively high chunky wedges and would be pretty-but-painful after a short walk. But then I remembered that my new favourite carboot shoes were originally from Next and why shouldn’t there be a similar pair in the Summer sale this year? So I headed to Next and can you believe it, there they were – the ideal summer shoes.

tuesday shoesday nude peep toe wedge heel summer shoes 2013 from next

They have a nice cork wedge heel but it’s balanced out with a chunky platform sole, which makes me taller but in reality I’m only walking on heels about 2 inches high thanks to the platform and the balls of my feet will be all the more comfortable for it.  The patent nude colour is exactly right for my skin tone, so it will elongate my legs when I’m going bare-legged in the summer and can even be worn with footless tights in the autumn. The style is summery enough with the peep-toe, but I am certain that I will be able to wear them with any outfit and at any time of year too. These shoes are still available in the summer sale for under 15 quid and come in black patent too, so maybe I’ll be going back for another pair…

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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Summer footwear

Last week I spent ages searching online for the perfect pair of summer shoes – something that would go with bare legs and pretty dresses - in a colour that would be neutral enough to look good with a whole range of prints and colours and could be used later on in the year too.

summer shoes new look matalan asos wedge heels laura robson jennifer aniston cheryl cole kelly brooke kate middleton summer footwear

I decided on second pair of bargain wedges above from New Look so I took myself off to the high street at the weekend to buy these pretty little shoes in time to enjoy them for the rest of the summer. However, I couldn’t find them in-store anywhere! The New Look in my local town is a pretty big store with a massive footwear department and I must have looked at over 100 styles of shoes but they simply weren’t there! Were they so popular that everyone else had snapped them up for summer too?! Were they an “online exclusive” and not available in-store? Were they limited edition? I hope not!

I decided to shop ‘in person’ rather than online so that I could try them on for comfort (I will be walking in them a lot this summer) and to make sure the height is okay before making my purchase, but my plans were scuppered! Oh well – I’ll have to order them online and hope that the wedge isn’t too high for me to walk in!

Tuesday Shoesday Turquoise and tan summer wedge shoes from Next

In the meantime, I found these pretty turquoise wedges from Next at the car boot sale – hardly worn and in my size – fantastic good luck! So I’ve been wearing these over the weekend and they are super-comfortable. Although the turquoise is a bit brighter than the nudes that I’d originally planned to buy, it goes well with a couple of floral print dresses I like to wear. Plus the tan ankle strap coordinates with a plaited belt I already have so I can wear the two together and make almost any dress work with the shoes!


Tuesday Shoesday – Fill the whole world with a rainbow

Taking inspiration from the weather is rarely something that I do, but we’ve been having lots of those changeable weather days recently, when its sunny one minute and throwing it down with rain the next. Pretty bad for making suitable coat decisions, but great for making gorgeous rainbows! I’ve seen loads just recently and I’m getting inspired to focus my shoe search on rainbows this Tuesday Shoesday.

My brother posted this photo of a stacked rainbow platform on my Facebook feed earlier this month (is he trying to say I’m short??) so I’ve used it as a starting point to go looking for other multi-coloured footwear on the high street and here’s what I found:

tuesday shoesday - rainbow shoes and high heels for summer 2013

Let me know what you think about rainbow shoes; do they go with everything or is it more the case that they match nothing?! Either way, I’m a fan of anything bright and colourful, so I’m going to be saving up for these sparkly beauties that I found on ebay – I have a big anniversary party coming up and I think they’d be just right!

ebay rainbow shoes

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Tuesday Shoesday ~ Pretty pumps

This week my big winter boots have been left firmly on the shelf, as everyday (even on the bank holiday!) was lovely and sunny. It was therefore time to crack out the summer skirts and choose some suitably cute summer footwear to go with them. I’ve tried out my Jamhill sandals (that I reviewed last week) a few times while visiting the beach, but it’s not quite flip-flop weather yet, so I’ve needed to look for a pair of in-between pumps for spring/summer days.

Tuesday Shoesday ipanema flip flip sandals from jamhill

So, I took myself off to Primark this week and visited their shoe department hoping to get a pair of plain white pumps – my staple summer shoe, that I’ve bought for the last few years in a row. But this time I found these cream and pink beauties (with the cutest palm-tree print on the inside) instead – for the same price as the basic white pumps!

tuesaday shoesday - cream and pink primark pumps three quid bargain

And on my way out, a pair of pretty floral print shoes (below) leapt out at me and I didn’t hesitate in snapping them up too (you know how much I love a rose pattern!). So in one shopping trip I found two pairs of perfect pumps that will do me well for all my summer wardrobe needs, as they will go nicely with jeans, skirts and dresses. I wasn’t planning to write about these shoes on a Tuesday Shoesday blog post, but they are so nicely designed and such a good price that I couldn’t help but share. So I snapped a couple of photos (before I messed them up!)  and my cat Muffin sneaked into a pic too!

tuesday shoesday - navy and pink floral primark pumps three quid bargain

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