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Updating my bathroom – a much-needed DIY renovation project

Guess where I’ve spent this week? I’ve had a week off and did I spend it in the sunshine? By the sea? In a beer garden? Nope, I’ve spent it indoors, ripping out my old, dated and leaky bathroom. What else would I do with a week off than more DIY?! Yes, the house renovation project is in full swing, and now we have no bathroom. No water and, worryingly enough, no loo. Eek – time to crack on with the DIYing!With that in mind, I thought it would be a fun idea to show you what kind of look I’m going for in the bathroom. If you can imagine a spa with dark colours and clean lines, that’s the kind of style I like. I had already bought our bathroom suite in the January sale (I know, it’s taken me a while to get started on this DIY project – I’ve been putting it off for months) so I knew what type of bath I was going for.I chose the Voss range from Betta Bathrooms and managed to get the bath, loo, sink, all taps, wastes and plumbing supplies for under £300, can you believe it?! That’s precisely why I ordered it in the January sales, it was too much of a bargain to pass up. The order arrived in February but I’ve only just got the chance to take a ‘holiday’ from my writing work to get started on the renovation this week. You can imagine how excited I am to finally get to work on it.

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How to plan a beautiful baby shower

When your pal is expecting her baby it’s a joyous occasion that you may wish to celebrate. Gathering all her friends around for a lovely afternoon tea party is a lovely way to celebrate your friend, and can even be used to reveal the gender of the baby. It’s basically a much calmer, daytime version of the hen party and you all had a great time at that party, didn’t you?! Basically, I think that any opportunity for a party and to get together with friends should be taken so here are my tips for baby showers:

baby-gold-party-shower-gender-reveal-partiesImage from

Location: It’s likely that a baby shower will take place in someone’s home. Perhaps grandmother-to-be has a big enough conservatory to serve up an afternoon tea? Maybe a summer garden party is more your thing? Either of these options will hep to keep costs to a minimum as you won’t have to pay out for a venue. However it does mean that you’ll have to sort out the food yourself. Alternatively, a lovely lunch could be arranged at a favourite restaurant or tea shop, so ask around for prices per head and see if you can get a deal for a group booking. decorate-for-a-party-p131-photography-by-leslie-shewring

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Bath v Shower – You decide!

When it comes to bathroom planning, which is best? It’s a home-owners’ dilemma and one that I want to get to the bottom of today. Maybe you could help me; What do you think is the best choice for a bathroom? If you were fitting a bathroom from scratch, what would you choose? Which is the most practical or which would you not want to go without? I’m having a think about all these questions as I write today’s interior design inspiration blog post and I’d love to get your feedback.

Ideal-Standard-shower inspiratio design ideasAre showers best?

This debate popped into my head this weekend and it’s all down to my Easter holiday. I took a trip to Yorkshire and stayed in a couple of places – one was a hotel and the other was a holiday cottage. Both of these locations were comfortable, gorgeously decorated and had a bath. There was a joyful moment as I checked out these bathrooms and discovered the bath, as it meant that I knew I had a relaxing session of bathing ahead of me.bathroom blue tiles trend inspiration

Do you prefer a bath?

I think it’s the fact that we only have a shower at home that got me so excited about the prospect of having a bath. I didn’t actually realise that I missed owning a bath so much until I saw them in the hotel and cottage. I guess you don’t think about it day-to-day, you just live with what you’ve got. But, in fact, I do enjoy having a proper fitted shower at home…bathroom bath v shower ideas for home

images courtesy of SuperBath

Prior to my current home we had only a bath, which meant that washing took much longer and needed to be planned out in advance by turning the water heater on. So when I got a shower in my current home, I was in heaven! I’ve never washed so regularly in my life – two showers in one day? why not! So why was I so excited about the bath I saw in that hotel en suite? Let’s look at the pros and cons of bath v shower…

Bath Pros

  1. Chill out time is guaranteed; there’s no such thing as a ‘quick bath’ and you can read a book or magazine.
  2. It’s a great winter activity – being surrounded by warm water is very luxurious when it’s frosty outside.
  3. You can wash your kids/dog/sheep in the bath.
  4. I get to buy lots of delicious-smelling bath bombs from Lush.
  5. A bath makes your bathroom feel luxurious and more like a hotel.

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Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside ~ bathing beauty

My new bath has arrived! This week I took delivery of a new bath and I am so pleased with the product that arrived. I know that I needed to replace my old enamel bath because it was chipped and cracked and parts of it were rusting, but I also didn’t want to spend a small fortune on a new bath – especially when all the other elements of my thrifty bathroom makeover have been found in skips or eco-friendly options. I therefore decided to shop online at Bella Bathrooms where I found out that I could get exactly the right bath for my needs for a fraction of the cost, phew!

new bath and taps from bella bathrooms

I chose a low price acrylic bath and hoped that it would be sturdy enough when it arrived. I was not disappointed! Gone are the days of flimsy wobbly acrylic baths – this one is reinforced with fibreglass and seems to be just as strong as my old enamel bath. The benefit of choosing an acrylic bath is that it is easy to clean, will keep the bath water warmer for longer as it’s not coming into contact with a cold metal bath, and it won’t chip and rust like the old one did. I was also able to find a slightly smaller bath that fit the exact dimensions of the space – while measuring up I found out that the width I have for my bath is 10cm shorter than any ‘standard’ bath – but luckily it only cost a couple of pounds more to get this non-standard size.

new bath and taps from bella bathrooms-2 new bath and taps from bella bathrooms-3

I also chose a more narrow bath than my old one, so it fills up with water more quickly and uses less water to get a good depth of bath water – another eco-friendly feature in my bathroom! In terms of taps I went for a set of taps with a shower mixer attachment as we don’t have an electric shower in out home and it would be much more convenient than the ‘push-over-the-taps’ shower head from Poundland that we’ve been using until now!

new bath and taps from bella bathrooms-5 new bath and taps from bella bathrooms-4

Bath taps with shower mixer from Bella Bathrooms

Today is that day that we’ll be fitting it in the bathroom so I’m looking forward to seeing the finished result and taking a relaxing soak in my new bath. I don’t quite know how the installation will go – we’ve got the get the old bath out first, eek! – but I will be sure to let you know how I get on and share photos of the finished room soon!

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