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Last minute wedding tips to help you enjoy your big day!

Bridezilla is a state that a bride may occasionally morph into under times of tremendous stress. Though seldom seen, when a bridezilla does make an appearance, bridesmaids, wedding planners, and even the groom take refuge. We’re all well aware of the stress that comes from planning a wedding; money, time, and the looming eternal commitment to another human make for a pretty potent concoction of stress. To decrease the odds of morphing into a bridezilla here are some tips for last minute wedding

Keep all your plans together in one book so you can easily hand it over to someone else when needed!

Designate a point person

You’ve been preparing for your wedding for months. So, when the rehearsal dinner finally comes around you should have all your plans already mapped out. However, there are going to be plenty of people who aren’t privy to your very detailed plans. Instead of carrying the burden of your entire wedding plan, offload the plan to a friend who can then answer any questions your guests may have. Make sure your guests know that all questions should be directed towards your trusty

Designate tasks to your bridesmaids – they want to help!

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Choosing the right party dress for your body shape

Okay I’m know I’m kind of skipping over Halloween and Bonfire Night, but I’m already so excited about the upcoming festive season. I think it started last week when I opened my first presents of the year as part of a Secret Santa gift exchange. Ever since, I’ve been thinking about all the fun things I’ll be getting up to this Winter and my party plans have inspired this blog post about special occasion outfits and dressing for your shape.fitted party dress for hour glass body shape

Hour-glass or busty body shapes should accentuate the waist

With lots of festive parties to attend and end-of-term Christmas balls to dress-up for, there’s plenty of “little things” to worry about when choosing a dress for a special occasion; like what colours and fabrics to wear, what flatters and, on the flip-side, what does not look good on your body shape. This is equally true for wedding outfits, bridesmaids and prom dresses so hopefully this guide will be helpful all year round – not just for Christmas!

Body Type 1: Petite If you stand about 5 feet and 3 inches above the ground (or less, like me!) dresses made specifically for a petite body type are the best way to go. The pattern will be cut to smaller proportions and won’t swamp your frame. Other tips for small or petite body types include showing a little leg because it makes you look a little taller, adding heels, and an asymmetrical hemline will help to further illusion too.fitted party dress for petite body shape

Fitted dresses are great for petite figures

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