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I love you from the bottom of my pencil case…

This is one of my favourite lyrics from a Beautiful South song and it always reminds me of this time of year. Yes, it’s officially back-to-school time and the new school term is just starting. While students all around the country are buying ring-binders, registering their student discount cards and thinking about furnishing their study-bedrooms, I too have been feeling rather excited! I’ve always had fond memories of this time of year, although I really don’t know what it is about September that makes me feel butterflies in my stomach about going back to school because I haven’t even been a student for at least 4 years now!

Actually, that’s not strictly true because last year I took a leisure learning course on branding in October and I’ve since signed up to a journalism course which starts later this month. Okay, it’s not actually going back to school because I’ll be doing most of my studies in front of a computer, but just the thought of a new term makes me want to go to stationary shops to buy pencil sharpeners and rulers.

This year I’m putting my pencil case to good use by using it as my mobile make-up bag. I always need to carry a few items for touch-ups during the day and I don’t like to have products rattling around the bottom of my handbag. so I’ve started carrying a few essentials rather than my ‘whole kit’! During the day I always need a little extra concealer, I like to apply an extra coat of mascara and I’ve chosen to carry my favourite lipgloss; a peachy shade which comes with a mirror attached to the side of the case so there’s no need to take a hand mirror with me too. Interestingly enough this gloss has a light-up wand, so you can see what you’re doing if you’re reapplying in the dark – a great extra feature as the nights start to draw in at this time of year. I also carry my classic ‘Smokey Eye’ trio palette to take my look from day to night and I can use the black shade as an eyeliner too by using a thin wet brush.

With this little kit I’m covered for all eventualities and can easily carry on my day into the evening if I’m invited out anywhere special. I think you’ll agree that this is a much better use of a pencil case than carrying fountain pen refills and tipex! Also, there’s a special offer on at MeMeMe Cosmetics until the 14th of Sept with discount code ” loveme25 ” for 25% off everything so now’s the time to go shopping for your pencil case essentials!




New discounts from Tutus,Wings& for June

All my handmade fairy tutus – for children and adults – are discounted throughout June! Special offer also includes custom-made fairy tutus – create your own designs in any combination of colours, fabrics and styles!

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Tutus Spotted: The world’s tiniest tutu?

I’ve just spotted this Esure advert and it features a cute mouse wearing the world’s tiniest pink tutu! How cute!

I’ve just added a special offer to the new Tutus, Wing and Pretty Things website – all of our burlesque bustle tutus are reduced – in three different styles and tons of colour combinations! There’s even a cute pink ruffle tutu a bit like the mouse’s tutu – only a little bigger! Check it out now and grab a bargain while they are on offer this week!