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A cosy & authentic 1957 Alpine Sprite caravan restoration project

Today I want to share some lovely photos of my friend Lisa’s caravan with you. It’s a 1957 Sprite, very similar to my little vintage caravan, but even older! Here are plenty of before and after photos of the project for you to enjoy.Lisa and I first got chatting when she asked me about where I bought the trims for my caravan windows, and plenty of geeky trailer-chat ensued as we discussed our projects.Lisa has already put months of work into renovating her Sprite caravan, stripping it back to the bare metal before rebuilding the interior.The dark wood cupboards have been freshened up with a coat of bright white paint and new mosaic tiles have been fitted to create a practical kitchen area. Continue reading “A cosy & authentic 1957 Alpine Sprite caravan restoration project” »

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The 12th Night & a 1967 Sprite caravan decorated for Christmas

Ahh it’s nearly time to take down those festive decorations and get your home back to ‘normal’ – whatever that is! Apparently decorations should be taken down by the “12th night”, although there seems to be some confusion over when that is – it’s either the 5th or the 6th January. Either way, the time for sparkly decorations is up – although I say why not leave it til the weekend when you’ve got more time to do it anyway? Or leave up those fairy lights all year, haha!1967-sprite-caravan-renovation-makeover-project-christmas-holidays-festive-decorations-61967-sprite-caravan-renovation-makeover-project-christmas-holidays-festive-decorations-31967-sprite-caravan-renovation-makeover-project-christmas-holidays-festive-decorations-7So before everyone packs away their Christmas decs, I wanted to share some photos that my friend Sophia sent me of her caravan decorated for the holidays. Is there anything more lovely than a caravan covered in fairy lights?? To be honest I keep my Christmas lights in my caravan all year round; they’re solar powered so are an excellent cost-free light source! Please admire these pics of Sophia’s 1967 Sprite caravan renovation project all dressed-up for Christmas:1967-sprite-caravan-renovation-makeover-project-christmas-holidays-festive-decorations-1 We first started chatting when Sophia got in touch to ask where I got the window seals for my own Alpine Sprite caravan. She had just started work on her old 1967 Sprite in the USA and was planning a big revamp of the old camping vehicle. She’d seen my own carvan renovation project on my blog and knew that I’d have some tips to share about the fixtures and fittings for an old Sprite.1967-sprite-caravan-renovation-makeover-project-christmas-holidays-festive-decorations-4 Continue reading “The 12th Night & a 1967 Sprite caravan decorated for Christmas” »

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My Little Vintage Caravan – My storage article in Caravan Magazine

Wooo my little vintage caravan has made it into the June issue of Caravan Magazine. My little blue Sprite is becoming quite the celebrity in the touring world! I’m excited to share the article with you today and show off my little renovation project magazine cassiefairy alpine sprite camper trailer makeover renovation project-2So here it is: a double-page spread! In the article I discuss the progress of my caravan makeover and how difficult it had been to find storage that would fit. Aside from my very tiny desk (which had a pastel pink makeover and a patchwork interior) I couldn’t find any storage cupboards that would even fit through the door of the caravan. Even if I could have manoeuvred a chest of drawers in through the window, most items of furniture are too deep for the narrow space in the caravan. A standard piece of furniture would stick out too far into the centre of the caravan and cause a bottleneck into the space. I needed a space that I could use for crafting, cutting out patterns and sewing, so I didn’t want to fill up all the room with magazine cassiefairy alpine sprite camper trailer makeover renovation project-4That said, I did need storage. Somewhere to store my fabrics, ribbons, books, paperwork, buttons and bobbins – along with my Maneki Neko collection of course. So what was the solution? Why, children’s furniture, of course! It’s smaller and more narrow than conventional furniture so it fits in the limited space nicely. Plus, it’s flat-pack furniture so I could take it into the caravan in pieces and construct it in-situ. I wrote all about my new caravan storage solution on my blog so have a read, check out all the photos and let me know what you think of this magazine cassiefairy alpine sprite camper trailer makeover renovation project-5And if you get hold of a copy of Caravan Magazine this June, please let me know what you think of my first article too. It’s also online at so you can have a read of the full article there too. It’s very exciting for me, and I’d love to know what kind of a response it’s had so please get in touch by leaving me a comment below or by tweeting me @Cassiefairy. caravan magazine cassiefairy alpine sprite camper trailer makeover renovation project-6


The beautiful Daisy Caravan

After years of writing about my own little vintage caravan, today I’m sharing a new-found friend with you: Daisy the caravan. She lives in Ellesmere Port and is packed full of vintage charm so I couldn’t resist borrowing some photos from her website in order to share this retro home-on-wheels with you today.Daisy caravanDaisy is a beautiful pre-loved vintage caravan which has been lovingly restored to its former glory by her owner Sian. Weeks of hard work went into fixing up this retro beauty as Sian installed fresh new upholstery and soft furnishings, completely made over the vintage décor and cleaned Daisy from top to bottom.Daisy vintage caravan party hire

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Vintage Caravan Style – the book review!

Wow. I have it in my hands right now. Vintage Caravan Style. And blimey, what a book it is!

You may remember that I interviewed the lovely author of the book and editor of Vintage Caravan Magazine Lisa Mora on my blog last month – here’s the article – and had the chance to share sneaky peek at the gorgeous photos that make up this fabulous design book. Well, it’s finally being published here in the UK and you can order it right now through the Stitch, Craft, Create website – and that’s how I got my hands on a copy as soon as it hit the shelves!

Vintage Caravan Style book by Lisa Mora - review on this blog

Now it’s one thing to preview a book through a PDF e-book (as I did before launching into my interview with its author!) but it’s quite another thing to hold it in your hands, feel the texture of the paper and the weight of the book – and that’s what has impressed me SO much about Vintage Caravan Style – it’s a chunky, meaty book. I never realised just how many pages there would be, just how many projects are featured, just how much excellent content there is packed into this book and it has surprised me.

Firstly, the paper stock is excellent – soft and matt, it’s a pleasure to thumb through. Secondly, the soft cover is rather luxuriously smooth and perfectly bendy – easy to open, hold and read. Holding comfort is something that I find very important in a book nowadays and I don’t want it to be a physical struggle to read it! Thirdly, the print quality is great – the images (and there are 100s in the book!) are sharp and bright. Not a dodgy photo in sight. I know this should be the case with all books, but more and more often I find that the reference books I buy are less-than picture perfect, poorly edited, badly designed and can be a struggle to handle and look at. This book, I’m pleased to report, is practically perfect in every way. And that’s before even mentioning the content!

vintage caravan style book review


A combination of advice, practical tips and real-life projects, the chapters within the book are instantly engaging, encouraging in tone and packed full of helpful advice on caravan loving and renovating. You can tell just how much Lisa Mora loves the subject matter and she takes pleasure in sharing her experiences and expertise in a totally uncondescending way. It’s like have a friend chat to you about vintage caravans – and that’s my idea of a perfect afternoon. As you can see from my snaps of the book, I’ve been enjoying having a read while sitting in my own vintage caravan. Halfway through my own caravan makeover I’m feeling a little guilty that I abandoned my caravan project during the cold winter months but even more so I’m feeling enthused and rejuvenated after reading this book. I want to get a move on with my caravan makeover and I want to get started right now. I’m excited about it again (rather than seeing it as a never-ending chore!) and I can’t wait to give it a clean and slap some paint around! That’s the only warning that comes with this book: after looking at all the design ideas and beautiful images of owners enjoying their new mobile homes, you will want to own your very own vintage caravan by the end of it!

Now please excuse me while I research a new pop-up vent for my caravan roof…

book review of vintage caravan style by lisa mora


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