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Students – Tips for improving your essay writing

We’re only one month into the new year and I bet that you college students out there will already have a stack of assignments to catch up on. I remember that my university tutors all used to set their essays, reports and presentations within the first couple of weeks of term, so by now I would already be worrying about writing them. Would my research be strong enough and would my writing skills be good enough to get the debate across? After a lot of practice and many many years of being a student I finally worked out how to breeze through essays and assignments, so if you’re feeling concerned don’t worry – there are plenty of ways of improving your grammar, choice of words, structure, etc and here’s how:

Quick tips to improve your writing skills

All students have problems with  written assignments from time to time as they demand thorough research and take lots of time to pull together into a structure that reaches a decisive conclusion. But all that work isn’t in vain – developing your writing skills in this way is useful when you’re studying at a higher level in the future or even in your future job. Here are some tips that will make your life much easier:

  • Make sure that every paragraph has main idea
  • Pay attention to sentence length: short ones are used to emphasize ideas and longer sentences are used to explain, define, or illustrate
  • Key words and ideas should be placed at the beginning or end of the sentence
  • Use different types of sentences: simple, compound, and complex sentences
  • Dynamic verbs in active voice are important – don’t overuse the passive voice
  • Avoid using too many unnecessary words
  • When you’re reviewing your essay, read it aloud –  you will hear any grammar problems
  • Don’t be too lazy to proofread and edit your work before submitting it
  • Don’t be embarrassed to use a dictionary or synonyms 

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University Freshers – some advice from a graduate!

If you’re packing for university this week here’s my words of wisdom (!) of moving away to uni –

  • I reckon you’ll think “oh I wish I’d brought that with me” on more than one occasion but its true that space is tight in Halls – You usually only get a TINY wardrobe (smaller than you’ve ever seen before) so I think when you’re packing for uni, less is more! And trust me, you’ll definitely be adding to your wardrobe over the year, so leave behind anything you’re not sure about! (if you didn’t wear it much at home, you’re probably not going to wear it at uni either!back to school shoes for autumn winter 2014
  • You’ll definitely need fancy dress stuff – When I finished my degree I left with a whole hamper of fancy dress bits! I always try to make up my own costumes to save money so I used tutus, tops and accessories to create tons of cheap but different looks throughout the year. I’ve known friends to spend 40 quid per fancy dress costume, so if everyone has a fancy-dress themed birthday, that’s a lot of cash! Try looking on Ebay for bargain fancy dress bits to create unique costumes that stretch your student loan that little bit further!back to school busby fizz shoes from clarks
  • Shoes are a category that you can compromise on, as you’ll probably live in boots in the winter & sandals in the summer. Plus you’ll need some trainers for joining in with uni sports clubs and a pair of heels for nights out (which will no doubt get ruined, and replaced many times over from Primark during the year!)back to school shoes trend for autumn winter
  • Many shops (such as Wilkinsons, Tesco and Unisak) are offering an “off to uni” package including everything you’ll need – such as duvet, towel, pans, plates, utensils, calculator and most essentially a tin opener and loo-roll! It’s a good idea to get a kit together similar to this  to ensure you’ve got the essentials for living away from home. Although, I’ll say it again, space is tight and you’ll have flatmates who also have a tin-opener each, who will probably share with you!


Good luck, study hard and enjoy freshers week! x

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