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Pieday Friday recipe – No bake chocolate cheesecake with raspberries

Happy Friday everyone, isn’t it a lovely Spring day out there today? Hope it’s just as nice where you are too! I’m in an especially good mood because I’m starting work on my kitchen renovation today. I can’t wait to get it looking fresh and clean – just imagine all the lovely recipes I’ll be able to make in there once the new worktop and oven is installed!Seeing as I can’t do much cooking myself at the moment I’ve decided to share a delicious recipe from Delicake today. After getting a Delicake dish earlier this month, I’ve been browsing their recipe website a lot and asked if it would be okay to share one of their fab desserts with you today.

Ingredients: 250g biscuits for the base, 75g butter to combine, 250g cream cheese, ½ cup caster sugar, 600ml thick cream, 200g white chocolate (or milk chocolate if you prefer), 1 punnet raspberries, 1 tablespoon gelatine, ¼ cup of hot water for the gelatine.

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Pieday Friday ~ Chocolate chip sponge cake to celebrate a milestone

Today I have reached an unexpected milestone. My thrifty little lifestyle blog is three years old! I didn’t realise that this anniversary was approaching and although I’d started thinking about what I might to do celebrate my 1000th post (coming up in April) I didn’t really think about the length of time that I’d been blogging. Luckily I was looking back at old Pieday Friday blog posts yesterday when I scrolled back so far that I reached the start of my blog and there it was – my first ever post on 14th March 2011. Even though I’d been writing blog posts on my shop website on and off for a year or so before moving to WordPress, it was the transfer of my blog to this domain that really kick-started my blogging career and the last three years have flown by!

So I couldn’t let this anniversary pass without a mention and, more importantly, I couldn’t let it slip by without baking myself a cake, yaaay! Okay, I don’t need much of an excuse to bake a cake, but I’ve been a bit lacking in the deserts department recently and I’d had my eye on a few cake recipes that I’d pinned to my sweet recipes board on Pinterest. So after my discovery of this milestone yesterday I headed to the kitchen, got out the scales, wrapped an apron around myself and whipped up this little beauty.

white and milk chocolate chip sponge cake recipe

Ingredients: 125g self raising flour, 125g butter, 2 eggs, 125g sugar, 100g white chocolate, 100g milk chocolate.

Cream the sugar and butter together with an electric whisk until light and fluffy then add the two eggs and beat well. Chop the chocolate into small pieces (or use chocolate chips!) and combine with the flour before adding to the egg mixture. Mix thoroughly and divide into two sandwich cake tins. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes and test with a skewer (or a piece of uncooked spaghetti!) and if it comes out clean, the sponge is cooked.

pieday friday white and milk chocolate chip sponge cake recipe

For the filling: Melt 175g milk chocolate with 100ml milk then set aside to cool completely before adding 100g lightest cream cheese and 100g icing sugar to thicken the mixture. Spread the chocolate filling between layers then melt white chocolate and pour over the top of the cake. Grate a little milk chocolate on to the top to garnish – and if you grate it on while the white chocolate is still warm from melting, the curls of milk chocolate will soften into the white chocolate and set into it in a curly pattern!


Pieday Friday ~ National Chocolate Week

Did you know  it’s National Chocolate Week? I had no idea until my friend Jenna gave me a heads-up yesterday afternoon. Are you telling me that I could have been legitimately scoffing chocolate all week, and I didn’t know about it? I guess I’ve got a lot of choccie-eating to make up for over the weekend then! So, not wanting to disappoint my Pieday Friday readers with just any old recipe, I rustled up some chocolate apples for this week’s blog post. Okay, okay, I know there’s not a lot of ‘recipe’ required for dipping apples in melted chocolate, but here are a few of the tips I’ve learnt while making them:

chocolate apples recipe for national chocolate week pieday friday for halloween 2013

  1. Melting chocolate is harder than you think. I was going to make white chocolate apples too, perhaps with a cute drizzle over the top, but when I melted my white chocolate in the microwave, I didn’t check it often enough and it burnt in the middle, creating a gloopy, grainy, beigey mess. So my first tip is to keep an eye on your melting chocolate – whether it’s in the microwave or over a steaming pan – and don’t let water from the pan touch the bottom of your melting bowl, because the chocolate will be sure to burn.

  2. Adding a small amount of oil to the melted chocolate is a good way of keeping the chocolate more liquid for longer while you dip the apples in. When making the smooth-running chocolate for a chocolate fountain you need to add oil, but I’d still like my chocolate to set onto the apples, so only a teaspoon is needed.

  3. I added a drop of vanilla essence into my chocolate for a little added flavour, which went nicely with the apples, creating a kind of apple-and-ice-cream-and-chocolate combination. You could even add a drop of cheeky booze for adult chocolates – maybe an amaretto or Baileys?! Not too much though – you still want the chocolate to set!

pieday friday recipe for chocolate apples for national choc week

  1. It can be difficult to get the skewers into the centre of the apples (I had a breakage) so use the point of a knife to get the hole started before poking the skewers, lollipop sticks or apple sticks into the top of the apples and push them right in so that there’s no chance of the apple plopping off into the bowl of chocolate.

  2. Any kinds of sprinkles, nuts or sugar will adhere nicely to the chocolate coating, so put out plates of toppings for the children to dip their chocolate apples into.

  3. Feel free to drizzle away – just because my white chocolate didn’t successfully melt, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t melt a contrasting chocolate and drizzle it over the top of the apples. Instead of melted chocolate, I used Dr Oetker chocolate flavour writing icing for my drizzles (it was on  special offer in B&M discount store), which looks and tastes just as lovely! And don’t be afraid to double-dip, allowing the first chocolate layer to set completely before dipping into the melted white chocolate – yum!

chocolate apples recipe for national chocolate week

Not only is it important to eat chocolate-coated apples during National Chocolate Week, but they would be a good idea to for an activity to do with the children over half-term or you could make them for your Halloween party – so much easier to eat than a traditional chewy toffee apple (I always get fed up half way through!). Here are some more of my favourite chocolate recipes below so check them out for your weekend baking 🙂

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Pieday Friday ~ Make your own retro Jazzles

A couple of Fridays ago I shared my first attempt at making cake-pops with you and I hope you’ve since had a go at making them for yourselves. I did the stick-two-halves-together method of cake-pop making, using a silicone cake-pop tray from Dunelm Mill. If you remember, I had to trim off the tops of the sponge to make two cake halves to stick together to make each pop. I made cheeky milk chocolate ones last week, and now here’s the white chocolate and vanilla sponge version of  the cake pops – yummy:

pieday friday vanilla and white chocolate cake pops using baking tray from dunelm mill sweeties

As you know, I hate waste, and those little sponge trimming weren’t going in the bin, oh no, they were going in my tummy! But when I saw their cute size and half-dome shape, I was reminded of the old-school Jazzles (sometimes called Jazzies too) chocolate sweets from my childhood. I’m sure that you can still buy them nowadays too – do you remember them? They are the little chocolate discs with sprinkles on. So good…

pieday friday recipe - how to make vanilla and chocolate cake jazzies

So I set about making these little ‘waste’ discs of sponge into DIY Jazzles by dipping them in white and milk chocolate before coating them in rainbow-coloured sprinkles. I left them to set in the fridge for a while and then enjoyed them with a cup of tea – just the perfect size to nibble on without having to commit to eating a whole cake!

pieday friday recipe - how to make vanilla and chocolate cake jazzies sweets

There are plenty more yummy baking recipes in my FREE Pieday Friday recipe book – No longer will you have to search through my archives to find your favourite recipe – it’s all there in the book, and it not only contains pie recipes, but all of my favourites including soups and snacks, sweet treats and main meals! I want to give something back to my lovely readers so I’ve published it as a free PDF e-book as a ‘thank you’ for sticking with me all this time soooo…  Preview the entire E-Book here and email me and I will send you the PDF e-book directly to your inbox, completely free for you to download!

PS – Today is the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support so if you can’t get along to one of the fabulous coffee morning events around the country (check the map here), then why not just donate the cost of a cup of coffee to the charity anyway?? It’s easy to do using their secure online donation form and you can enter any donation amount you like. So I’ve just made my coffee-and-cake donation and am enjoying a little tea-break at my desk! (I’ve included the Macmillan YouTube video below, so have a watch while  you’re having your solo coffee-morning!)


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Pieday Friday ~ Cheeky chocolate cheesecake

Now that the sun has finally come out, it’s time to do away with hot puddings and start making yummy chilled desserts instead, so this week I have made a tasty chocolate cheesecake that I think you’ll adore. It’s great to be able to make this cheesecake ahead of time and keep it chilled – plus, it lasts for ages in the fridge – just keep it in a sealed container and you can enjoy a slice after dinner for the next three days (if it lasts that long without someone scoffing the lot!)


  • 200g digestive biscuits (possibly the cheapest biscuits you can buy!)
  • 75g butter
  • 300g white chocolate (around 35p supermarket basic white chocolate)
  • 284ml double cream
  • 250g soft cheese (50p supermarket-own-brand is fine)
  • 250g mascarpone

pieday friday sweet cake recipe chocolate cheesecake cream biscuits

  1. First melt the butter in the microwave – this will only take about 20 seconds, so keep an eye on it! Next put your biscuits in a food storage bag and crush them up by bashing with a rolling-pin before adding to the melted butter and mixing thoroughly.
  2. Press the biscuit mixture into a loose-bottomed cake tin (so that it’s easier to remove the cheesecake later!) and compress with the back of a spoon – pushing a little up the sides if you like the rustic look 😉 Pop it into the fridge to chill.
  3. Whip the double cream until it is thick and stiff then add the soft cheese and mascarpone and whisk to combine.
  4. Melt the white chocolate (either over a pan of boiling water on the hob, or in 20 second-bursts in the microwave) and then mix into the cream and cheese mixture
  5. Smooth the cream cheese mixture out over your biscuit base then put back into the fridge until you’re ready to eat, then grate a little extra white and milk chocolate on top, pop it out of the cake tin and serve!

pieday friday sweet cake recipe chocolate cheesecake

Give it a go yourself and if you do please tweet me with your photos @CassiefairyTutu

Cassiefairys free pieday friday recipe book blurb ebook

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