Tuesday Shoesday ~ I need these shoes.

I have found these gorgeous shoes from Next that I am just desperate to own – but at £70, I don’t think its going to happen anytime soon!

I need these!

I do love anything with a union jack on it, and my house is full of cushions and canvases displaying my patriotism for all to see. But I don’t think that it’s my love of the UK that has influenced my choices – it was the Spice Girls!

Not only Geri wearing her union jack dress (which, lets face it, was far too short!) but it was the moment during the Live at Istanbul concert where Ginger Spice hiked up her long gold evening dress to reveal a pair of sparkly union jack platform boots. I was smitten, and I needed those boots. I saw the same design boots once in real life in a shop in Ipswich, but being about 13 at the time, I couldn’t afford the £90 price tag. Not that being any older guarantees that I can afford to buy these Next shoes either! And secretly, I’d still rather have those glittery platform boots anyway!

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