Odd sighting – a massive lego man!

Check out this crazy photo that I found online this week:

A massive lego man washed up on the beach in Brighton. I’ve swam in the sea from this beach in the past and think I would be more than a little surprised to find a Lego GIANT floating past me!

I love all things retro from my childhood and Lego was one of my favourite toys. As a sister of 2 younger brothers, when we played with our Lego I took charge – I used to snatch all the ‘good bits’ (bricks printed with computer screens, telephones, levers and wheels etc – yes, sneaky I know…) and would build my own lego ‘shop’ and sell the good bits to my brothers as they couldn’t complete their car/house/spaceship without the parts I’d snaffled. A true entrepreneur if ever there was one! No wonder I turned out the way I did!


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