Tuesday Shoesday – The perfect winter boots

News Flash: Cassiefairy has finally found the perfect boots for winter!

I’ve done the leg work (excuse the pun) for you, my lovely reader, and dedicated myself to hours of online research followed by a lot of walking up and down the high street, and a couple of purchases that had to be returned, in order to find ideal winter boot for us all.

The search criteria were:

  1. Classic colour – nothing that will date too quickly
  2. Simple style – again, nothing too trendy so that they will last for years
  3. Sturdy sole with good grip – ensuring no winter weather accidents
  4. Not too clunky / manly – must look good with a skirt

Unfortunately, a lot of the bargain-priced boots (eg Primark, New Look, MK One, Internationale) were constructed of very thin synthetic fabrics and had more on-trend features such as distressed colours, chains & embellishments which would date the boots quickly –  not that you’d need to worry about that as they wouldn’t last to next winter (having previously lived in Primark boots, I know that holes appear in the sole by about February, resulting in the dreaded ‘wet sock’ effect).

The best of this bunch were from New Look, which had the same ‘riding boot’ styles as the more expensive stores and even had some brown leather boots at £59 (reduced in the online sale) but unfortunately still looked a little cheap and synthetic, and the sole was just not sturdy enough for me. The second pair below were only £36.99 and the sole had good grip but they look too manly for me and I didn’t like the slouched synthetic fabric.

On the flip side, a lot of the most expensive boots (by which, I mean about 100 quid at Debenhams, Next, Marks & Spencer) were more classically styled, very feminine and would look great with a skirt, but even at this price, some of the uppers were weak synthetic fabrics (and looked it) and the soles didn’t have a good tread so would definitely lead to slipping in the slush. From this segment, I really liked M&S Footglove and Autograph boots which were very comfy but not right for me: as you can see from the photos, the soles were too slippery, the sides had an elastic strip running the whole way up, which was an embellishment that I didn’t like the look of, and they were a little out of my price range at £89 – £95


And here’s my personal winner: I have put my money where my mouth is and bought these “Snowbell” boots from Barratts, currently on offer for only £52 and available in 2 colours:

They were immediately comfortable and have not rubbed at all (despite wearing them for an 8 hour mooch around Liverpool on the second day of wearing = very impressed with the lack of blisters!), the soles are very grippy but not in a clunky manly way, the style is very on-trend for this years ‘riding boot’ look but this classic boot in traditional black or brown will last for years without looking dated. I’ve worn them with dresses, skirts & jeggings and I’ve been delighted with how they look & no longer have to worry about getting soggy socks. To confirm; I am happy with these boots!

Highly recommeded and I will continue to feel smug that I’m wearing the best boots around for the best price. Job done.

What do you think of these boots? What are you wearing on your trotters this winter? Leave me a comment below:

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