Famous Tutus – Li-lo all dressed up & nowhere to go

Earlier this week I was helping my family lay a massive concrete slab for a new shed they are building. So there I was in a boiler-suit and wellies 3 sizes too big for me and when I glanced in the mirror I realised that I was channelling Lindsay Lohan‘s prison look circa 2009.

This made me wonder what she’s up to now and a quick google search showed me the recent news that Li-lo is heading back to jail after breaking the conditions of her parole. Since her arrest in 2007 for drink driving, Lindsay has been in jail five times, and when she missed a session of community service the judge ordered her back to prison for a further 30 days, starting on the 9th of November. However, it turns out that jammy Lohan only served 4.5 hours of this sentence due to ‘overcrowding’ in the prisons.

Again, a lucky escape for the Mean Girls star, but is it really? The idea of scrubbing the floors of a morgue for community service sounds worse than a stint behind bars if you ask  me. Anyway, here’s a quick pic of Li-lo in her finest fairy outfit. Appreciate the tutu Lindsay, before you’re back in that boiler-suit again.


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