Tuesday Shoesday – The Sexiest Shoe of 2011

Interesting news for this week’s Tuesday Shoesday: the results of the poll for Sexiest Shoe 2011 has just been announced.

35 thousand people voted in the contest conducted by Saks Fifth Ave and Footwear News and the shoe that has been voted the Sexiest Shoe for 2011 is a beige lace embroidered Valentino pump. The top 4 also included Jimmy Choo’s Swarovski crystal sandals in second place, Prada‘s knee-high high-heeled leather boots was placed third and finally, Chrissie Morris stepped into fourth position with black art deco ankle boots.

I love these shoes, despite them being way out of my reach financially, and I think the fact that they are lady-like rather than stripper-sexy is a bonus. But its a little surprising that last year’s winner of Sexiest Shoe, Christian Louboutin, isn’t even amongst the top 4. That’s the fickle world of shoes for ya.

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