Christmas markets sparkle after dark…

Christkindelmarkt in Leeds

I love the idea of going to a Christmas market soon, I’m already getting into Christmas in a big way despite the fact that we’re only mid-way through November. That also doesn’t seem to have stopped local councils from putting up their town-centre Christmas lights either, as London’s Regent street, Manchester and Leeds have already done their big switch-on for the festive season. Plus, shops are playing their seasonal soundtracks so that justifies me getting a little giddy about Christmas Markets.

For the past few years I have been to some amazing Christmas markets in the UK, including two of the biggest, Leeds and Manchester, where I can happily while away hours looking at stalls selling authentic wooden carvings, hand-crafted bears and tin toys. And that’s before getting onto the subject of food; that alone will keep me mooching around a festive market for ages, ensuring I can squeeze in at least two meals of pretzels and strudel, German sausage and Stollen. I once spent a snowy afternoon sat at school-refectory-style tables with a tankard of Glühwein singing along to a German brass-band, complete with Lederhosen. It was amazing. From what I can remember of it.

Manchester's Christmas Markets

So now that I’ve moved to East Anglia, I’m on the hunt for a local Christmas Market and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated – leave me a comment below!

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