Happy Pancake Day – Top Tips for Shrove Tuesday

This year Shrove Tuesday has really crept up on me and I’ve only just realised that today I’ll be cooking and scoffing crazy quantities of pancakesΒ for my dinner. I also need to have a think about what to give up for lent – it’s probably going to be chocolate, so that I can reeeeaally enjoy my Thorntons Chocolate Egg (hint!) at Easter.

I wanted to share some top tips for pancakes and making a meal of Shrove Tuesday:

  • Open a tin of condensed caramel and spread on your pancake with a sliced banana for a banoffee-style treat
  • Roll up a Yorkshire wrap – layer thinly sliced roast beef and a smear of horseradish or mustard in a pancake, roll it up and pour on lashings of meaty gravy. (Recipe made legendary by The Guild pub in Preston!)
  • Stir some grated cheddar and thinly diced onion into cream cheese; spread and roll!
  • How about a pancake burritto? Add mexican spices to mince, some chilli mixed beans and plenty of cheese and salad to your pancake and fold into a yummy pancake meal
  • Chocolate Delight – Add some cocoa powder to your pancake mix and cover with chocolate spread or sauce. Add a smear of peanut butter if you’d like a Snickers-esque pudding!
  • And traditional sugar and lemon never fails to delight!



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