The wedding season is upon us – and you know what that means – HEN NIGHTS!!

Next month I’m going to my first wedding of 2012 and this sparks the beginning of the wedding season – traditionally from Easter, all throughout the summer, into autumn and over Christmas. Ok, when isn’t it wedding season?! Still, it’s got me thinking about one of the important traditions of modern weddings; the hen party! And I wanted to share a few tips that I’ve learnt from wedding professionals (such as and about the planning & (of course) enjoying of a hen night!


Guest List The most important part of the hen night is who is going to be there. Talk to the hen to find out who she wants invited so that no one gets missed out (similarly, you won’t risk inviting a work colleague that the bride secretly can’t stand!). Ensure that the invitations are sent well in advance so that the guests have plenty of time to book babysitters or time off work. You want to make sure as many of the hen’s special people are there to celebrate the evening with her!

What does the bride want? One girl’s heaven might be another girl’s idea of a hen night from hell. It’s lovely to surprise your bride but you also want to be certain that the hen is going to have a great time and be comfortable with whatever you’ve organised. So chat to the hen about anything that she wouldn’t want to happen and remember that the point of the evening is to make the hen feel as special as possible!

Budget It’s important to consider how much people will have to spend in order to join in the hen night because you want as many of her friends as possible to be able to attend. Tell everyone upfront how much it will cost to book any activities, and also whether they will need to bring extra cash for any food and drinks. And don’t forget that a theme or costumes can be a cheap way of making a simple night out even more special.


Activities & Games The most enjoyable hen night is one where everyone is chatting and laughing so if you’re arranging an activity think about something which is interactive and will allow the girls to have a good old giggle together such as cocktail making or a burlesque lesson. When you’re not doing your activity, it’s a good idea to have a backup of quizzes, games or dares to do that will get people interacting and having a good time!

And don’t forget the Groom: Stags too can wear tutus from !


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