Burlesque dance class – update

As I mentioned last week, I was off to try out a taster session of a Burlesque dance class at the weekend, and I promised to let you know how I got on… Well, it certainly didn’t disappoint! I dragged one of my girlfriends along with me for support and I’m pleased to say we had a right good giggle from start to finish. I think I may have performed a little better if I’d alone going to the class alone, as I was rather distracted by her pouty face and my showing off!

I’m pleased to report that the class contained everything I’d hoped for; strutting our stuff in heels, striking pin-up poses, and throwing sexy shapes like “The Marilyn”. And best of all we had props to use! The burlesque teacher (in full corset and sparkly bra, I might add) had brought along slinky gloves so that we could learn to take them off in a sultry fashion, and fluffy feather boas for twirling and shimmying during the dance routine that we learnt.

All in all, a fun class, not really a workout class, but really enjoyable. I’m hoping to go to the permanent burlesque class when the dance school’s autumn schedule starts up in sept, so I must have enjoyed myself! 


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6 thoughts on “Burlesque dance class – update

  1. Awesome. Will definitely have to give it a go! I remember my posture used to be amazing when i danced regularly (I did ballet, ‘disco’ and contemporary) but i’m sure it’s gotten worse now i haven’t been dancing for a about a year. Will have to look around and see what there is 🙂

  2. You should give both a go – you’re right, burlesque was loads of fun! And I’ve actually had better posture since that first class – who’d’ve thought it would make so much of a difference?! x

  3. Ooh i’d love to do some burlesque, looks so much fun! I was thinking of taking up pole dancing too (despite the bad connotations) just because it’s supposed to be so good for your body!.

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