Fashion for frosty mornings: Funky jumpers

And I should know – as recently the first frost of the year arrived and when I woke up in the morning the grass was icy white. Now, there are two ways of tackling this problem: 1. Stay in bed until the sun has risen higher and has warmed up the world enough that the frost has melted. or 2. Wrap up warm and stay stylish with chunky knits.

As staying in bed isn’t always an option, I’ll be blogging over the coming weeks about the top trends in snuggly knitwear that I’ll be following this winter. I wrote about knitted dresses last week – check out the blog post here. And here’s the second trend I like the look of for winter:

The key for this trend is a jumper that could have come out of your big sister’s wardrobe in the 80s – contrasting colours, bold prints and slightly over-sized shape – think baggy grungy early 90s skiwear! Designers such as Chanel and Basso&Brook are leading the way in this trend and the high street has followed with these New Look jumpers at £12.99 and £24.99 and ASOS £24.50 and £45.

This loud and boxy look would be perfect for tall and slim girls but I’m not sure it’d look great on a smaller like me; I’d probably look shorter and more square than I already am! These jumpers are perfect for wearing with skinny jeans or comfy leggings and a snuggly pair of snow-boots!

Let me know what you’ll be wearing this autumn/winter! And check back soon for the next hot knitwear trend & how to get the look for a fraction of the price :)

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