Kirstie’s Vintage Home – interior design inspirations for a 60s look

Last night I watched the first episode of Kirstie Allsop’s new channel 4 series ‘Kirstie’s Vintage Home’ and, judging by the vast number of #kirstiesvintagehome tweets during and after the show, many of you guys did too.

I’m generally a fan of everything Kirsty Allsop’s does, and in fact, I have ‘Kirstie Allsop’s Craft’ book tucked away somewhere (although I confess that don’t think I’ve ever actually made anything from it yet!) I love the craft and design imagery that Kirstie uses, both in her books and her tv shows, and that’s enough inspiration for me, without having to dedicate lots of time to crafting!

As I watched the show, I wondered how the busy couple who were having their home transformed had found the time to sew a quilt over 7 weeks and cast concrete lights, when they’d previously not even had time to tidy up their home.

Still, the subject of the show was one of my favourite eras, the 60s, and as you all know, I’ve been taking inspiration from the garish designs of this period to create my own ‘vintage home’ – if you’ve missed any of the blog posts check them out here. As I watched the show a text message binged through from my brother – “this is like watching your blog on tv” – so true!

Although I was delighted to be watching my favourite design items on screen, I winced as Kirstie showcased G-Plan furniture, not realising that she might very well be pushing up the prices of these previously unloved items – the very reason that I chose teak furniture was that it was often very cheap or sometimes free because very few other people wanted it! Will I now have lots more competition when buying my next sideboard because fans of the show have decided to snap one up to screen-print over? (another wince-inducing moment on the show, why paint over something that is already beautiful as it is?).

So rant over, I could enjoy the ideas on the show and Kirstie pointed me in the direction of Mini Moderns, the company that makes 60s-inspired wallpaper, ceramics and homewares, and now that my retro living room is practically complete, this was a useful site for me, and it has thrown up a couple of Christmas present ideas too!

All in all, I enjoyed watching Kirstie’s Vintage Home, and I will of course watch the rest of the series. Despite being slightly naffed off that the show may spawn many more cookie-cutter versions of a ‘retro’ home, at least my friends might understand my design choices better rather than thinking I was making-do with grandma’s disgusting cast-offs!

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6 thoughts on “Kirstie’s Vintage Home – interior design inspirations for a 60s look

  1. I’m famous! I love watching Kirsty come up with ways to spend loads of time and money!
    Concrete lights!!! As if you would!!

  2. Never quite sure whether I love Kirsty or hate her but anything that make people up-cycle things rather than add them to land fill must be good, I suppose. I see what you mean about the furniture, although I think the price has been rising steadily for G-Plan for while as discerning people realise what good quality it is. I winced over getting fabric printed for £35.00 a metre to cut it up and make a quilt. Surely the point of patchwork was to re-use things and save money!
    But, yes, I’ll carry on watching it too!

  3. u cannot believe she did that to the sideboard! i personaly cant stand her and spent the whole hour shouting at the tv!
    those people huffing and puffing over spending £30 on a piece of west german pottery (a bargain if you ask me, which will only increace in price) but happily spend £50 on some glass baubles and glass balls?? have they got thier heads screwed on???

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