Dancing on Ice kicks off – and kicks out Pammy?!

I can’t believe it. The star attraction of this year’s Dancing On Ice has already been voted off the show. The ITV bosses have made such a hoo-ha about US superstar Pamela Anderson appearing on the show;  the trailer advert focussed primarily on Pammy in a sexy dress, flashing flesh with slow-mo hair-flicks and kiss blowing. And now she’s gone. After all that hype. I’m feeling quite hrumphy.

I didn’t even get to watch the first episode of Dancing On Ice yesterday because I was at a family party, but I was planning to ITVPlayer it and was ready to settle into Sunday nights in front of the telly (mainly because my husband’s favourite Pamela was appearing on the show and I would be able to watch it without too much grumbling coming from his direction). I confess that I don’t actually know who else is on the show. So now, is there really any reason to carry on watching the series?


Obviously, I will catch up on episode 1, because it was Pammy’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ (cue a quiet whoop from hubby) that resulted in her and skating partner Matt Evers being voted off by the judges in the skate-off, and that’s got to be worth a watch. But did the producers not think to have a little word in the judges’ ears: pssst, she’s our star attraction, but vote ‘however’ you want…  or if they did, the judges were happy to keep Cheesy Cheggers rather than Glam-Pam . Really? And now the bosses can say “well, anything can happen on Dancing on Ice…

I think they may have gone a little far in trying to prove that the show is ‘authentic’ and ‘credible’ in an X-Factoresque vote off of the ‘top’ talent (obviously, I use that term loosely to describe Pammy herself, not necessarily her ability). I’m sure that quite a few audience members around the country were tuning in primarily to see Anderson perform and now that group of fellas viewers will be switching off in their thousands. Just look at the disappointment on her pretty lil’ face.

pamela anderson voted off dancing on ice itv tv show pammy matt

Well, that’s saved me a couple of hours of lounging on the sofa every Sunday evening, now I can get on with doing something useful with my time. (Yes, I’ll probably be blogging 😉 ) Did you see DOI? What do you think? Leave me a comment below 🙂

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