Tuesday Shoesday – Make your own Valentine’s treats for your feet

As Valentine’s Day drawers nearer, I couldn’t help looking for inspiration for loved-up footwear, and this week’s drool comes in the (heart) shape of Marc Jacobs and the insane heels below:

marc jacobs heart shoes valentines day tuesday shoesday 2013

I would probably never wear such crazy shoes myself (although obviously I wouldn’t turn down a pair if hubby has chosen an extravagant Valentines gift for me!) but they are the kind of shoes that should be shown off on a shelf or in a gallery display cabinet – shoes for admiring as art, rather than walking in!

Around this time least year I went all soft over Vivienne Westwood’s famous jelly shoes with heart motif on the toes. Compared with Westwood’s usual prices, these jelly shoes were reasonably priced and tons of celebs were spotted in them all year round.  I’ve noticed that many brides are choosing to trot down the aisle in these beauties, which would be a lovely treat on your wedding day, and they look pretty comfy too! I would still love to own a pair of these – or seeing as they are available in so many colours, I could start a collection 😉 – but in the meantime, here’s an idea for recreating the Westwood look on a budget: Get yourself some hair clips with a heart design that covers the whole clip – there are plenty available on Etsy such as these sequined clips below – and clip them to your favourite shoes or pumps for an instant Valentine’s Day treat! tuesday shoesday vivienne westwood heart shoes sequin red clip valetines day heels

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