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You may recall that I wrote about a big achievement in my life last year – learning to swim (here’s the article). It was something that I’d never really learned to do as a child and I think it gets harder the older you get. I’ve just about managed it and really enjoyed a summer of splashing around in my local pool. But when the winter came, the swimming kind of trailed off (who wants to be wet and cold?) and I’ve not really picked it back up. Until now!

Seeing as it’s half term holiday all around the country this week I thought I’d write about swimming and give it a go again. Especially because my nephew is now old enough to go swimming in his waterproof nappy and I want to be there to see it and to have fun splashing around in the kid’s pool (it’s always warmer anyway!). So I need to makeover my swimming wardrobe (I lost weight over the past year and now some of my swimming costumes are quite indecent, yikes!) so I’ve been searching around online to find something new.

I’ve been browsing online for women’s swimwear (and also toys & floats for my nephew to play with!) because I prefer to shop for swimwear in the comfort of my own home. I hate the idea of going into a cold shop changing room and trying tons of styles and each of the high street stores having different measurements for the same sizes. At least at hope I can compare my measurements to the ones online and can try them on at home, in the warm and in front of my own mirror!

swimwear shapewear cupsized swimming costumes from zogg

I particularly liked these costumes from Zoggs because of the range of shapewear they provide, and they even stock by the cupsize – something that you rarely find on the high street! This is the shortlist, but I’m not sure which to go for yet – I’ve always been a fan of the tankini for its mix-and-match flexibility but I’m thinking that if I want to be a ‘serious’ swimmer that I should go for a one-piece. I’m definitely not after something super-fashionable (I’m not going to be lounging around a pool on some foreign holiday this year!) but I also don’t want to look like someone’s mum (or an 80s gym-bunny for that matter).  I like the 50s styling of these swimsuits – the halter necks and sweetheart necklines look so cute! I’m sure I’ll decide soon, hopefully before the winter comes again! 😉

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