Jennifer Aniston’s Friends reunion – and get her look for less!

This week has seen an exciting moment in the world of entertainment – a Friends reunion! OK, maybe it was only half of the cast, and maybe it was for the Ellen Show, but it happened – and here’s the evidence:

Click image to see video - courtesy of
Click image to see video – courtesy of

So with Jennifer Aniston co-hosting Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show (and keeping in mind how amazing she looks!) I’ve been thinking about how to get her effortless style for ourselves. I’ve rummaged through her wardrobe (ok, not literally – but I’ve looked at a lot of photos!) to find out what her staple pieces of clothing are, and how to get the look for less.

Image courtesy of Riduspic
Image courtesy of Riduspic

Jen is a fan of muted colours and will always choose natural stone shades, greys and nudes over brighter colours. Even when attending premieres or awards ceremonies, Jennifer chooses muted colours and metallics to glam up her day-to-day look. But what I like most about Aniston’s style is that she teams simple pieces, like plain white or black tops, with perfectly fitted jeans for an unpretentious girl-next-door look. Her style is timeless because these kind of wardrobe basics are always available and always in fashion.  

Her look has barely changed – she’s been wearing variations of the same style since she was a 90s sitcom actress and has stuck with it right up to her present-day incarnation as a Hollywood movie star. So you can see how it could be easy to recreate Jen’s superstar style for a fraction of the price – vests can be picked up cheaply, and once you’ve got one pair of amazing jeans, you’re all set! The way that Jennifer updates her style is by choosing fashionable accessories that bring her look up to date – jewellery, belts, scarves and sunglasses. In the images below, she’s wearing the same jeans and belt each time, but has made three different looks with a few accessories – a perfect date outfit with a sheer top and cute cardigan, slightly more dressy with layered jewellery, and summer-chic with a hat and sunglasses.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

When Jen dresses for winter, she throws on fine-knit sweaters and layers up delicate cardigans and scarves – she never chooses something bulky, preferring to wear 3 layers of form-flattering clothing rather than one chunky knit. And she always wears heels – the only time you’ll see Jen out of high-heeled shoes is when she is relaxing on a day off (usually at the beach!) wearing flip-flop sandals. Heels elongate her legs and will work wonders for you too – just because you’re wearing jeans, it doesn’t mean you can’t be glamourous in wedge-heels or stilettos!

So I hope you can take inspiration from one of our favourite Friends and recreate her naturally gorgeous look for yourself. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for Jennifer Aniston on the Ellen show – she’s sure to be amazing!

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