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I’ve gone absolutely potty over florals this summer. I don’t know whether it’s because the weather is so lovely at the moment, but I’m feeling all happy and want to wear colourful clothes all the time (I’m wearing a floral top as I’m writing this, and I’m not kidding!). As you know I’ve been doing some thrifty shopping at the local carboot sales over the past couple of months and I’ve been drawn towards everything floral! I shared some photos of my carboot bargains last month, which included a floral weekend bag and here are some of the gorgeous floral prints that I’ve picked up recently:

fashion trend vintage floral patterns for summer 2013

The only downside of shopping at the carboot sales is that I can never be sure if things will fit and, although I’m pretty good with a sewing machine, it takes quite a bit of time to adjusting the bits that I buy, so I now have a massive bag full of things that don’t fit (see above!) and that I don’t have time to sew! So I’ve given myself a ban on buying things that don’t fit me and have started to shop at bargain stores online instead (I’m sat at a computer all day, so why not?!). I noticed that many of the floral clothing items I’d previously bought were from Bon Prix so I decided to check out their shop to see if they had any pretty print dresses this season. I saw a gorgeous floral tea-dress on the website for under a tenner but a couple of work emails came through at the same time and I wondered off the site without buying it. I went back on the website yesterday to buy it but to my horror it was out of stock! I’m not really surprised because it was such a bargain price and am just keeping my fingers crossed that it comes back in stock soon. In the meantime I browsed the site and found absolutely loads of floral products and have made up this wish list of my favourite items:

summer floral fashion trend wish list from bon prix png

Well, I’ve learnt my lesson after missing out on the tea-dress and now know that it’s best to snap things up as soon as they are available from this store! I’m definitely ordering the tropical floral print dress above because it’s only £6.99 (black or white – or both?!) and I think that the floral trend for Summer 2013 is more towards tropical prints rather than pretty roses. I’m currently deciding whether to splash out on a floral outfit for my 10th wedding anniversary party in August, so please give me your opinion on these floral pieces and let me know if you’ll be wearing floral this summer – leave me a comment below! 🙂

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